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Car insurance made simple

**Car insurance made simple**



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Root uses AI to save you money. How? By learning how you drive, and then giving you a rate based primarily on your actual driving behavior. Better driving = more savings. It’s stupid simple. Download and take your own test drive today!
okay we're route and we save you money on your car insurance by using a I seriously sounds crazy but it's stupid simple download the app and take the route test-drive the better you're driving the more you save in fact good drivers save up to fifty two percent off their car insurance so stop paying for bad drivers agents and big marketing budgets and take control by getting fair insurance a try start your test drive with route today

3 Ways to Save for Retirement | Allstate Insurance

**3 Ways to Save for Retirement | Allstate Insurance**



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What are your options when it comes to saving for retirement? Watch this video for tips that may help you keep building your retirement dream.

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We all want to enjoy our retirement. But how can you make sure you’ll have enough
savings? First, make sure you’re contributing to
your company’s 401(k) plan. Some employers may also contribute to employees’
401(k)s with a match up to a certain percentage. Consider investing at least enough to receive
your company’s match. Along with a 401(k), you may be able to open
your own individual retirement account, or IRA. With a Roth IRA, you deposit income that’s
already been taxed. In retirement, you won’t pay taxes on qualified
withdrawals. With a traditional IRA, you can make pre-tax
contributions, but distributions during retirement will be taxed. Annuities are another way to save for retirement. An annuity is a contract between you and your
insurer that can be used to provide income during retirement. Whether you invest a lump sum or make periodic
payments, annuities may help create a guaranteed, stable income stream for a fixed period of
time. However you choose to invest your money for
retirement, start as soon as you can. That way, you may set yourself up for a more
bountiful retirement.





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Hi Vibes. Let me start of by apologize for how dark this video … OK IM SORRY 😩😩… buuuuttttt ARE YOU IN GOOD HANDS??? Your girl is out here saving coins !!! I hope you all enjoy this video 🤗🤗 and always remember VibrantPeace ✌🏾‼️

Agent : Jonathan Scott (980)- 495-2863
[email protected]
but that's completely ridiculous like why do you I even tell people that oh because in your area it's a it's a lot of claims or whatever so unfortunately my challenge should go just inviting peace and today in this video I'm gonna be telling you guys how I was able to save money on my car insurance okay so first things first we need to go ahead and cancel my car insurance that I currently have because boo-boo in Oregon fever you're not gonna go I got something cheaper okay so I'm currently I am now with nationwide and I am going to be switching over to Allstate I don't know much about car insurance I know before like when I was under my parents car what my mom's car insurance I had we were with Geico and I think we had like way too many claims on our insure our policy or insurance or whatever so like they send us a letter and it was like unfortunately due to like so many things or whatever they was taking us off they what we had to search for another search well and there we had to search for another insurance company so it's like embarrassing but you know coolest whatever so today like I said I'm gonna go ahead and go through I got further number real quick now I'm gonna go ahead and cancel my policy that I have now with nationwide a nationwide it's not always on your side so don't even say it okay but they uh I mean it has been bad it's just like literally every month my insurance go up even if it's like two dollars three dollars here or there it goes up and I have been with this company for years and it has never went down once so unless either do when I took my insurance off off of my my Pontiac it went down a little bit of course I took the insurance on for that but other than that it has never went down and it's been like a hassle on the side what's the point like what's happening and you get the same thing all the time was my grandmother even said from her company that she's with it told her the same thing it's basically they say um it's like that because you have so many in the area you are in you have your insurance aunt or living or whatever we have multiple claims so of course she our prices had to go up but I'll get it because I don't give a damn who are the claim this day that's their problem like let the insurance go up my insurance going up because they're having claims in my area like it doesn't make sense so I need somebody to come in below like if you work for insurance company or whatever you may know the answer to this that might sound real stupid to y'all for saying this but that's completely ridiculous like why do you I even tell people that oh because in your area it's a it's a lot of claims or whatever so unfortunately it has to go up what it's plain cuz I don't get it I don't understand so we buy the cancer this now okay for their claims Oh saving them's me issues okay my name is Jazmin good thank you I was wondering if you can currently tell me what's my insurance amount yeah it's 2:30 9:20 okay is that for both cars or one car I want to go ahead and cancel my insurance for both cars No thank you I found someone else already yeah because my insurance man okay so if you work for insurance company or whatever what would you have done different on that phone call like what would you have done honestly what I probably would have done different on that phone call is I would have been like okay how can I make things better or can you let me get some feedback on why you want to cancel your policy with us like maybe because our working customer service and I know how to like talk to people or try to get understanding or why someone wants to shop somewhere else I didn't get that from her but and but she did offer she said she had some I think she broke her companies that you can reach out to or something I don't know but I don't feel like it was like it was sure you were trying hard enough different jobs I worked for we sold credit cards perfumes or whatever whatever you're trying to sell to that customer we have to get three nodes before we can just like cancel it out three knows if you tell me know three times I can sell out you only got to go to four or five and since I'm not gonna ask you that many times okay I'm not gonna sit here and beg you but I feel like after the first note you should at least give it another try and then maybe one more try after that I do honestly agree with that well I don't feel like she tried hard enough there but so what I did was I've been with nationwide for three and a half almost four years now and like I said every time like my my quote quarter or whatever and I think it's like every six to eight months it changes over something every time my insurance has went up it has never went down I'm just like this is getting a bit out of hand this is ridiculous so I was sitting down I was going over my finances with one of my friends and you know they were telling me that was like I got your pan like who a lot for any car insurance and I'm like was two cars and then they were like well honestly even with two cars is still a good big amount that you're paying for and I do have full coverage on this car the Nissan but on the punty I only have like liability and like roadside assistance and stuff like that on there and I was saying like she said you guys heard it yourself I was paying 239 for two cars now Margaret my new car insurance that I actually have now I'm gonna see if I can pull it up here so you guys can see I'm with Allstate now well I'm going to be with Allstate because it starts like I said on the 7th I think I did that right yeah I'm in the seventh yeah what I do like about Allstate also is because the app like they're very informative honestly they told me like literally from start to finish they asked me what I wanted what I was looking for it was like it was really really good I'm just like oh but yeah you're caring about your girl okay yeah I really want to know what's that so I thought that was pretty dope so I'm gonna show you guys how do I go back let's see matter of fact what I'll do is I'll take a screenshot of it and I will also I will also show you guys at the bottom my agent that I went through and it's so crazy because I'm in one state and this agent is in another state and he was actually able to help me out also include his person I will also include his name at the bottom and a contact information so that way you guys can also reach out if you want to switch over I hold my camera is not so dark that y'all can't see me yeah so if you guys want to even if it was just a quote because my friend was I just called because um you never know like you never know I was it's okay just to get a quote it may be better it may not be better but the least I could do was try an S and I'm so glad I did because now y'all as you guys can see on the screen I'll move over a little bit as you guys can see on the screen now my payments each month is a hundred and forty eight dollars and seventeen cents and I basically got the same exact thing that I had with my other car with nationwide I was paying two hundred and thirty nine dollars she said like she said $239 a month for those two cars on there and I still have full coverage like I said on the Nissan come on now focus sorry guys I still have full coverage on Aneesa and I still have reliability come on boom liability on the 2004 Pontiac I asked it so I'm so glad I was able to save and I had this thing in my mind I'm just like I've been with them for so long I wanna I want to change cuz I never had no problems with them of course you never have no problems ran into problems period but I'm just other than them going up like on my own insurance every six eight months or whatever that's the only issue that big issue that I say I did have with nationwide other than that everything has been a smooth ride no problems at all with them but I guess it was just time for me to shop around and find something that's gonna be a little bit cheaper for me especially because I'm living this lifestyle where I'm trying to save every new cleaned aha for really all so in this video I really want you guys to get from me that shove around it's okay like I get it let my grandmother she I was telling my grandmother about it and she was like yeah I've been with my phone company for this for 20-something years and I'm paying that other guy my crime is time i switchable this is 2019 so also I did give my grandmother the ages naming number as well so that she could reach out to him and like I said guys in my description box I'll have his information at the bottom so that way you guys can reach out to him as well if you would like to but it was very helpful and I'm just like so glad that was able to find something else like y'all I saved almost $100 almost $100 on my car insurance just by switching so it's not like a commercial ass where it does the book I'm telling you guys it's the truth like like I was shocked I was like what really like really but you can't you can't be right this it's not right but yeah again I'm super excited um and we'll see where things go from here that did give me an option to pick my date that I wanted to do well I wanted my payments to be dude I was like what day would you want to be do you're really asking me this right now but you give me an option like I have an option to pick what day I want to be do okay that's fine and I also signed up it was about a lot of perks with it too because I think looks like five dollars off if you sign up for automatic payments so I did that the automatic payments and then it was it was like so many other things that you could do and that they had so many perks to but I do remember that one cuz I went ahead and just set up for the automatic pay minutes because you gotta be forgetting I'm trying to get them drink I promise I am but yeah I thought that was pretty cool again just shop around guys if you feel as if you're paying too much for car insurance or you may not know cuz I'm thinking oh that's good I'm gonna pay 239 that's good but you know talking to other people and hearing them say oh girl that's a lot right what you're doing and I'm just like what you mean that's not I don't need you so just shop around like I said and see what you can get you just never know honestly and then I do have some other things that I want to go over with you guys like as far as like finances and how to save more money and making better decisions or whatever cuz I have learned a lot like just like living out of my car whatever they boom yeah so money I just like you got to really think about this I really really think about this so in another video it won't be this video but in one of my upcoming videos again I would discuss different ways that you could save money alright guys so that's gonna wrap things up for this video today thank you all so much for watching do not forget to Like comment and subscribe and if you dislike hell you just dislike I don't care at this point at least you click on Ellie's thank you you took the time out and maybe it's something in the video that you did not like comment below and tell me what you didn't like or what you do you like in the video just let you grow now give me some feedback what I mean by gone boom all right guys always remember Byron Pete bye

Allstate mayhem commercial - Dean Winters as Teenage Girl in Pink Truck

**Allstate mayhem commercial – Dean Winters as Teenage Girl in Pink Truck**



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“I’m a teenage girl. Now, I’m emotionally compromised. I’m all… OMG! So, get Allstate. You can save money and be better protected from mayhem like me!”