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Services Like Groupon are 21st Century Coupons

**Services Like Groupon are 21st Century Coupons**



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Online sites like Groupon and LivingSocial are pioneering the hottest thing in retail marketing. You sign up, and every day you get a coupon for half off or more at a local business: everything from restaurants to spas to painting lessons. Rebecca Jarvis spoke with the CEO’s of Groupon and LivingSocial to look into the future of this online phenomenon.

10 tips to reduce your daily expenses with Kerry Taylor and Rob Carrick

**10 tips to reduce your daily expenses with Kerry Taylor and Rob Carrick**



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How can I cut my costs and save money?
How can I save money on my grocery bill?
What are the best ways to use my credit card?

welcome to let's talk investing a co-production of The Globe and Mail and the investor education fund I'm Rob Carrick personal finance columnist at The Globe and Mail and with me is Carey Taylor Kerry is the woman behind the squawk Fox blog which is all about frugal living Carey let's talk about economizing without pain in your day-to-day life your weekly expenditures groceries and like what are some of the top ways to to shave your to shave your expenses well I think the first way to do it is you know to go into with a positive frame of mind if you're going into cutting your cost being miserable it's going to be a miserable experience so I think look look at it positively you know look at saving as you know you know an enjoyable experience because you're gonna watch your money grow to cut costs I think the big area is to do so or to make simple switches so start by you know when you're going shopping you know skip all the brand-name products and go for generic you'll save anywhere from ten to fifty percent you know just by making that simple switch alone in the wintertime you know reduce your heat by one degree and that way you know you'll save up to five percent your energy costs and lastly you know if you say you commute to work every day and you drive your car why not carpool once a week or ride your bike or take you know public transit and you'll save 20% on your transportation costs right there and just by making simple switches and easing into it you won't be miserable in life and you'll watch your savings okay those are great suggestions let's go back to the grocery store though I hear about people who shop for sales they drive from store to store because they can get you know ground beef cheapest at one store and bread cheapest at the other is that pushing it too far or do you or do you think you know bargain hunting and driving all over the city is a good bargain well I think what you need to start with when you're at home is you need to do you know three simple things you need to start with the grocery list you know you need to open up your pantry open up your fridge and see what you need because if you hit the stores without a plan you're going to be buying things you don't need and you're going to be missing the things that you do need so make a list and know what you need before you hit the store number two I would say plan out your meals so know what you're going to have for breakfast lunch and dinner and that way you can add those ingredients to your grocery shopping list and you'll have you know your dinner plan ready so you know at the end of the day when you come home and it's late you're not going to be tempted to order in and that will save on your food costs as well and the third thing sure you can buy some of those products that you love but in the general case you know by Whole Foods buy things without packaging go to the bulk food section a lot of the times you can get very comparable you know rice and pasta and spices and beans you know you're not going to notice the difference there and those will expand your meals and fill you up and it's healthy okay last question care one ask you about credit cards in in terms of day to day frugal living do I cut them up you know what I have two thoughts on credit cards the first one if you're the kind of person that can't you know you're so tempted by your credit limit and you have to spend up your credit linen every month and you don't pay off the balance I would say yeah maybe put your credit card on nice or cut it out but you know it's really hard to get around today you know without a credit card you need that piece of plastic to book a car to book a flight you know to rent a room it's really hard so I think the key is to pay off the balance every month not just the minimum but the full balance and look for a credit card with no fee or low fees and that way you know you're not paying for some trace of plastic and if you have a rewards program certainly find a rewards program that's attainable for you it makes no sense to spend thousands of dollars a year on expense you know one cost for the credit card that you know you need to attain the award and just end up with a pair of socks at the end of the day okay great great advice Carrie Thanks thank you very much you

14 Ways To Save Money

**14 Ways To Save Money**



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Times are tight, learn how to save money in this difficult times!
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[Applause] hey both of you are $40 so person thinking it's yeah laughing well how are ya oh you're having I'm having them I have them run what do you want what were my oh I didn't body misses your idea of a romantic dinner yeah it's going if your candlelight we can see be city and this food come on let's see your order sir I think sorry sorry sorry yes sir uh you gave me just chips no ficha I think you mixed up the whole fish and chips aren't these your leftovers from this morning yeah but it's good well for me okay so here's your oh I think this time you just gave me the fish are no chips huh I order fish and chips no justice thank you thank you thank you fish and chips okay hey um I have a stain on my shirt is there somewhere I can go wash it oh you want to do laundry okay you go down and you turn right okay okay thanks yes sir sorry uh this drink doesn't quite look like the one in the picture so I guess I won't be paying for this well let me let me finish it my job oh good day I really I mean I think none of you are more eager future Drina any night for three days only hey that's eg alone what is that all I'm worth to you $3.99 usually it's 12 Allah Allah what are you gonna order no you go ahead I brought food for last night's dinner okay here's your food sir they think thanks sorry sorry I'm sorry I found a strand of hair yeah I don't think I can pay buddies you know but it's white are you accusing me are you saying that it's my hair just because it's white and listen man this is not white hair okay miss plutonium blonde I had enough of this I'm not paying for it I can't take this anymore I'm leaving future really cents record oh honey don't allow them [Applause]

Clearance Sale Deals! Check Out These Retail Bargains!

**Clearance Sale Deals! Check Out These Retail Bargains!**



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Electronics can be found for cheap if you know where to look. On a recent shopping trip in Abilene, Texas, I checked out audio, video, and other electronics on Clearance Racks at several retail stores to find the best deals in town. Shopping discounted markdown multimedia electronics on the bargain sales racks can help you save a bundle! To keep a low profile while shopping , I shot this on my cell phone, so please excuse any shaky video.

I visited the following Retailers:
Dirt Cheap, 841 N Judge Ely
Ross Dress for Less, 3449 Catclaw Drive
Big Lots, 3204 S Clack St
Office Max, 3226 S Clack St
Target, 3710 Ridgemont Dr
Walmart, 4350 Southwest Dr
Best Buy, 4310 Buffalo Gap Rd
Sam’s Club, 5550 S Clack St

I found excellent clearance deals on LG and Samsung Televisions, a Denon Receiver, an Onkyo Receiver, a Sony Turntable, Bluetooth Speakers, Bluetooth Headphones, TV Wall Mounts, Webcams, Portable Chargers (including Anker), Phone Cases, Tablet Cases, Cassette Adapters, Selfie Sticks, Earbuds, Drones, XBOX One games, PS4 games, Cell Phones, Cable Boxes, TV Antennas, USB Cables, Apple Lightning Cables, Wireless Keyboards with Mouse, Utility Knives, All-in-one PCs, Laptops, LCD Monitors, Wifi Range Extender, Monitor Lifts, Casio Keyboard, and Sound Bars.

I took advantage of some of these deals and took home a decent haul!

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you can really save a bundle if you shop the clearance racks for audio and video gear I'll talk about it coming up on thrifty AV I find a lot of bargains at thrift stores garage sales and flea markets but that's not the only places you can find good deals retail clearance sections are another option and I want to show you some of the stuff I found on a recent retail shopping trip dirt cheap at 8:41 North Chile is like a giant clearance bin they have some mystery shopping carts called bargain buggies for $10 each they are covered with paper so you can't tell what's inside I wonder if there's any a/v gear in these no audio or video gear on this aisle no AV gear here either ahh I found the section I'm looking for let's check out the electronics man they have a lot of phone in tablet cases 60% off the listed price do you want to play your audio through a cassette deck well this would come in handy here's what looks like a selfie stick but with a regular camera mount but even 50% off it's still $15 these earbuds are 70% off and weren't real expensive to begin with but I have enough of these already the good stuff is kept in a section where you have to ask for help they have quite a selection of Xbox one and ps4 games half off cricket phones were 60% off 50% off this cable box makes it just $25 and you can record TV with it but I already have a similar device browsing the electronic shelf behind the counter requires a good eye and as confusing what percentage off the deals are but I picked up a couple of things these webcams are $7.00 and I don't currently own a working webcam how bad can it be I'm gonna find out this anchor battery is 60% off the marked price of $34.99 so I picked it up for $14 Ross Dress for Less at 34 49 catclaw drive-in Abilene is another clearance store usually associated with clothes but they have an electronic section as well they had quite a few TV wall mounts I picked up this full motion Stanley for $24.99 this TV antenna was only six dollars here's another four five dollars they had a large variety of Bluetooth headphones like this one and this one here's one with a unicorn horn Bluetooth speakers were also comment like this one and this one and this one this one says it's waterproof does anyone need an external battery that looks like a piece of poo and here are some other deals I found sharper image headphones senses wireless speaker looks like it's also a lamp for $16.99 for 6-footer 8,000 milliamp hours for $17.99 12,000 milliamp hours for $21.99 wireless keyboard and mouse 1699 big lots at 3200 for South clack Street usually has some interesting things on clearance so let's take a look at first clamps I didn't see much in the way of AV gear but it was there if you use an iPhone here's a cable for $10.50 regularly 15 a pair of bluetooth earbuds have price at five dollars here is a dual micro USB USB C cable you can save some on an aux cable this isn't AV gear but I like these utility knives this set of headphones looks interesting but I don't know about the orange but here's a blue pair I will grab for $5 here's a Bluetooth speaker with a lightning bolt neon light for $15 I browse through the discount blu-rays but didn't find anything I found some CDs I like but they're already in my collection officemax was right next door at 32 26 South clack and I found some stuff there Adele all-in-one PC for 450 they had some LCD monitors on clearance a Wi-Fi range extender for 70 bucks they had a couple of monitor lifts on clearance almost every laptop in the store had a clearance tag but the best deal I found were these micro USB cables for two dollars and forty one cents I picked up three of them next up target at 37 10 Ridgemont drive this Casio keyboard is $70 another TV wall mount for thirty one dollars and this hundred and sixty watt sound bar is only a hundred and five dollars I couldn't do a clearance vid and not check out Walmart now I match AV gear on the racks but a deal on a home phone this 4k TV was marked down to two hundred and eighteen dollars let's see what Best Buy has to offer they had a display board with all the clearance items listed that was nice this open box did on receiver is 255 they also had a good deal on this ochio for 322 and a Yamaha receiver for 230 they had an open box Sony turntable fair condition for 46 another in excellent condition 462 last stop Sam's Club where I found some TVs on clearance the 65 inch LG was $100 off they had a 50 inch Samsung for 350 and a 55 inch Samsung for 450 if you want to step up to the 65 inch Samsung it was 679 well I think that was a pretty good haul if you enjoyed this video or any other in the Thrifty AV series please like and subscribe thank you to my patrons for supporting this channel and remember stay thrifty everyone

BOGOF HMV Bargain pops!! [Cert 12A,LOL]

**BOGOF HMV Bargain pops!! [Cert 12A,LOL]**



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I got a bargain (In my opinion!) from HMV – see what I got in the video.

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when I call your name you will come forth I shall place the Sorting Hat on your head and you will be sorted into your houses Hermione Granger oh oh oh sweary Chawla odd City cow [Applause] it's me rich also known as big in T the other day I went to HMV when I still got a I wanna get one free on the Pops offer so while I was there I decided to get my phone out and I've looked at the Funko episode the prices and see if I could get a good deal and this is what I picked up I spent all together the buy one get on 319 pounds ninety-nine I bought two pipes not three pops actually equal to there's one single pop one double back first one I picked up was 2018 for convention exclusive limited edition of the mining Ranger no sorting hat awesome whoo pop just take the year price label off carefully in the box is in good condition typing books through and a few of these actually it's a chip based on a sword through them sorted and yeah got the box let's take her out also the dips we know WH is a security tag I suggested it was in two halves this one is an awesome-looking pop sitting on the stool fantastic looking sorting hat Granger Hogwarts really stood out to me sort it's a beautiful door very nice very nice pop I think as I say have a look at the photo app while I was in the shop this one's actually worth at the moment 23 pounds so as I say I've spent 19 pound 1990 so I effectively got this pop 210 pounds it's worth 23 excellent second one I picked up is a double pocket this one is a 2018 summer convention limited edition and it is the Green Hornet and Kato I saw this one a few months ago that nearly picked it up and added it up just the buy-one-get-one-free wasn't after them there's a couple these at HMV neither of them had brilliant boxes but this was the best out of the two cause of it there'll be rain late but it's not been opened it's not too bad I'll give it in seminar half makes outlet end it still sellotaped so I'm not actually gonna get these out of the box of Indonesia notes water a 2-pack pot protector from all singers long enough so there we go that's that one hope you get this message II find that with hfb stickers there also there was come off easy it's cool yeah that one was that was actually $14.99 comes to buy it but I got it for free effectively I'm gonna protect pound if you / – that was the free one I got $19.99 plus this for free effectively they were 10 pound each I checked on the phone color and that one was actually worth 31 at once so I think a damn good deal there what do you guys think let me know in the comments below and you know what you think of these pops yeah I saw I thought oh good deal I don't usually connects Harry Potter pops to be fair but well he's got the sticker on it that on it it's worth twice as much as you paid over twice as much it's a no-brainer in it let me know what you thought that below if you liked this video then do give me a thumbs up if I'll see more of this stuff do subscribe click on that notification and let you know exactly when I've uploaded a video that's me done for today so this is me even Z aka rich signing off