Strategies For Decreasing Health Insurance Cost

**Strategies For Decreasing Health Insurance Cost**



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Offering health insurance benefits is one of the most sure-fire ways to attract great employees to your company—and, depending upon the size of your business, may be required by law. However, the cost of providing insurance can be a major drain on your company’s capital, so much so that providing comprehensive benefits can seem difficult or even impossible. Premiums and deductibles just keep on going up, with no end in sight! In this video, Staff One President Mark Sinatra discusses two strategies for keeping health insurance costs down. The first is to leverage a Health Reimbursement Account; doing so enables you to save money with high-deductible plans while still making them feasible options for your employees. The second option is to become part of a PEO master medical plan; joining a pool of thousands of employees allows the PEO to negotiate lower rates for all.

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