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1951 - Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis try to destroy an amazing Dick Stabile sax solo

**1951 – Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis try to destroy an amazing Dick Stabile sax solo**



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June 24, 1951, NBC presented the last telecast of the season of the Colgate Comedy Hour starring Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis. This kinescope was filmed from the live broadcast staged at the El Capitan Theater in Hollywood – current home to ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Show.

Dean and Jerry’s orchestra conductor/leader, and noted alto saxophone player, Dick Stabile, is featured performing George Gershwin’s “The Man I Love”, while being tortured by the zany antics of Dino and Jerry Lewis.

This production features the NBC kinescope cleaned up and gamma-corrected – with a bonus Dyna-Stereo audio restoration / remastering – which suprisingly makes this film soundtrack sound almost as good, fidelity-wise, as videotape – which was not perfected yet in 1951.

The show is announced by SNL’s Don Pardo.(1918-2014).

Also, the original show has been edited, cutting out some schtick by Dean and Jerry at the end – so you can enjoy Stabile’s solo musically uninterrupted.





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Once upon a time, Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis were a great comedy team, and they had a great thing going for them. The problem started when one of the partner’s EGO got in the way, and I’m not talking about Dean’s ego. When the partnership broke up, Dean became the HUGE star, and Jerry became a medium size star. Jerry eventually did become a slightly bigger celebrity, simply by hosting the Muscular Dystrophy telethon (million dollar + salary for his so-called charity work.) The hosting of the telethon allowed him to become a far bigger household name, than he ever was while he was making his so-called comedy movies (post Dean Martin.)

This clip is in the public domain.

The clip shows how well the two worked together. Ying & Yang.

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Martin and Lewis - Dean Only Has Eyes for Jerry

**Martin and Lewis – Dean Only Has Eyes for Jerry**



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Dean goes crazy and can only see Jerry Lewis. HILARIOUS!
November 1951
this little monster I'm working with is driving me crazy we're working in nightclubs I see him seven nights a week we make a picture I see him every day between radio and television fixes and nightclub he's got me crazy I don't know what to do Athena is your partner you're working with him you have to see him but I see when I'm not working Dani you mean you keep imagining you see Jerry I don't imagine Dani I don't imagine I see him we took a cab this morning the cab driver was Jerry Lewis a cop stopped us you know what happened the cop was Jerry Lewis I bought a newspaper the news ball was Jerry lows he's gonna drive me insane I don't know what to do what do you think that don't be upset for Bing don't drive me crazy all I see is Jerry Lewis don't drive me out of my mind I gotta forget disco I gotta forget sky China place what am I do I seem everything please again but is it getting away from me untie me crazy but I need well I got booked booked I'll relax I'll relax with a book book I gotta get a book that's fine I'll read two books oh no oh no no no miss cigarette time to smoke a drink that's what I need a drink a big stiff drink I need that's wrong I'll call my god that's what I do I'll call my dog easy now dee-nice diggity call the doctor be nice and calm at night call the doctor dial any number just call the doc dr. Hauser Dean Martin my partner's driving me crazy everybody I talked to is Jerry Lewis everybody I look at is Jerry look everybody's Jerry Lewis so don't tell me I'm imagining things off he's Jerry Lewis presume my wife will be Jerry Lewis I can't stand it anymore faggot Oh Jeanie thank heavens you're here Jeanie do you think your wife your silly partner Jerry Lewis you're not Genii welcome an Italian who did you expect what the why're you staring at me you're Terry lower not that hard within Marisa that I've never been feeling something on my life I got a few to belly six times a week I fit under a hot dryer I spy my best to do the best I gotta be a faithful wide opportunity like that when I kill it I keep that beautiful I knew everything I do to keep you had I don't know it acting like that is my mother I need a guy I do everything I gotta keep you at me I just or what is it you're really Genie no you're really genius I've been married to you for two years two years three months 17 days don't lie you always look like this all the time you look like this oh that's ridiculous you need to tell me I was the most beautiful girl in the world gosh all right all right you're still the most beautiful girl in you you're gorgeous darling darling you're upset you've been working so hard get down in there you've been working do it and we'll play the beautiful music that will just bad darling this is they're playing cartoon let's dance darling like for you to read Donnie just be like your mind remember the day to have you're not ruining your orgy I'm Jeannie listen darling just be laughs there's only one thing I have to say to you you don't love me no more yes I love it but there's only one thing I'm gonna say to you I did did you hide you're gonna get right now what am I gonna do I gotta get a drink I got big I'll sneak up and I'll get it – it's my marvelous I gotta get it can't be in that again he's gonna be all right fine I see you're playing with your tinker toys that nice mr. Martin besides I've got school you don't the floor mr. Martin you'll catch chimes get off the floor this minute with the cat eye doctor how's your Jerry laws your Jerry Lord boy everybody except me noise oh no idea – Jerry Lewis is spoiling the costume can you couple me hijae loss sticks and stones of like my bones but names are never like me lay down mr. Martin I will diagnose your case you see mr. Martin you must tell me everything from the beginning to the end now waste of all you see in these pages I am accustomed to make you happy first time oh I've known very very many cases in this time now waste of all I know mother examiners hope they must see the eyes we must know what makes you tick we've now mr. Martin if you're not going to help me I cannot help you save me I can't stand any more of this I get here I'm gonna get rid of you the sickness I'm not sick look what I got a kid get dressed I'll wrap hurry up along Connecticut hurry up you snuck again Oh what are you doing I mean what are you doing what are you doing – dr. Howser darling well I would sit go you know darling you've been drinking again what were you doing – dr. house they're the same thing I'm gonna do to you now oh I gotta get out of this house this place is driving me crazy that's how I'll get dressed I'll get dressed I'll shave then I'll I'll scoot light other and yet and the way I'm gonna go Oh well I may not be safe nice but never go along bitch oh I gotta get myself a jig that's rocket I'll get myself another baby yeah I'm I am is I'm gonna be I said we're gonna rehearse for a rock tonight who you I'm Jerry Lewis Department good yeah everybody know I'm Jerry Lewis I'm the only one the exquisite one yeah I'm gonna get rid of all of your weight loss the doctors Jay doors the books J Lo's the drinks J dollars everybody you're Jerry Lewis the audience eject you do at home you're Jerry everybody's jealous I'm Jerry Lewis I'm walking into the camera you're Gerald everybody's generous I got nothing else to do everything I thought in the salmon is very low come on oh my dog Rex he won't let me down Rex won't let me down I gotta see the faithful dog