SWITZERLAND ON A BUDGET | 10 Money Saving Tips

**SWITZERLAND ON A BUDGET | 10 Money Saving Tips**



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📍Bern, Switzerland

I think that some people choose to go to other countries in Europe when going to the Schengen area because of the fact that Switzerland is expensive. I mean its true, Switzerland is one of the most expensive countries you can travel to but it is also one of the most beautiful countries. so I hope after this video, I can convince you guys to travel here and help you save money while doing so.

Swiss people, if you have any ideas on how to save money. Go ahead and comment them below. I apologise for the mispronunciation of some words (I just hear so many ways of saying them.) I also would like to point out that I deliberately did not include LIDL and ALDI because of the fact that I want to promote Switzerland in this video and only Switzerland.

And for the MUST HAVE apps for traveling to Switzerland 🇨🇭
-SBB app (where you buy train/tram/bus tickets)
-SRF Meteo (Accurate weather app)
-TooGoodToGo app (Cheap foods)
-Airbnb app
-Poinz (forgot to mention this one but it is also a cheap place to get food)

Again, Swiss people or people living in Switzerland, if you have any more suggestions.
COMMENT THEM BELOW. My intention of this video is to help the people planning to visit here have a more enjoyable and affordable time here.

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Topics that I talk about in this video:
1. Where to get drinking water?
2. Where to sleep?
3. How to commute?
4. Where to buy cheap food?
5. Cook your own meals
6. Rent a car / van with your friends!
7. Don’t know where to pee?
8. Where to buy souvenirs?
9. Luggage lockers
10. Check the weather forecasts
– Free activity to do in Bern

***For commuting: Here’s the detail about Swiss Travel Pass

Thanks for watching this video!

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10 thoughts on “**SWITZERLAND ON A BUDGET | 10 Money Saving Tips**


    Hi Lyka, i love lidl and aldi its cheaper than denner coop migros, but rarely found in touristic area, anyway love your content❤️ greetings from Zurich 🥰♥️🇨🇭🇨🇭🇨🇭

  2. Phil and Jess Cao

    Hello Lyka, me and my husband will visit Switz on October 10-15, 2019. We will attend to my graduation ceremony in Geneva. We watched all your videos and we learned a lot from you po. I just want to ask, sa experience mo po ano po weather sa October? Thank you po. -jess

  3. Orange Highlighter

    i visited zurich, ibiza, lisbon, andalucia, venice, amsterdam, paris, nice, cannes, madrid, barcelona on my last trip
    i wanna visit greece and budapest soon

  4. Merly Estrera

    Just finished from work greetings to you kababayan❤️❤️❤️👍👍👍👍👍🇨🇭🇨🇭🇨🇭🇨🇭🇨🇭

  5. Merly Estrera

    Hi Lyka good evening thanks for the nice video. It’s true that CH expensive is but there is als 1/2 Hotel Card or Airbnb. You are right….

  6. Viaje ni Bree

    Hi Lyka, nasa Bern ka rin last August 1?! I've been following you in my personal account. Now I created a brand account since I'm working now in Basel! And I want to share my experiences here in Switzerland like you do. 😉 Love your videos!

  7. harll cadestin

    You know you like a content Creator when you postpone your shower time 😂😅. Again really useful,thank you! Yes more contents like this one, things to do for free. ❤️ Loved it!


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