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Man Living in a 10'x10' Tiny House & Homesteading in the City

**Man Living in a 10'x10' Tiny House & Homesteading in the City**



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Rob Greenfield’s latest sustainable living project is to live in a DIY 100 ft² tiny house for two years while foraging and growing 100% of his own food in an urban …

5 Money Habits Everyone Should Know *MUST WATCH* | Brittany Daniel

**5 Money Habits Everyone Should Know *MUST WATCH* | Brittany Daniel**



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In this video, I share 5 Money Habits everyone should know. These are habits that will help you better grow your income and help you get a better hold on your …

💥Amazon Prime Day Starts With A BANG! 💥

**💥Amazon Prime Day Starts With A BANG! 💥**



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hey guys welcome back to the struggle YouTube channel prime day is finally here it has started out amazing we have had so many good deals this morning and it feels like I've been awake forever I woke up at 6 o'clock in the morning I haven't seen six o'clock in the morning since I was like 12 and going fishing with my dad or something I've never had a job at first shift I wake up that early for school 6 o'clock there's a 6 a.m. you kidding me it's been a long day already but we've had tons of amazing deals we're gonna go through them all it's gonna take a minute I also posted a bunch of stuff to the tech deals page which I'll link down below however it will I'll either will either do a separate video on it or you're on your own for looking at them but there's a bunch of really good stuff over there I mean obviously prime day is full of like laptops and tablets and computers and monitors and TVs and all that kind of so we got stuff over there I'm gonna add to it more I was mostly trying to focus on tool related stuff so far also I added some more links to this little temporary sub menu bar thing that's on the website go through them super quick before we get to the tool deals we got all the prime deals on this first link it'll bring just to the prime day homepage if you need your 30 day free trial of Prime you can get it for right there and obviously you have to be a prime member to participate participate in prime day now it's always been a year-long subscription but I thought did I see something where you can just get a monthly subscription now if you can that's fantastic because it allows you to take advantage of the prime date deals if you find one deal that saves you 50 bucks if you're a Prime member all then obviously it's worth signing up for a month to do it so anyway you can get a 30 day free trial there we got the Prime member exclusive coupons you can check out those have been these three links have been there for a few days we have additional 20% off on Amazon warehouse deals now the warehouse deals are things that are used so usually it's something that got returned so maybe the packaging is damaged and they'll usually have a comment when you're looking at the item that I'll tell you exactly what's wrong with it sometimes it's just like the box is broken or it's not in the original box otherwise it's new otherwise so you can save a lot of money by going that route we got the Emma Amazon devices prime day they always have all the Amazon stuff on sale and it's really big discounts good it's their platform that they're really trying to push so like the fire TV sticks or fire TV boxes the Kindles the Alexis stuff those little echo speakers all sorts of things they're all gonna be heavily discounted also they have like the fire tablets and when you get the what do they call it's like the Kindle version or the Firebird anyways they have cheaper versions of tablets because they'll have like at Amazon advertisements within the tablet like when you turn it on and like the sleep screen and stuff anyway super cheap good deals there we also got deals under $25 just looking for some bargain stuff and then the Lightning Deals which obviously go on and off all day long because their time limited and they're also quantity limited so some of them are only gonna last fifteen twenty minutes other ones last ten hours it just depends how popular the deals are so all the links to the deals we talked about will be down below again I'll put the tech deals link down there but they'll either be a separate video or you're on your own for it so first we're gonna start with tack life which isn't even an Amazon Prime deal it's just the last thing I found its 1497 currently but we have a promo code that I'll cut that in half you're gonna pay seven dollars and fifty cents for the digital sound level meter I have this thing it's awesome you guys saw it at least one time in my video on the DeWalt cordless shop back and it's pretty neat little thing to have although for me personally I don't have any practical purposes for it I've really just dicked around with it but dicking around can be fun too we got an Amazon a lightning and deal so all these obviously were good at the time that I posted them but Lightning Deals you know even if it's good right now and I'm recording it by the time you watch this if you're a now or two three four hours later who knows if it's still good so just we'll keep our fingers crossed and hope that most of these things stay alive for a while so we have the metric stubby combination wrenches it's a ten piece and it is $23.99 but the lightning deal is taking 44 sent off the list price so you're at like 16 or 17 dollars and that's supposed to go until midnight tonight acne tools has the same set 431 Home Depot has it for 24 so basically half price of acne tools and it won't get cancelled like Lowe's did did to us so next primed a deal we have to Bosch bench top router table says check on Amazon but I think it was the same price as Lowe's and CTO at 229 but we're gonna take 35% off for the prime day deal I want to say it was like 149 but I'm really just pulling that out of my ass I can't remember the prices to everything and my math sucks you guys know that so next primed a deal this one's a little bit goofy for us it's the westinghouse super quiet portable inverter generator 1800 rated watts you can see it's 479 at Home Depot and Lowe's Amazon also has it for 479 but they're taking a 33 percent off of that for their prime day deal the link if you click on the picture or if you click the Buy Now actually brings you to the search results with the search term beam Westinghouse and this item number for whatever reason it's an item that Amazon does not allow an affiliate link directly to that item I don't know what the deal is with that you see that every once in a while but anyways he'll eat you'll be able to find it's at the top of the search results but you're taking 33% off on that and for this deal we gotta give a big shout out mark mr. mark thank you sir it's an Amazon a lightning deal the porter-cable seven and a half inch half inch 7 7.5 amp half inch mark he got me flustered impact wrench $79.99 with the lightning deal has taken 31 percent off I want to say after the the deal it was 55 dollars supposed to go till 10:00 p.m. Central Time amazon has it for 80 tractor supply Amazon Acme tools has it for 80 Tractor Supply has it for 70 for the Amazon lightning deal is 55 next we got the ultimate I don't if it actually is but they call it that household drill and drive mix set it's a forty nine piece set in that handy-dandy little case you're looking at oh it's out of stock well me running there was only five dollars with free shipping so I understand what's that so let's check if it's actually out of stock yeah it really is out of stock that's a good deal next we got the iron lion self-adjusting wire stripper crimper cutter tool cutting pliers tool so we see this every so often it's $17 we have a 50% off promo code so 850 or so and I really like these I have two pairs of different brands but they work fantastically and that code is only good for today I do believe next we actually have an item that we just saw a couple of days ago but the deal got even better than what it was and for this one we got a big thanks to Michael for this the heads up on this deal it's 69.95 there's a 30% coupon on the amazon item detail page and a 40 percent promo code so we're gonna take 70% off of 69.95 because both discounts will come off the top price so that's awesome for an OE d2 scanner Bluetooth car code reader next we got a go back so we go Sooey no idea how they expect you to pronounce that cordless impact wrench 20 volt electric impact gun you're coming you're coming with you you get comes with a four amp hour battery it is brushless you have a half-inch and core inch quick Chuck so it's a lot like the Bosch freak impact if you remember that one where you have the half-inch four sockets and the quarter-inch down the center for like bits and everything anyway for a power battery it's one 59.99 we have a 10% off promo code not sure where it expires but was good earlier today and also a 35% coupon on the amazon item detail page you're taking 45% off I want to say it was something around $90 once you took both discounts off and you know unfortunately it's a brand that we don't know a whole lot about but it's basically getting two tools and one with getting the half-inch impact and the quarter inch impact the four amp hour battery that's a big battery for an impact gun it's gonna last for a while and obviously it comes with the bag a charger looks like a few sockets and I can't tell it's so small what that is but some other accessories another lightning deal we got the Irwin metal cutting circular saw blade seven and a quarter inch currently selling for forty seven eighty but we're taking fifty eight percent off the list price that goes until 10:00 p.m. Central time so it was twenty seven dollars after discount Acme tools has the same blade 451 fleet farm which is not the same as farm and flea there's a story behind that we don't have time for $47.99 so let's go into peach to another prime day deal we got the Kershaw oh so sweet folding pocket knife with a satin finish is currently selling for 1892 we're gonna take an additional 20 percent off of that Walmart also has it for 1892 a knife Center has it for twenty-two ninety-five we've got a gearwrench deal it's a hundred and twenty tooth so a nice fine toothed ratchet not your typical you know a little craftsman one or the what the hell's their brand-name Harbor Freight Spitzberg Pro it's like 80 tooth or whatever it is 96 54 but we're taking an additional 20 percent off of that so almost twenty dollars gonna be like 77 bucks getting four ratchets a half inch drive quarter inch drive 3/8 drive I believe the stubby is a 3/8 and of course they're also the Flex neck so a little bit more versatile for you and for some comparisons Home Depot has it 496 54 and Walmart's currently selling it for 108 56 so get yourself some quality fine-tooth ratchets on the cheap we also have 20% on tools there's 18 different tools to choose from that link will take you to all 18 of them it's a bunch of different sockets and hex key sets and screwdriver sets I love their screwdriver set you guys saw the video that I posted earlier today and we're gonna get to that deal here in a second another gear wrench deal we got the micro driver set 35 piece I actually did a video on this what you can see embedded here if you want to check it out see what it all comes with 16 19 that's usually a low enough price of where I would post it on the website because that's a really good deal but we're gonna take an additional 20 percent off of that something like 13 dollars when it's all said and done Home Depot's price matching at 619 Walmart currently selling it for 28 22 I think so you're getting a bunch of different sockets you get this little double-headed beast with the I think but the sockets are the little different screwdriver bits on there here's our craft form plus insulated professional screwdrivers set the six piece set that we just talked about today there's a video if you want to check it out 28:45 alone is a good deal on these even if it was just twenty eight forty five you're getting a pretty good deal there's two Phillips four slotted straight blade regular screwdrivers whatever the hell anyone wants to call them but we're gonna take an additional 20 percent off of that twenty eight dollars or something like 22 or 23 dollars and as it says here I bought these back in November absolutely my favorite screwdrivers that's why they're not even in the drawer they're on the magnets on the side of the toolbox so they're the easiest ones to grab and you can watch the video it was very short and unplanned it was just like hey I've seen someone else do this we gotta go do this we got some prime date deals on DeWalt tools there's three different promotions going on we have saved $25 on select all tools or 58 tools included in that we have saved $10 when you purchase $50 in Dewalt and we have saved an additional 20% on the wall tool so each of those brings you two different tools with different promotions you can check that out there's a lot of good deals here these for comparables I believe all came from the save $25 and we got a craftsman primed a deal 15 piece precision screwdriver set its 1909 but with the primed a deal we're cutting that price in half so you're at about $9 $10 em or Ace Hardware sells it for 16 one more craftsman deal for you we got the craftsman 12 amp electric Leaf Blower seen deals on this in the past but I think this is the lowest price we've seen you're going to spend about $30 Ace Hardware has it for 59.99 another amazon lightning deal UV blacklight flashlight 100 led by Cobra that's Cobra with a que oh it's out of stock well that sucks another deal we post a video on this morning my little guru dime love them a little multi-tool very handy to keep in your pocket it's 2012 we're taking 45% off of some around somewhere around $11 so let's go to 12 a.m. we'll see how long it lasts it was up before I started recordings I just saw it as I was looking up other things but really handy dandy little tool to have then the video there shows you all the different stuff it has another gearwrench deal for you we got the gear wrench 3/8 inch drive sae metric six point standard and deep socket set it's a 56 piece set currently selling for 99 99 99 even actually 20% off so it's gonna be $79 plus there's a $1 12 cent coupon so you got in 77 something Home Depot also has it for 99 Acme tools of selling it for 120 and I believe the last gearwrench do we have for you today 114 piece ratcheting tap and drive tool set si en metric currently selling for 169 88 or taking another 20% off Home Depot has it again for the same price 169 88 Acme tools sells it for two $59.99 holy crap please don't buy it from them next we have a Wi-Fi IP camera from an kee pinky it's $59.99 however we're going to cut it in half with a 50% coupon on the Amazon item detail page so we're down to 30 bucks they have a bunch of different cameras and like DVR security system up on sale for prime day so this link will take you to all the rest of their deals we've got a bunch of Garmin GPS deals this one I thought was the best is 112 for the Garmin Drive 50 USA GPS navigator system with lifetime maps we're taking 43% off the current price I believe it was 84 87 something in that general range Walmart has the same item for 98 Target sell it for 112 if you want to check out all the other garmin stuff click this link here they got a bunch of like watches and stuff and they have other traditional gps devices like this taking 50% off of all of it so Joe has a pressure washer 2,000 psi which is really nice high psi for an electric pressure washer currently 144 but we're gonna take 36% off of that Walmart selling it for that same 144 price but they're not taking 36% off and the Black & Decker 20 volt lithium-ion drill driver it's 44 dollars but another deal we're taking 20% off so 880 is that 880 off 36 bucks Home Depot 50 47 Walmart $44 and the Flex is snake drain weasel 1795 the lightning deal takes 22 percent off I want to say it was $14 or so one item I would love love love to have but I feel like I do not have the mental capacities to ever use it the Dremel didja lab 3d printer idea builder there's five 9899 but we're gonna take 30% off of that price Home Depot says the same thing for $7.99 Newegg has four 870 9.99 well it's a good deal even at the current price listed but we're taking an additional 30% off it depresses me I don't want to talk about this item I'd love to have one I wouldn't how the hell to use it though tact life we got a 6 pocket professional tool belt the tools in the belt are not included and you are buying the belt the belt $20 and 16 cents we have a 43 percent off coupon promo code supposed to go through the 18th so what $11 ish and this we already talked about and it's out of stock anyways man there's a lot of out of stock stuff things are flying off the shelf alright guys that's it for the deal so far I want to get back to checking them out I really haven't even checked other stores so you might see some deals for other stores popping up here in the next in the near future also if I get a chance I want to do a separate video on the tech deals but it just depends things have been pretty busy and yeah so all the links are down below thanks for watching guys get the video like subscribe for a subscriber I'll see you guys next time

10 Ways To Make Money Online + Saving tips!

**10 Ways To Make Money Online + Saving tips!**



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I’m Hannah, I’m 18 years old, and this channel is where I like to express my self. I post what I like, ranging from makeup tutorials and clothing hauls to travel vlogs and deep discussions. I use cruelty free makeup to create my makeup looks because I’m also an animal lover!!
what's up guys is your hand back with another video so I am gonna share with you guys today how I basically keep myself financially stable I'm gonna also give us tips on how to make money that I don't even really do but it's more easy for like anyone to do I thought really long and hard about this video and you might not have been expecting this type of video from me but I think it's a very useful type of video and I know that when you're trying to adult and pay bills and everything it is really stressful sometimes these things I'm gonna talk about could be a good sign hustle if you're you have a job or maybe if you still live with your parents house and you wanna start saving out more money and making more money on the side while you go to school these off so think good things for that and some of these things are more long-term things that you kind of have to put more effort into but will give you more money in the end of the day so first I want to talk about making money and then I'm going to talk about how to save the money you make I'm also gonna have links down below to pretty much everything that I can link that I'm going to talk about today so yeah just look down there if you have any questions about what I'm talking about or you think I probably have a link for it down below so without further ado let's just get into the video first we're just gonna start off by saying where I make most of my money obviously I have a YouTube channel so every month I do get paid for my videos from Adsense obviously that has to do with you know however many of yous I get that month and you know if they're all monetized so I get those monthly checks and then I also do brand deals and brand deals are actually where I think most social media influencers make the big bucks so brand deals definitely pay pretty well and I use a bunch of different platforms in order tea and touches brands you know if I don't feel like I have another brand deal coming up as soon as I want one too I will go into these platforms and look at the campaign's that businesses have asking influencers like myself to propose a deal you can just go and see what brands are looking for what kind of influencer and you can propose a deal to them and that's how I do a lot of my brand deals and I will have a link down below talking about all of the best platforms in order to get in touch with brands but ya know if you have our know 5,000 or 10,000 followers like you can still make money off of your posts so that's where I make most of my money and then I also had do presets on Instagram I got with a photographer and it was how to make presets and we created my own presets I love my presets so much shameless self promoting come as well and Poshmark I love making money on flash market you can like list 10 items on Poshmark and then in a week or so if they're all sold you got a hundred bucks and like oh there you go like you could go shopping with that that is how I personally make most of my income I'm also going to go through the ways that you can make money on the internet that I don't you can also do something like I don't know if you guys have ever seen this on Instagram but on Instagram I see that girls will get together or maybe it's just one girl and create a Instagram for their local area or maybe not even local and they have girls come and list their clothes on that Instagram so it's kind of like a little marketplace they created and how they profit off of that is they charge you know like two two dollars and 50 cents per listing you really work at it and get that account to be really active and consistent then more and more people want to list stuff on your account and I actually did try this but I'm just trying to focus on so many other thing my life right now like so it kind of fell through but me and my friend Abigail did start a Instagram in order to do this but we just didn't stick to it and if you stick to it like I've seen some really successful Instagram accounts like that so I hope that makes sense I wouldn't explain it weird but and it's kind of fun cuz you can like decide if you want your little marketplace to have a certain vibe you know girls love DM you and be like hey I want to list something and you say hey send me a picture then you're able to say yes or no we'll sell it for you that's kind of like a fun little thing that I kind of see what's going on okay and then the next thing is also something that you have to be very diligent about if you want to really make money with it and this I suggest this for anyone who likes social media and is good at sales and I'm gonna talk about multi-level marketing companies I know it sounds it always has a sketchy taste in people's mouths but I did try a multi-level marketing company called Arbonne I tried Monet before but really I didn't think it was for me I did try Armand for a while which is a vegan nutrition lines actually have everything actually like they make makeup deodorant like literally anything you could think of our bond makes it it's like most natural form it's a multi-level marketing company which means that you can join the company as a salesman kind of or consultant you are able to sell the products to your friends and family and then you get commission off those sales and a lot of girls will you could go to social media with this I personally don't like cold messaging like that's the one thing I will say if you're gonna go multi-level marketing company just don't bother people in their dams because you're already setting yourself up for a super low chance they're going to be like Oh what is this because so many people are doing that I think it's best to just post about it on your store and talk about how that brand is actually affecting you in your life and then people will be like oh hey like can you hook me up with this and I I know that this is controversial like a lot of people say that multi-level marketing companies are scams and it's a pyramid scam a scheme and but you know I definitely have seen girls with these companies who are very very successful in us because we just drill down into it so and I mean if you find a product and a brand of a multi-level marketing that you really really love and believe in why not and if you can make a real money off of it why not okay and then this is for if you're a crafty girl if you love to craft things or like I don't know make jewelry or dream catchers or scarves or you know knit things like use your creativity and open a Nessy shop which is awesome and really exciting because it's like your own little small business I have known some people in my life who have done Etsy shop support and they're really successful at it and of course that's gonna take more time if you're gonna make things to order but if you are super crafty opening a tea shop is not a bad idea girl okay and then you can run a blog with ads yeah so I mean if you put ads on any website or blog that you have that is gonna generate revenue and so if you have any specific passion that you would love to just like write a whole blog about its path like fashion or food obviously that also something that's gonna take a lot of time anything that makes money is gonna take time damn it these ways to make money guys are so cool because you can make this money while you're in your sleep you know if you have something up for sale on the internet or it's like something to offer there's a great chance that you can get money from that and then the last tip I have for making money online is 14 surveys and I know I have personally never had the patience I never really how the patience to even get to the end of a survey deceive actually does pay me I did do some research on surveys that actually do pay real money and if anyone has the patience to kind if you just want to get that extra dollar holla and you've got some extra times to click on that link for best surveys that actually do pay and of course eBay eBay is always there and yeah I think that's all my tips for how to make money and if you have any better or if you think of any better you know alternatives or options to make money online please please leave it in the comments down below this is something that I've been wanting to talk about for a while because the girls have DM me before being like how do you make money or how like what are ways to make money online alright guys and then saving the money that you make and preserving – first of all you should always always plan and budget things especially when you're about to go out to have fun before you go out just sit down for 15 minutes maybe and look at your bank account think about your financial priorities in the near future so say you have rent coming up and you have to pay bills and of all that money take note of when you have to have it by and then look at how much money you have at that moment take out that much money possibly and put it in a savings account so you already have that money reserved for when you need it and then you have that extra money that you know that you won't feel that bad spending and then that way you can't go out in the world and just spend too much and then be really disappointed when you check your bank account everything really does add up so that's something that always makes me feel secure when it comes to taking care of bills and rent I always put that money aside so yeah I always plan out and budget what money you mean and what money you should spend okay and then guys I want to talk about like my favorite app ever and no this is not sponsored I'm gonna talk about an app called digit and what digit does is it automatically saves your money for you like you literally don't have to think about it so let me elaborate how did it works is that you link it to your bank account and then every day it takes out a little chunk of money from you the amount of money it takes out every day always depends on how much money you have in your bank account so this is like not like mathematically correct or anything but say you have like a hundred dollars in there so that day it's probably gonna take I don't know maybe like seven dollars out and save it for you and digit and then the next dates that you have like six dollars it might take like 20 cents that day and put it in your savings account so over time you're literally saving money every day without having to think about it like a week goes by our two weeks go by and if you open the digit up and you see that you've already saved a couple hundred dollars so I've had this app for over a year now another thing I love about it is that every morning it texts you your checking balance account like how much is like it's like good morning Hanna you're checking and balance has this much money in it so that automatically takes away from my like anxiety unwillingness to check my bank account because you never you ever spend money and then you're like ooh and one check my bank account now and then you just don't well I don't have to deal with that because right away in the morning at nine o'clock I get a text message from digit that's like hey Hanna this is how much money you have in your bank account right now another thing I really liked about digit is that you can go in and put a low balance protection thing on it so let's say you don't want your banking your bank checking account to go under $50 so every time that your bank account goes under $50 digit notices that and then it adds however much money from your digit account to your bank account to make it back up to $50 so that's pretty cool and you don't have to have it on it's just like I said that you can do you can make more than one savings account within digit like you can have your retirement account you can have your rainy day account I definitely made an account for a Colorado trip I just hook I wanted to make sure I had a good chunk of money to spend while I was there so I just asked it to save that money for me so that's pretty cool but it is free the app is free but in order to keep using it long term I think it does start charging you maybe like two dollars a month which isn't very cash money of them but I really don't think I would be saving as well as I do without digits and the last thing I want to say about saving your money that you make online guys is if you are making a good amount of money each time you get paid off the internet that money isn't getting texted withdrawing from it so and I believe it's like don't mark my words on this but I think it's payments over $600 you do have to pay taxes on and definitely double check that but it's really important that you know if you don't work for a company and you're self-employed and you're making money on the internet you're gonna have to pay taxes during tax season and not getting a refund like all your friends who do work for a company so in order to prepare for this and not be you know super I'm disappointed that you didn't know that was coming he make a savings account just for your income tax what I do is every time I get a big chunk of money in I put a quarter of that into my income tax account that went by me next time that tax season comes around I'm prepared and I might even have money left over from what I've been saving which is like my own little taxi fund to myself that's just something I have to say because I know they don't teach you that in school I definitely feel your struggle when things don't feel like they're gonna work out or they may never work out but the key is to just keep being consistent with anything you do on the Internet in order to gain people's trust and attention you have to be consistent and that's a huge thing that I have learned in my career um yeah I think this video contains all of the financial advice I could really offer at this time I'm definitely working on some huge things that I can't talk about yet that I will be talking about this summer I definitely been super you know drilling down more on my bank account and my just financial status because I need to preserve my money for the stuff that I'm doing because I am taking money out of my own pocket to create something that I think is awesome so I realize excited I'm excited yeah that's it guys hope you guys got some useful information in this and if you did I would love it if you I gave it a thumbs up and maybe commented what you liked about it or you know share it that would be amazing also if you're new here please feel free to subscribe down below I put out videos every Monday and Thursday so yeah my channel has been pretty popping with the good content so stick around I love you guys I hope you have a great day or night and I will see you in my next video I hope you come back bye guys