Slash Your Medical Bills | Financial

**Slash Your Medical Bills | Financial**



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Money expert Jean Chatzky shares tips to help you slash your healthcare related costs, handle excessive medical bills, and negotiate to save money.


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Slash Your Medical Bills | Financial | AARP

hi i'm jean chatzky AARP financial ambassador today's topic slash your medical bills here are four ways to begin don't be embarrassed to ask for a cheaper alternative the way to do that talk to your doctor or pharmacist and you can't be shy in researching the story I found more doctors and pharmacists are used to having these cost conversations now because healthcare costs are so high find a less expensive healthcare provider for services that you need but aren't covered under Medicare like dental eyeglasses or hearing aids you might need to take some time to shop around online for the best rates but doing this research is far better than not having any coverage at all if you need new glasses or a hearing aid immediately Kokoschka they have an entire optical department and a hearing aid center negotiate your bills in the article I mentioned healthcare blue book as a resource you can use to compare costs of coverage use it as ammunition to negotiate as I always say if you don't ask the answer will always be no consider using mail order for your medications ordering drugs through the mail can save upwards of 50% the mail order company is tied to either your Part D plan or Medicare Advantage if you sign up for a plan they'll send you the information and want you to move to mail order some mail order companies also provide coupons so keep an eye out for those as well that's it for now the question I have for you is how do you save money on medical expenses please share your thoughts and ideas here in the comments section below look for my next article in AARP the magazine and check back here for more YouTube videos you

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