Steps To Take Before Meal Planning: Wait to The End for My Biggest Tip!!!

**Steps To Take Before Meal Planning: Wait to The End for My Biggest Tip!!!**



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hello everybody this is money mom welcome back to the channel I wanted to talk to you guys today about the steps we could take before we even begin meal planning there's a lot of fabulous meal planning videos out there that talk about organizational tips to help us meal plan there's all different ways to meal plan and what I wanted to talk to you guys about are the different ways and some little helpful tips to help you decide what may be the right method for you or you can make up your own method first of all some families shop once a month and if they do that they may do something where they do a batch cooking and they make freezer meals so that they have food for the entire month I think that sounds like a wonderful plan especially if you have a freezer where you can store and label these things also I've seen some families where they've got people in the household that work and they want to you know pack their lunches what they'll do is they'll take one day on the weekend and spend several hours and they'll cook everything for the entire week put in the refrigerator and labeling that's another way also some people don't enjoy cooking at all and may just do something very simple may have cereal or they may just have a sandwich and soup so everyone is different and you have to decide what works best for you I noticed when I started meal planning I would go over and do all sorts of elaborate tech means I'd make several different side dishes and I noticed that I really didn't even have to do that so some of the hints that I wanted to give you was number one whatever meal planning method you want to take and do for your family you can use some of these tips and maybe you're already using a number one keep a list of ingredients for maybe your family's five favorite meals so maybe taco salad is something your family has all the time or stuffed potatoes or stuffed peppers just giving you a couple examples so you may want to have some of these ingredients on hand or next time you make maybe lasagna one of your family's favorites maybe make two of them or maybe make one and take half of it and put it in a freezer label it and use it for another time that would be an example so maybe always have ingredients on hand for some of your staples number two the freezer and slow cooker are your friend and that's the one thing that I want to start doing more is if I make a meal and maybe I make a lot of something example chili for some reason when i make chili there is just always a lot next time i make it which won't be for a while since it's over 100 degrees here i'm going to plan on putting it in a container labeling it and keeping it in their freezer or possibly sharing it with a friend which brings me to number three sharing with the friend i've got two of my friends that we share food back and forth i tend to share the produce my friend recently her daughter-in-law made some delicious chicken and they brought him me over some and it was enough for my husband my daughter and myself so we share with each other that way you don't waste food number four keep it simple which I wasn't doing for a long time you guys know we don't need to look up close to this because you've seen my quote meal plan my meal plan used to be Monday have this and be a meal with all these different side dishes Tuesday have this now I put all the possibilities of meals up on the top and then the middle all the possibilities of side dishes then down here possibilities of a dessert of the these are ingredients I have in the house also possibilities of breakfast and then over here stuff I need to use so that's what I do this really does help make sure that we use everything in the house and this is my biggest tip you don't always have to cook especially if it's hot out I notice in my refrigerator I've got a lot of different things I've got like cold cuts and cheese in there you know cottage cheese also hummus crackers so say you didn't feel like cooking you're like you know I just don't feel like it it's 106 degrees outside who says you have to quote make a meal with meat and potatoes and a vegetable you could simply get out and have a hard-boiled egg some cottage cheese maybe a little yogurt hummus and crackers maybe some cantaloupe on the side and you can call that dinner there's nothing wrong with that no one says you have to have meat and potatoes that's kind of how I grew up with the meat and the potatoes or you know the goulashes but no one says you have to have that especially during the summer if you don't feel like cooking so you can do meal planning where it's super simple you can plan your things or you don't have to plan at all just keep some favorites along that everyone loves to eat that's the one thing that I do let me know below in the comments how do you meal plan how do you save money and give any tips that have been a deal changer for you in your life this is money mom signing off and as always I love you bye-bye

23 thoughts on “**Steps To Take Before Meal Planning: Wait to The End for My Biggest Tip!!!**

  1. Robin Ellison

    It's been hot here, so I eat food I don't have to cook. I try to buy food on sale and I can use the rice cooker. You are so nice, it's nice to have friends that you can share dinners with. You each can have a break from cooking and chat.

  2. Lolarose

    I’m learning sooo much from your videos! Thankyou so much for all your tips. I have a cupboard full of STUFF,

  3. Tanzy Thress

    That is such a good idea to make ahead for week. Helps me eat healthy instead of reaching for fast snacks. Wish I did it more.

  4. Lynn King357

    I love your tips! I absolutely love cooking! I cook what I'm inspired to. I need a good meal planning system to minimize time & food costs. I don't like leftovers, but my husband and daughter do for their lunches so I'm careful not to overcook too much. I also like your idea of a cold spread for supper of fridge items you don't have to cook. Especially when it's hot outside.

  5. Scott Dow

    What keeps me out of troubke, untill this weekend's trip, is I go to the store with $70 and go around gathering stuff fir suppers and if I have money in my lead left over, I can get smacks and soda. I start with $70 in my head and count down the price rounded to thd next dollar, untill I get to zero. I jyst don't know what happened thus weekend. I only had $51 this time and did my thing and seen the cash register go over my amount alliwed and still had things to cash out. Lucky it was just soda, ai think that 3 for deal hurt me. I was so imbaresed and trying to get the cashier to put it back but she wasn't understanding me or knew what to do. Then this nice woman behind me paid for one soda. I thanked her but felt really guilty about it.

  6. Sharon Salyer

    We have a side by side refrigerator. I was inspired by you to clean out the freezer side and use some of the contents in the last few meals. Thanks ☺. As a side note, a person might want to make a list of their frozen meals because if they're like me "out of sight, out of mind". Could be placed inside a cupboard door for easy access.

  7. Ellen's Abundant Life on Less

    I like your possibility list of potential meals. I'm someone who cooks and eats according to my mood. As long as I have lots of ingredients available I'm good.

  8. Nesa Dcruz

    My key to meal planning is firstly knowing our schedule , being organised in my shopping , knowing what stocks I have on hand and the possibilities for the month. Then I am able to specifically plan for each week. I love cooking and freezing too for lazy/ busy days. Am considering getting a chest or upright freezer as I right now only have my refrigerator freezers( we have 2 refrigerators).

  9. Melissa Shares

    Totally agree, Dawn! I primarily do weekly shopping for produce and perishables that are on sale and plan my meals from there. I’ll have a haul and meal planning video on this channel soon, featuring lots of tropical fruit we’ve been enjoying, including cactus fruit! Xoxo

  10. Carla Ries

    Nothing wrong with a quick soup and a toasted cheese sandwich for dinner. We had that last night. Vegetarian style. The weather is cool here. Different cheeses, hummus, crackers, veggie sticks, fruit and cold cuts on a platter would go down well too in a pinch any time, but I'd want a glass or two of wine to go with it LOL. <3

  11. Darla R.

    I don't do a lot of meal planning but keep ingredients on hand. Recently I got a small white board that I now write every fresh produce I have on hand. I erase as I use them up. This has reduced the amount of forgotten produce that gets lost in the fridge, thus reducing the waste.
    Also, since it just my husband & I, I often freeze half of the cooked meals as many recipes make too much and we can easily get tired of the leftovers after having it a couple of times.

  12. Ψ³Ω…Ψ± يوΨͺيوب


  13. Sunny Day

    I think the average American family eats the same 10 meals for fall/winter and another 10 meals in spring/summer. I thought this information interesting and makes meal planning so much easier for those folks.

  14. Lois Campbell

    You meal planner reminds me of the "mix and match" meal planners of the past. "Choose one from column 1, one from column 2 and one from column 3." That's what I tend to do though I don't need to write them down anymore. Haha If I have a couple of different vegetable leftovers (peas and mashed potatoes) from a meal like I did yesterday, I might cook a nice Angus burger to go with them the next night. I love leftovers.

  15. momof2

    Meal planning is great. And all that matters is that you have the ingredients on hand, and a well stocked pantry. For me, having a meal plan written out meant that I didn't have to think about it. Some days I didn't feel like making a certain dish, so I knew I could make another one since I had planned on the ingredients. When I had a home, a husband and two little ones to take care of, it was great not having to stick to any one thing. One thing I did do pretty much every day depending on the meal, was to start dinner in my crock pot in the morning. This made late afternoons into the evening so much easier on me. The children would be up from their naps and we would be outside playing while dinner was cooking, my husband would come home from work and we all had an easy late after noon, and easy meal time. Thank God for crock pots ! tfs πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’ BTW have you ever watched Kim from Free to Family? She has wonderful ideas. I haven't met her yet, but she lives here in AZ like I do. It's been around 111F here lately πŸ™‚

  16. mary k

    At work, I bring a lunch for a friend and one for myself. Then she brings a lunch for me the next day. My days are Monday and Tuesday and she has Wednesday and thursday. Fridays, we are on own own. Lunch is not complicated and mostly is a salad with a protein and a piece of fruit. You can't be too picky and we are honest with each other if we don't like something so it's not repeated. My go to lunch is to bbq 8 chicken thighs and a lunch is a salad with different veggies and maybe a different dressing or salsa each day with 2 thighs. Works out well for the both of us.

  17. Melissa Peltier

    I cook ahead. Like cook once but eat it three or four different ways. I will usually bake a bunch of potatoes and maybe roast a big chicken or make a pot of chili. Tonight we're having chili over baked potatoes and a simple salad. The crockpot is wonderful in the summer! We make sure to have a leftover night every week too.

  18. Joyce

    Hi Dawn, This is one thing I do about meal planning. When I make Chili or any kind of soup I make a triple batch and freeze them in Quart canning jars. When we want whatever is froze again I just have to unthaw a quart of it. Sure saves cooking so much. Also, I make my lasagna in my crockpot which saves heating the oven in the summertime or anytime.

  19. Gloria Peel

    I check freezer and pantry! Some weeks I don’t have to shop much. I check all the weekly flyers and only buy what I need to stock up and veggie and dairy.

  20. Kathy

    I like to plan meals that have a few common ingredients. That way you can mix/match and have them different ways but you don’t feel like you are eating the same thing all week. I also love to freeze leftovers. Just be sure to label and rotate freezer items as well so they don’t get lost in there and get that freezer taste to them. 😊


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