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Martin & Lewis - A Song in the Air

**Martin & Lewis – A Song in the Air**



View Time:2:46Minutes



As performed in “My Friend Irma.”
thank you hey try this okay now what are you doing out here well the boss told me to come out and do something where I do do the dishes so I came out already I'm not through singing yet don't get mad Steve I just came out I thought I'd white thought you'd what why wo i k white oh that's ridiculous now go back to the table till I'm through singing alright even gonna keep on singing would you do me a personal favor and sing the song you sing with the chore sure you know when the fellas in a band all stand up together they sing what you are CH go I ARS choir I didn't know you said it like that but I got you to do the number anyway and if you would do the number with the true I'd appreciate it you would what I said if you would do the number I'd appreciate it why do you leave the last word up in the air it's the end of a sentence there's a period there you don't need it anymore you would say I'm going to the corner not I'm going to the corner who talks like this you talk the way you want I talk that way biggest listen could I have that phrase just once more I said if you would do the number I'd appreciate it what are you asking me or you're telling me I'm wondering are you wondering if you want to do the number okay and if you don't want to do it all all right if you do me a favor you and I'll become friends I gotta do your favor fight that's right and if I do we won't argue never again you swear swear scouts honor God son take two giant steps go back I didn't say may I I'm alright now alright now here's the favor I want you to do what is it go like this maybe I didn't hear you correctly what is it keep doing it repeat it go ahead there's a song but seƱorita really doesn't care for that song me law stranger than you never sure she won't think that I am just a fool 7/8 early all the leg you're the love bunny Hey