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[APP] Smile! Coupons, vouchers, loyalty cards holder

**[APP] Smile! Coupons, vouchers, loyalty cards holder**



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No need to carry a bunch of plastic cards and coupons. Now you can store it all on your phone and take wherever you go. You also don’t have to find cards, coupons in your full wallet at the counter, with just a few clicks to show a card, a coupon to cashier for scanning. Get Smile! on Play Store:

Let’s smile! 😃

How does it work?

👉 Saving cards to your phone is very easy thanks to the barcode scanner in the app. You only need to scan the code of plastic card and give a name to save the card. Entering the code can also be done manually if the plastic card does not have a barcode. The app’s scanner supports all types of barcodes, QR codes and automatically recognizes the code format while scanning.

👉Next time at the counter, you can show the card barcode in Smile! to the cashier for scanning. Because the barcode screen of Smile! is special designed and suitable for every type of scanner of at stores, the scanning is done successfully very quick in a shot.

👉 Saving coupons, vouchers is as simple as saving cards. In addition, the application also helps remind you of the expiry date of these coupons so you never forget.

👉 Sharing member cards, coupons with friends and family member is very useful. It help family members add point to a same member card or share benefit of discount. Smile! let you send card and coupons to anyone by any messaging service likes Whatapp or email. The receipient can import message to Smile! app as a card, a coupon.

Why Smile! ? 😋

👍 Very simple and easy to use, you do not need to sign-up an account or Internet connection to use Smile!

👍 Very lightweight and smooth, the app size is less than 10MB, runs smoothly even in old phone it. Smile! does not take any memory and CPU when you don’t use it.
👍 Always keep your data safely, Smile! automatically backs up all your data to the phone memory. You can turn off automatic backup and backup manually only when you want. You can restore backed up data on the same phone or on another phone.

😎 The Smile! team wish to hear feedback from users to make the app better, if you have any comments please send to [email protected]
Add a new card by enter a name and code Code can be added by scanning Code can be input manually Add card image by camera or a photo on phone Cards can be sorted Cards can be manually arranged Barcode format is automatically selected But, you can try many avaiable code formats Zoom code for scanning Send cards, coupons to an other by text Then, recipient can import to his Smile! app

Services Like Groupon are 21st Century Coupons

**Services Like Groupon are 21st Century Coupons**



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Online sites like Groupon and LivingSocial are pioneering the hottest thing in retail marketing. You sign up, and every day you get a coupon for half off or more at a local business: everything from restaurants to spas to painting lessons. Rebecca Jarvis spoke with the CEO’s of Groupon and LivingSocial to look into the future of this online phenomenon.

HOW TO TRAVEL FOR FREE!!! (Free Flights All Year Round)

**HOW TO TRAVEL FOR FREE!!! (Free Flights All Year Round)**



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New Tricks to Use/Redeem jio 8 Vouchers : Get Jio Free Data Plan Using Jio 8 Vouchers

**New Tricks to Use/Redeem jio 8 Vouchers : Get Jio Free Data Plan Using Jio 8 Vouchers**



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New Tricks to Use/Redeem jio 8 Vouchers : Get Free Data Plan Using Jio 8 Vouchers

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