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After years of working 60 to 70 hours a week and never taking a vacation, Carolyn and I (Rob) decided to quit our job and begin living our dream. We bought a 1970 Starcraft pop-up camper and fixed it up, traveling the country, and only staying at free campsites. After living in it for a year, our pop-up was burned down by someone in a National Forest. We did not let that get us down. We built a homemade truck camper in 2 1/2 week so we could continue living our dream. Welcome to Little House On The Road 2.0 and welcome to the Little House On The road Family.
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Wow everybody's here look at that and we feel the hello Harry hello mom uh mom you're on the wrong account I think and Doug there she is okay good let's see hello mom hello Doug let's see boy everybody's talking to each other that's great heat index got up to 107 Missouri today but got a shower you see if I can line this up a little better well you can't really see me but that's alright got a shower and cooled it off so can you uh you can call me Harry you can call me you just don't call me late for supper never fear they entered oh yes hello Jerry and okay alright so now I was gonna do hello briar rose and that was I got to do is wait for the notifications to go out I tried to get in a little bit of a better position here so I'm in the shade but that's really blocking my face but then you get to see that I learned that being up in this elevation my forehead is living proof of this that you can french fry your get a severe sunburn in six minutes so I'm trying to stay in the shade keeping my head covered because that's what's really burning is right here on my forehead in the back of my neck hello Oscar good to see you thanks for the reminder Oscar uh notifications just went out yeah you can kind of tell cuz the numbers start growing real fast so uh so mom was saying that's a hundred and one there heat index 107 I think you said just down here let's see just about right there it's 101 degrees down there right here it's 77 degrees I turned on the key on the truck and it was 77 degrees just a few minutes ago uh hello Elbe Beach hello Kenneth hey I'm getting lucky to make the feeds every week well thank you very much I do appreciate it really do Oh Michelle and Shirley good to see you hello Scott so uh it's been very windy hello Gregory it's been very windy I don't I'm sure you can see the wind the grass it looks foggy out there that I believe I don't have any evidence of this I've been doing some research on where the forest fires are there's two in southern Arizona to forest fires and then there's one in Nevada and I think the smoke is being blown in this morning when I got up at five o'clock I could smell the smoke pretty good but that that smokes thin like that for two days we've had a full moon so you can still see the canyon that's amazing and you can still see the canyon floor with the full moment at 10 and 11 o'clock at night sunrise hey let me think about this for a minute sunrise I think is it 5:30 but about 4:30 the Sun starts to glare in from way over there because we're so far up I can see the Sun way over there and in the distance about 4:30 in the morning ah let's see hello Darryl Jerry says don't need no notifications to be here every week at 7:00 well I appreciate it I really do Jerry you've been in here since the very beginning and let's see hello Gregory and hello Dan and Andy good to see you and briar roses an upset alarm on the phone if I do appreciate it what else going on well I think I finally acclimated to the the height it's it's been rough Carolyn with six for several days I've got a video coming out on this but that there's a thing called elevation sickness and now you know when you look it up it talks about mountain climbers you know and you think in your mind Mount Everest you know they got the backpacks and they're going you know to the summit of Mount Everest or k2 and they got oxygen masks you know that but no you can get elevation sickness at around six thousand seven thousand feet so it's been a real struggle and what the thing is is we fire hold all the rules we went to don't quote me on the on the heights but roughly we went to New Mexico I think it was around let's see eight thousand that's okay so six thousand it's like sixty eight hundred feet in New Mexico and then we went to Chateau there's like seventy three hundred feet so we're slowly going up in elevation you know one week at a time and then we came up to eighty eight hundred feet well when we got here Carolyn got sick and it's been it was a rough first week for her no fences hello from Colorado's first hey Lisa good to see you and let's see who else okay that's it we're all caught up nobody's talking low turnout today have you seen any bald eagles or Hawks flying around you or yeah there's lots of Hawks it's a matter of fact yet we kind of make a joke every time this hikers that you know there's a trail to look down here so anytime hikers go down there it seems like the Hawks start start buzzing around it makes you think well what do they know hello Jeff Martin good to see you let's see rules for seeing Grand Canyon I'm in deep Komachi Komachi I don't know what that means I wish I could get the joke how long you staying there and then we're okay well we got to leave here tomorrow morning this spot we've been here two weeks even though Dave Dave the camel Dave subscribers don't believe I should be here for that long we've been here for two weeks and then we're going to go to another camp spot for two weeks and then we're going to go into Utah I think we're going to go Xion well we're not going into the National Forest we're gonna go and BLM BLM land just south of Zion national National Park mmm and then what you see where we go after that elevation speaking that is yeah it's uh it's interesting and you know I just takes you a long time to catch your breath around here I think there are condors in the canyon is it condors I mean I don't know what it is they're huge they fly around right over there I feel you I think I think that should get it in there right around that hill that's where the trail is balmy 95 here in the AC blowing moisture dang my H is sticking who cares what anyone else thinks I know I just I I've been doing recent research and why so many people have been calling on me negative and so I got a video coming out on this there's actually a name for people who who who take truthful information like okay it's hot today so I'll make a video saying it's hot and here's what we do to compensate for the heat and the people will say we Rob all you do is make negative videos well to me and to a lot of viewers it's not a negative use a video it's just the truth okay it makes sense it's summertime it's July probably hot you know I wasn't complaining I was just explaining well it's called cognitive dissonance and so I found it absolutely fascinating learning about this cognitive dissident and so what they do is what is what it means is is they have two realities going on in their head they have their belief system and then they have what they actually know they know it's hot I mean it's a fact they're sitting in their house sweating the death they know it's hot and then they have this belief that van life is going to take the heat away and so that to those two things don't jive in their head so they say you so so they they lash out at the truth and it causes mental distress well I lost a lot of people on that conversation they were not interested what I'd lose about 10 people just talking button that must be all the people with cognitive dissonance let's see Nesta Cerf good to see you from Iowa that's where my daughter lives my daughter lives in the just below Washington Iowa what is that Iowa City you know just south of Highway is that 2 to 14 I think what an awesome view Wow glad you got to go yeah me too thank you Lisa it's been a lifelong dream how's your water situation okay it's been two weeks and we ran out of water today I collected five gallons of what rainwater what's interesting is about the rain here is we're so high up it looks like these monsoon clouds because we see them all the time the monsoons will just circle us I think the last live feed we have we had a monsoon behind us and while we are losing a lot of people and but they just kind of circles but anyway we got two days where it rained for about an hour each I was able to click five gallons of water so Carolyn was even actually able to do some laundry so we don't have to go do the laundry this week at the laundromat so and we just ran out today so we'll leave tomorrow get some more water and I'll be ready for another two weeks I had no clue there were rules to the gold get a little at a time to acclimate to the Grand King yeah look it up yeah kimchi yeah go look it up it's it's actually you can get pretty sick and if you don't if you don't get better what happens this is three phases one where you're sick you have a headache feel like you're you have a hangover you won't sleep well you'll nauseous Stage two is your lungs will start to fill up with water and then stage three your brain will start to swell great view absolutely right well for me it's never never on negative educational I would call it well thank you hey Casey from Casey there was a glitch I had to refresh it yeah apparently a lot of people had a problem because I lost a lot of people I couldn't make a good story about that yeah I tell you it it's really interesting this cognitive dissident and like I said I got a video coming out on it and in ten days I'm very proud of this video I actually wanted to release it today I'm so proud of it but I'll go ahead and wait and highway 218 that's right Nesta so but I was absolutely fascinated by this I mean it was getting pretty serious with with all the people saying ah you know I'm so negative so I had to figure that out no no Rob we lost you buffering well that might be me I mean we're sitting 20 miles away altitude sickness is off yes Carolyn would agree with you uh and you know I wasn't feeling well I I would get up in the morning I wasn't sleeping well and I would get up in the morning and I feel like I have a hangover and so I would take a couple times I'll drink a bottle of water and I'd feel better but she wasn't getting better and I the day that I decided that we were gonna go back down you know get out of the mountains she woke up and I said how you feel she said I feel a lot better so you know the day we decided we were gonna leave that was this she felt better so and she's been doing pretty good for some hikes and different things minor buffering may explain the numbers yeah I think we're having some problems I mean I checked the speed before I got on and we have really good internet speed but you know that could have changed so I do apologize you're not negative you're factual yeah well and that's the thing about cognitive just dissonant is it's like I said this the folks who who are right who well it let's put it this way so your boss comes up to you and you said hey boss how did I do what do you think about the job I did I'm really proud of what I did and the boss says you want to know the truth and the boy and you said yeah I want to know the truth does you think you did a great job so you have a belief system I believe I did a good job and the bus says that was the worst job I've ever seen your report was uh had all kinds of spelling errors it didn't make any sense you were back and forth on the conversation and you're like wow and so instead of being mad at yourself for doing a poor job and accepting what the boss tells you well that boss is a jerk he's does nothing but criticizes me all the time he's a hard you know a whatever and so and that is called cognitive dissident and so when you can accept the truth and better yourself based on that information then you know it well it's good it's better for you how many days did it take before she felt better yeah it took a whole week which is I because the webpages said you know two to four days or two to three days or something like that and it took her a long time when it took me a long time to of course my symptoms work near severe sirs I think this is one of the more fun life each you've done well that's because there's not so many people in here I don't have to keep up the buffering is funny oh that's not good get your water from the bottom of the canyon all you need is a bucket and long rope yeah well the river is about ten miles that way and about 8,000 feet down some people can't handle the truth and you know that's exactly what I thought Casey when when I was reading about this was that movie you can't handle the truth I don't want I don't think the buffering in on your end I was buffering on the laptop but not the phone oh well thank you Harry I do appreciate that I mean I I don't know what else I could have done I mean I checked the speeds and the speeds were blazing fast which usually at this time of the day they're always pretty fast so I was pretty confident I got the Wi-Fi I got the jet packs on the outside of the camper and it's all the way up so I got an you know way up in the air with a good signal how many days did it take you again like I said my symptoms weren't near as bad I get up in the morning take a couple time another I'd be fine but I would I did that for about a week yeah with me I really love my sleep sleep is very important to me I'd only get about six hours as it is and but the I wasn't sleep and that was my biggest problem for about a week well I actually that's not true I stopped sleeping well about three-four for about three weeks yeah because I started sleeping poorly in in New Mexico and I kept attributing it to the the dust but now that I'm aware of the elevation sickness I'm pretty sure I'm pretty sure that the that was the elevation I'm sorry I read the next comment everybody wants the truth until you tell them something they don't like yeah yep yep yeah yeah when I did that video on the heat when we were in Shonto I did a video a few days ago on the heat and and then a long time since you were from Facebook he was pretty upset with me in the other lesson last night when I said that it's gonna cost us about a thousand dollars more being in Arizona than it isn't on the east side and well he was upset I coy he's here he can vouch for that I thought that was a social path well such path is a mental disorder cognitive dissonance it can happen to anybody it's always it's not a mental disorder but cognitive dissident can cause mental illness it can cause depression because you have a belief system yeah one of the examples they gave is okay I want to go out to eat but I don't want to get drunk okay so you have three options and this is how a person's bring would and this is a silly silly example well so I'm gonna go out and I'm gonna I don't want to get drunk and I'm not gonna I'm gonna order water denied okay that's great that's that's that's realizing the truth the second person may say I don't want to get drunk tonight some want to wear a t-shirt what and these are the kind of responses I get back it would be silly like ridiculous responses and the third person will say I don't want to get drunk tonight but I'm gonna drink more and and so it's just the belief system yeah well weird sense of humor as a matter of fact you are in fact factually fact that was plain lost you buddy not even a good picture uh-oh slapstick movie howdy from Oregon hello tez took a train to the top of the Pikes Peak and it was very disorienting dizzy yeah I was just over there did a video yeah sure you saw I mean I understand that yeah it's behind me and as long as I didn't think about it I was okay soon as I thought about it I would have to grab the round and make sure I was okay I'm safe I'd rather know the truth I'm getting ready to go full-time and want to know what I'll be dealing with well I don't know Kasich Oh what's her name little redhead girl ah she's got a YouTube channel is their name Casey anyway she just did a video on it being hot she says she thought she'd go to the north and and it would be cooler up there but now it's real hot well I mean you should have seen the feedback on that boy uh a lot of people thinks well yeah why don't you if you're gonna complain why even do it well you know it's not complaining it's explaining even at the end of the video she said she said so when you when you build your van keep in mind if you don't want to go in your hand you may want to reconsider the design and it was a really good advice great view and I enjoy the channel have not been watching oh well thank you very much grumpy old troll I always worry what the troll in the name but welcome to the house on the road family and welcome to live feed interfering with my BOB watching lol good to see Bob changed his time see he he I don't know I I think he did that on purpose i Wednesday on my time and you know I almost want to email him and ask him if he'd reconsider but I may have to move because the numbers just aren't adding up anymore I think Bob you're right I think Bob's taking a lot of viewers BBJ SC I can't take the train up to Pikes Peak without getting they'll I think out the to Sigma is worse for women especially if they tend to not actually I read on this and it it's Casey Roman thank you Briar Rose that's that's awesome it affects everybody equally I mean it doesn't discriminate I mean some people may do better than others but it's not a male-female thing as a matter of fact athletes will probably do worse up here then then people who are out of shape younger people actually do worse than older people but older people need to worry about having a heart attack up here because they're breathing more it's just all over the place is that why I wear a t-shirt to dinner Casey Roman yeah no offense is this is is that grant can you behind you or painting yeah that's the Grand Canyon can't do green screen alive live streams yeah but that's why I mean you're not the first person who thinks that I'm not really here a lot of people have accused me of having a green screen on this I mean I could pick it up and show you you see it's there is there I just made everybody sick but that's that's the real thing it's hot in most of the u.s. right now I think Sunday wasn't getting him enough viewers well he's really taking them away from me though I test this thumbs up sup aw let's see good evening I bet it's expensive were there where you're camping no it's free here well yeah everything's expensive but we're camping it's free we're in the National Forest 76 today yeah it's 77 here Taz Wow that's a grand king you did I think it was a green-screen boy I think difficult breathing altitude sickness and heart attack possibly possibilities if I go to the green cane is Bob still on is that what the deal is cause he's supposed to be off 21 minutes ago but he's been running over the last few weeks uh you know I might have to remove my life for you get away from Bob I never stopped watching you me and my wife love you can well thank you very much I really do appreciate that let's see real is your color not green yeah no clue don't watching do you have a drink do you have to drink a lot of water to help you with that yes yes yes as a matter of fact what they recommend is uh hey gun working good to see you and thank you very much that you appreciate that maybe I'll start getting some numbers now doubtful because the notifications already went out uh yeah you're supposed to drink double the amount of water because actually every time you exhale you you release moisture from your body and since you're breathing heavier out here you breathe more because you got less oxygen going into your body you you just fell you release twice as much oxygen with the grass and the bushes blowing around you behind you I'm pretty sure is he he's not drinking it yeah well I mean I'm actually surprised how many people were very upset that I lied to him that you know they all said it was a green screen I don't have the capability on my editor to do green screen even if I knew how I don't know how to do green screen so yeah I it was you know you just can't ever make anybody happy I here's what's really funny so for two years everybody kept telling me come out here as long to come out there so to come out the Arizona so I finally come out to Arizona and everybody selling me come out east come out east come out east well I just spent two years in the east you all told me to come out of the West uh yep altitude and heat both require more water well it's not hot here up here it's not hot as a matter of fact you got that on the 36 degrees the other night at 77 degrees now I think the hottest that's gotten is 85 with when you're in the shade you'll see all right to put on a sweatshirt now the problem is the Sun the Sun you walk out in the Sun and they'll a french fry another cookie in six minutes so up here in the altitude it really gets the Sun really gets dangerous it's cold at night there yeah yeah yeah yeah nice breeze there today well that's down like Wendy uh I mean it was shaking a camper last night kind of frightening actually you know you wake up to this love I saw a dust devil yesterday and boy those things are kind of wicked so Harry I don't think we've seen these numbers since uh what before the pop up camper fire these are terrible numbers Harry you're my you're my number guy vagabond whoa seriously don't worry about Bob well no I'm not worried about Bob but he I do I have seen the notice philippe de god decline in my life eve number since she started wednesdays so and it was just funny how he decided to do live feeds right at the time I do live feeds let's see one beer they're equals four on the lower elevations yeah I don't know I mean I don't drink so if you slide your time to 7:30 would that help yeah you know I'm thinking that's what I'm gonna have to do but of course I'm gonna have to put out a notification and let anybody know that and I bet I might do that next week the other problem is is is well I guess I'm thirty wouldn't be so bad see when I'm over here it's for clients for thirty right now and so the internet if I go to five thirty if I go to 5:00 5:30 at five o'clock thing that slows down because that's when rush hour is so everybody over there on the highway 200 you believe that's the highway is like you've got to go around 200 miles anyway and I'm being silly so the tower is going to be used by more people so the Internet's going to slow down so I got to figure all this out yes it's hot if it feels like the tips are supposed to be 115 the next few days particularly in Northeast in the midwest yeah I mean I mean I'm watching what's that I don't know Greg three videos three videos that's all she's got the only thing I can think of she bought viewers its he'll you're not supposed to do it YouTube if she gets caught doing that she'll lose her channel but if she has bought views is the only thing I can think three videos and she's got 835 subs her set of third videos got 4.4 million views and I didn't see anything that great about it I mean I did so I went to the trending area of YouTube and her videos are not trending and with 4.4 million views it should be trending so I think that and if you go down in the comments a lot of people said subscribe subscribe subscribed which tells me that somebody you know a company sent out email to people who participate what it is is when you buy views these companies hire people and they get like a few cents per view you know it's not a lot and so these people will watch her video and so I'm sure the company sent out the email said make sure you tell her that she says you subscribe you know I'm down to blow my suspicions I've seen this before and when YouTube catches it they'll take all those views and subscribers away sorry miss Kents and plums yeah oh boy that sounds great conspiracy I think I saw it NASA can't remain behind I might build me a truck camper kind of like yours I bet I can build it for less than a thousand have a 150 truck well ours only cost $550 well we put Lou we put the coroplast on it so if you want to add the coroplast we put that out on a year later yeah what was that was another two hundred bucks I think we're up to about $750 hello can't make everyone happy don't even try oh no I can't you're going to have to stop listening to everyone aren't you about what I think I mean I don't listen to me very many people I I really have gotten away just you know ignoring the trolls and blocking them and that kind of thing hey Stephanie good to see you I want a curved roof though we have problems with the zones Bob's life time is probably worked into his schedule for helping with his mom I shouldn't laugh patty but man that was good yeah it's you know the only no man that lives in a house a lot of people have noticed that my favorite place what's up with a certain names being highlighted in blue with the wrench well they're they're moderators they they watch out for the bad people to come in and like to cuss me out and see what I do is I just sit here and I read the screen and I just scroll and read and read and I don't pay attention to what I'm reading and so a lot of times I'll read bad words or racist words without even thinking about what I'm reading and then YouTube will de monetize the video or give me a strike and so my moderators keep me from doing that we're lucky enough to have a chopping livestreams I'm gonna process this is simplifying my life I'm concerned about all the dogs that run around for my mailman because of all the owners saved my dogs is good and won't bother you yeah there's dogs all the time out here Carol is not a big fan of dogs so the bigger the AAR is she just I'm always worried she's gonna say something to somebody when these days can you explain why they had a problem with you paying for a day use in getting water I do this all the time at L 11 mile state with no issues so guess rules aren't consistent no they're not consistent no no there's not a consistent rule in a national force throughout the country that's a given but I did look it up what it is is they haul water up here because there's no Wells up here there's no water so they have to haul it up here so the day you area and the campground it says right on the webpage daily use only meaning you can't fill your tanks and so even if you pay the $20 to go save the campground they don't have water hookups at your campsite you have to go over and get a bucket of water from the faucet in front of the the bathroom the so-so so it's right in the rules the problem with the rules is is that what they need to be maybe all the rules and all the National Forest websites need to be more clear instead of saying two weeks see sometimes they'll say two weeks in the National Forest sometimes they'll say two weeks in the campground well then they get it where they blur all the lines and I'll say two weeks well does that mean in the National Forest does that mean the campground it's never clear and so yeah it's never consistent and they do that so they I think they can change things based on what's going on well I said two weeks that meant two weeks in the National Forest you've been out here causing all kinds of trouble get out for you know a month so but yeah I mean in this case I just misread and misunderstood you know daily use only I didn't read that correctly when I got up here but yeah even in South Dakota I was able to buy water today you sir well I was able to get I was able to do the day use area for five bucks and get water hey William good to see you did you treat lumber when you build your camper did you use no no no no I only use two by twos I tried to keep a light my camper is only 250 pounds a very light camper used luon no I like my trucks only a four-cylinder it's great to see you laughs okay yes I like that so the water will stand on the roof oh you'll never have a problem with that fungus you're never that level trust me you're never that level as level as I've tried I mean besides that even the frame of the truck twists around so if you try to level it it's going to twist I've never gotten it so leveled that the water stays in one spot never had a problem with it as a matter of fact like I said I collected water – the other day I just put the the buckets right underneath the side of it you know on the wall you know right underneath the wall of the camper water rolls right off the truck and onto the the other thing I do is I always try to lean the truck so our feet are on the downhill side so our heads let's say are on this side of the bed of the truck I always try to lean the truck like that but yeah I'd rather group isn't necessary besides that if you round it you're gonna get more drag and you really want to eliminate drag because I mean it's just a big tight up in the air but I'm not telling you how to build it I'm just saying what I have experienced I'm sorry ah Rich's hit trolls with their riches yeah awesome thank you for answering that I had no idea you're welcome I forget what I answer but you're more than welcome glad I could help bear spray for dogs yeah their owners would love that wouldn't they my dog is a 90 pounder and love gals yeah Caroline wouldn't like that too much it definitely worked on them what does it mean asks for forgiveness rather than ask for permission in the camping world I hear that all time what does it mean to ask for forgiveness ready you're trying to cause problems for me aren't you yeah there are youtubers out there who say just go do something and if you get caught and it's not what you're supposed to be doing just say oh I'm sorry I didn't know well I'm not that way I asked for permission I'll make sure I know what the rules are for example people will take water from the strangest places they will go into museums and everything and it's clearly clearly the water was not intended for that use and so instead of asking they just take it and then it says someone comes around say hey take that water all I'm sorry you know what you want me to do give it back and so they still get the water and they walk away problem with that was that you stated your intentions no no see there that that's exactly what I was just talking about I of course stated my intentions because I have no wishes to violate rules I just I don't I don't want to violate rules I don't want I don't want the nomadic life to be shut down because people rather ask for permission than to ask for forgiveness because nomads would ask for forgiveness instead of permission I'm just the opposite I'm not going to to look it was a clear violation of the rules one not clear violation it was a violation of the rules what if I'd have decided to pay the day use fee fill in my buckets and then the Ranger come over and and give me a ticket you're not supposed to take the water it's in the rulebook well then I just paid you know five hundred dollars for 40 gallons of water and it's not like I could have had what I was doing the the campsite host was just right next door to the water spigot cognitive dissonance not a psychological state to have any consistent thoughts yeah that's exactly what I said my video yep that's exactly beliefs or attitudes especially relating to the behavior decisions and attitude changes yep exactly [Applause] no matter phonetic said the other day the state at one place not knowing if it was okay he said he will ask forgiveness rather than for me I if if I don't know if I can stay in the place I won't stay there I just won't and because because they just keep shutting more and more down I mean all you got to do is Google California homeless and you'll see you'll see it all over the place they want to shut it down our neighbors said they saw someone take water from our house wallet yeah see I hear about that all the time too are we real RV says I'm with you following the rules of voice trouble yeah yeah how much are the fines that that's the thing I'm not willing to pay the fine you know if I make an honest mistake and I do something I'm not supposed to do is an honest mistake you know I guess I'll have to pay the fine but if I know what the rules are I'm going to follow the rules if I know the speed limit is 55 I'm going to do 55 or less I've been that way for a very long time it just it's not worth it to me to go through the trouble of violating the rules when I know what the rules are I had this debate about a year ago probably on a live feed and it haunted me for about Oh two months people just got on to me about this but yeah I wonder how many people even plan like that and review the rules before they get there not many you know I based a lot of my videos on on the research that I do to find campgrounds there's tons of research to do it has taken me six months to find out that I can stay here for two weeks it has internet I thought I had water see there was an honest mistake I thought I had the ability to get water there's another campground just up the road that I could say so you know I've done a lot of research trying to understand if I can stay here what how far Walmart is well marks 122 great miles in one direction 130 miles in the other direction I had to let my bank know that I might be shopping at Walmart in Utah because there's that's my options I've researched the altitude of both locations because since there's basically the same distance which one is going to take more gas climbing hills so yeah just a lot of stuff I try to keep it under 100 yeah I've learned that from you Rob to do research not just as a free campsites not another one website but many many places for information yeah you have to free campsites net look like this camp got like this spot here it's a it's a boondocking spot it's not a campground if you if you look at the free campsites not net you can tell that you can stay here there's lots of reviews lots of people talk about it lots of pictures lot people saying it's got 4G Verizon lots of reviews but then you get in the one and you'll see one review says yes great it's got 4G and then you'll see one it says oh it's a pit and then you scratch your head so that's when you really got to start doing a lot of research is when you you don't know the definite answer but I there's no way I would have traveled all the way up here I mean think about this just to get from Chateau Arizona to here I think what was it I forget what it was but let's just say it's 250 miles I mean what are you gonna do if it's not what you think it is you know you don't have water you don't have internet you don't have anything you're not allowed to stay here what you can do turn around go back I mean it was an all-day trip to get here some of us are rule-followers and I feel better doing such in my work I will support all who follow policies and practices good for you for just don't see it any other way I mean I I hey I just it's I struggle with the thought of doing anything wrong because I know they're gonna shut it down I just know it Rob you're a good person people don't like people who rules and are not fun I agree and see that's the thing about the nomadic lifestyle I think that's why it's getting such a bad rap is people come out here expecting not to be 8 not having to follow the rules I'm free I can do whatever I want nobody can tell me what to do because I'm a nomad well you know we live in a civilized society and my society says no there's rules there's laws and you're gonna follow laws just like everybody else and now that we know about it we're gonna shut it down you know Gina on the road told me about two years ago now about a year ago back in the 70s there were a lot of people living in boats in marinas and different things boat docks they're living in their boats and it got real slummy and boats were sinking and the cities were having to pay to clean it up and pull these old Junkers out of there and became a homeless problem similar to what's happening to the RV nomadic lifestyle right now and basically all the cities just shut it down they said ok nobody can live in their boats in two marinas anymore and so that the lifestyle ended how many more years before you say I've been doing this for 40 years are tears yeah you know I just got that the other day what was it somebody said I've been here for a year and it's always 40 years I don't know why it is it's 40 years it's always 40 years it's never 30 years or 29 years or 39 years it's I've been doing this 40 years and then you read their their message and then you'll find six or seven holes in it yeah the one I remember the most is this guy says I've been doing it for 40 years and I can live out in the in nineteen degrees whether on 120 pound propane tank and I don't drink water I just drink soda and I use a mr. heater of portable buddy and I get water out of the stream and I use my those little water filters you buy at Walmart well I mean there's all kinds of holes with that well first of all if you're using a misreport you know mr. heater portable buddy you're going through a pound or twenty pounds of propane in about a week and a half so there's no way you want a month whatever he said waters frozen his soda has to be frozen you saw I mean it's just an the Brita oh that's what it was the Brita my Brenda water filter well Brita water filter is not going to filter out water in a stream it's just not that's right brother years I mean it's just it's a crazy how it's always forty years you know I mean why do they guys tell me how long they've been doing I've been doing it for years okay I've been doing it too and you know I feel like I've got some pretty good experience at this you know do you have a five-year plan well I do hope that in five years we're still doing this I don't see a indan near future of course our health may not hold up and we may just get tired of it but the five-year plan we're still do this the truck I actually nice now you kind of got me thinking I suspect the truck will last about another five years so we might in the five years you know that right after five years five or six years we might get a van we've talked about getting a van I Class C would be nice we'd like to have a Class C but they don't build them very well so you know a van we might build a van I don't know but I like the truck camper I really do it's it's I mean if if I want to change it I can literally just throw it off take the the core class off and burn it I can just burn it and build something else I saw and it was only 500 bucks 550 bucks uh do you have a forty year plan I got backup I've lost something here sounds like I walked to school three miles each way uphill both ways in the snow hopping from fence post to fence post a fist post because snow is so deep right I don't like breaking the rules because when I was a kid my dad and mom taught me better that's right do you have a 40 year plan okay Rob you work hard well thank you Benny I've learned more about boondocking dry camping than all of the other channels combined well thank you very much I do appreciate that I assume you met us I do appreciate it I mean well here's what happens is whatever happened today I'll try to make a video about you know yesterday I went for a hike and Caroline was getting concerned and so we we had a conversation about how she was worried about me and she wasn't sure what she would do so I made a video about it you know this is the reality I'm look for a hike and it made Caroline concerned she read an article about this woman who got lost in the woods on Facebook for two days so you know I just tell you what's going on and I try not to I mean you know I said try not to sugarcoat it that's not a true statement I just here's the information it's not sugar-coated or diluted it's just there it's just what it is hello Trisha I actually walked a high school eight miles one leg 0.8 yep you're about you're more valuable information on this channel about full time RV than any other channel for sure well thank you so much how's the core class holding up Oscar I'm telling the core class was the best idea I think Emma I mean it's just it's working up perfectly I may have to replace the roof one these days seven or you know seven years or so you know people say oh it's not gonna last more two years the roof would be the only thing that would give up and all's I got to do is rip it off lay another piece down and it's done and I think what does the piece cost ten dollars twenty let's say is twenty dollars so I mean I just replaced the roof every year for 20 bucks like I said I don't think the trucks gonna last more than five years so if the camper last five years at Corp last last five years then it's done its job it's fine now here's the one thing I have notes back for PLAs is on the roof it swells in the heat so I'm glad I didn't go it down because I blew but it just popped up so what it's doing is uh wherever I nailed it wherever I nailed it it just kind of expands around that nail and bubbles up and then in the evening time it cools back down so I siliconed everything and what's happening is as you can see it underneath the silicone the coroplast kind of moves around the nail you know I got those Ribbit's Ribbit's and it kind of moves around out of that nail and so it just glides around I mean it's working out perfectly better than I would expected I mean okay I didn't know that it was going to expand to contract but the Ribbit's is what I didn't expect to do so well because it you know they just move that coroplast just moves around that that rivet it does great right underneath the silicone good-evening bud you don't have to walkie-talkies no we have our phones but no not walkie talkie would take batteries and charging and electric yeah you see that's the thing is everything takes electric and you know you're just limited on everything you're limited on water your limit electric and limited on on food everything so no we and in space and wait you know what what what does a watch duck you ate a pound let's say there's two pounds there you know that's four or five cans of food two pounds of meat that's two meals no offense is that okay my grandpa always said that the walk to school barefoot in the snow yeah on fencepost do you have a hand-held walkie-talkie no no we sure don't but that's not the issue I mean the issue wasn't whether we could communicate we can communicate just fine but it's long story and I said it best in the video it's not about being able to communicate because I would text her and tell her I was that which I did the other day but she wanted to know which direction I'm heading and all those things I mean if I get hurt it doesn't matter if I have a walkie-talkie or a cell phone if I'm hurting I can't talk then you know then then she needs know where I'm at so she can get rescue helpers rescuer workers to us hello Harvey how are you doing very good to see you great information good to know I got a run all right Lisa talk to you later can your wife drive a stick-shift no should know she can't how often do you check we don't have a stick shift anyways we have an automatic how often do you check tire pressures do you carry smoke professor yes we do carry small too professor Ashley I made several videos about Alice having flat tires if you go back about four weeks you're gonna see that we had all kinds of flat tire issues but yes I have a air compressor and I check tire pressures before we leave our campsite so every time we start truck basically it's our gun start for two weeks I will check it out thanks in all our camping trips we've never made it to the Grand Canyon but we've got the capital Yulin volcano instead oh I forgot well we never made a hunter did we Harry bird 61 so I'm gonna start heading off a girl Linda Wow Linda Linda I'm seeing you in forever Wow good to see you Ben anyway I'm gonna jump off of here my throat is starting to get a little worn out so anyway I'll talk to you later and see you next week so thanks for watching click like you like video and happy travels uh good night real real RV and always been somewhere else it's a good night Harry good night no fences good night mom good night Oscar ok I gotta go my throat's done yeah I'm done good night Stephanie yeah talk to you tomorrow next week

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  1. Tim Donovan

    Hi Rob ! We've missed the last couple live feeds, but we always catch up within a couple days !
    Tim & Brenda in RI

  2. M.A. Enriquez

    Some people have oxygen low blood to begin with. There are times in the Midwest here, my doctor has told me this at a check up. I wonder if that could be why Carolyn suffered more than you did. She might have oxygen depletion normally. Thus, when going to high altitudes, she suffers more.

  3. lindilu

    Hi Rob and Carolyn! Been cooler than usual here lately with all the clouds and rains…highs in the 70's and lows in the 60's. Yesterday was the 2nd time since summer began that we reached 90 degrees and lows in the 70's. I wait until after church to watch the video, is why I'm not on the live feed with you all. Beautiful view, Rob. How is your water holding out? I hope all is well with you two. Tell Carolyn hello for me. Take care and God bless you two.


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