Simple Luxuries // a week in the life of a Minimalist

**Simple Luxuries // a week in the life of a Minimalist**



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This week I will pamper myself with simple pleasures and lots of ASMR

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I really Hope you enjoy this vlog!

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37 thoughts on “**Simple Luxuries // a week in the life of a Minimalist**

  1. Simple Victoria

    Hi friends! As you might have noticed, this is a slightly different video style from what I usually do (I just felt like trying something new haha). Would love to know if you liked it and want me to make more videos like this. Also, you can check out Simple Victoria’s instagram account for some calm pictures and little details about my everyday life. Here is the link to it

  2. aerofrench

    I love when girls do a self haircut very short with long hair. So sexy.
    How do you feels before to do this?

  3. A. Dea

    This video is well put together. It's so calming, so nice to end my day with such relaxing video. Oh could you please give the recipe of the cheesecake? It looks incredibly goooood 💗 ps. Wow such a wonderful gesture. It's so inspiring, I had some doubts about cutting my hair off and donating it. You make me want to do it. Thank you <3

  4. Gunjan Bansal

    This video is a masterpiece on so many levels…while watching the video, at so many instances, i was thinking how beautifully you have conceptualized it.

  5. Chloe9 Chloe9

    Hey girl! Watching this video and can’t help but tell you is what it seems like your searching for is Jesus Christ! I want you to know that he loves you and wants you to be his. I hope that you will go to him. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Love you and hope you do well!

  6. Maritza Galvan

    I thought you were hispanic because of the spanish writing on the books etc…

    Im obsessed with your channel btw I randomly came upon it… im a mom hahahaha im from Mexico but live in Texas with my husband and children… And your entire video gave me this total relaxation… Ill be seeing me more often in this chanel… Lifestyle worth pursuing 💕

  7. Fio Re

    This is so beautiful I cried. Guerrin seems like a nice place btw♡♡thank you so much for this video♡♡


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