Sick Bearded Dragon?  Could THIS Video Save You Big Money & Needless Worry?

**Sick Bearded Dragon? Could THIS Video Save You Big Money & Needless Worry?**



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Yesterday before I went to work, Rocky our bearded dragon looked sick enough to make me call local vets in my area, but because it was a Sunday, none of them that took reptiles were open. I show you in this video how I perked Rocky up quickly and easily!
hello everybody this is Zack steer 99 yesterday we noticed uh rocky I notice rocky was just not acting like himself but almost seemed like he's sick and didn't really know what to do for him and I'll show you what perk him up right after this so welcome back everybody what I noticed rocky just not acting like himself I really thought he was sick I even called a vet but no vets were open near me on a Sunday that would take a bearded dragon a look at him so I decided to finally go ahead and try to pick him up to see if you know he showed any kind of irritation by puffing out his beard or anything and all I did was actually sat down with him and laid him on my chest it had been a few days since I've actually gave me any love and pet him and you can see here within seconds after picking him up he was already showing that he was a lot more alert seemed a lot more happy you can see his eyes kind of came to life and I was able to actually use his favorite spot to pet him here with my thumb right here right by his where his ear hole is to pet him and he always goes to sleep when I do that he loves that so you know maybe try your bearded dragon if he's kind of acted down or you know has his face down or his head down looking down and sad or sick or whatever maybe just try taking him out and giving them a little bit of love that sure worked for rocky yesterday and you can see that he was loving the attention that I was given and right before I had to go to work even started going to sleep here so you know sometimes it always doesn't take a vet call all it takes is a little bit of TLC tender love Kendal's tendered and of and care you know that's really all it takes a lot of times for any of your pets will there be a bearded dragon your dog or cat I mean your dog can be down and kind of looking sad give him a little bit of love that's all it takes and here you can see rocky would just love in the attention that I was giving him even though I only had a few minutes before I had to go to work just giving him a little bit of TLC definitely perk him right up I had to put him back in his cage but you can see here I was like okay time to give YouTube some TLC back so I was like here you go Rocky I was talking to him and everything like that and then I was like all right guess the camera ah so there's Rocky's love for all you guys wha that laughing rocky I don't think was mining too much but definitely a nice close-up shot of his face in his eyes there so hopefully this helps you guys out if you ever see your bearded dragon looks like they're counted down and sick or whatever maybe all it takes rather than an expensive vet visit it's just a little bit of TLC and I asked my wife later and she said he was alert and looked you know had his head up and look fine the rest of the night after that so and you can see here he looks a lot better just from maybe three minutes of TLC petting him and and giving a little bit of love that's all it took so anyway signing offers x to 99 good luck with your bearded dragon be sure you put comment down below be sure you subscribe be sure you rate my video thanks everybody take care we'll see you the next one you

41 thoughts on “**Sick Bearded Dragon? Could THIS Video Save You Big Money & Needless Worry?**

  1. Zaxtor99

    BEFORE YOU COMMENT ASKING ME TO SOMEHOW MAGICALLY HEAL YOUR BEARDED DRAGON ONLINE: Guys, I am sorry but just because I post videos of my bearded dragon doesn't make me some magical online reptile vet. CALL YOUR LOCAL
    REPTILE VET if you seriously think your pet is sick or injured to that degree! What the heck I am going to do for you??!?

    I don't mind comments about your bearded dragons here, but far too many of the comments on this video are from people who seem to somehow believe or expect that I can say "Abra Cadabra" and heal your pet. Even if I was a reptile pet or expert, which I am not.. Telling me in words or screaming at me in all caps in a comment isn't going to give me nearly enough information about your pet people. If you are really concerned about your bearded dragons, find and call your local reptile pet! All the best!

  2. Leah Sudduth

    My bearded dragon is really cold even when he’s under his heat lamp, he doesn’t move around and he’s always sleeping. He’s also avoiding his food. Help??

  3. Leanne Booth

    One of my beardies loves snuggles. She will put her face under my chin and snuggle into my neck 😂 my other one is a little shit and just wants to climb on my head 🙄

  4. Arran Whitaker

    I know there is not much chance of someone replying but I give my beardie everything needed water, lamps, veggies, calcium, locusts and i take her out everyday but in the past few months she has stopped eating pretty much and eats like once a week, she never moves, always has her eyes closed and has lost almost all muscle and when she does move she can't really lift her head and she is looking quite malnourished but gets water and everything and still has a chubby belly someone pls help me im looking everywhere and i'm pretty sure it's not brumation as its the end of march.

  5. Clutontalks

    Yeah my beardie looked down and stressed and I just picked him up dryer to feed him but he wouldn't eat, I just sat for half an hour and he amideatly started acting way more active and he finally eat those eggs

  6. firstname lastname

    I have an old one. Mines name is Rockwell. He's always watching me. That's how mine got his name . I love my beardie

  7. Judith Bebbington

    Hate it when people say they don't feel love of course they do they are lovely pets and love attention and being held

  8. Mr.fussy

    Long long time ago I was taking care of my aunts pet I was 6. It was a lizard his name was rex. I only had him for 2 years but he was not feeling well me and my mom did not know what was wrong but me and my mom told my aunt what wrong about rex we took him to a vet the vet said she is a gril we all was surprised I thought she was a boy so as my aunt and my mom. Then few months later rex died I was very sad me and my mom did not took care of it good we tried to give her food she was still sick. Know 8 years later me and my mom started talking we shoud get a pet I was hoping for a pet dog but my mom said she want a lizard and I was happy. It was December 9 and we got a pet lizard and we bought everything for him we name him CK . Me and my mom thought it was a good name for him 2 days later CK was not eating or drinking water I don't know what to do he been laying on his log all day. I juts hope noting bad happens me and my mom tried feeding him he won't eat his worms. We tried giveing him carrots he won't even eat at all I don't want to lose another pet again 🙁

  9. Smokey Dopey

    I just got my bearded dragon and he hasn’t been moving around a lot and his eyes have been closed for the majority of the day and not in that upright, alert position (he’s a 2-3 weeks old)

  10. Selena Vue

    Honestly this is the truth! I just did this to my beardie yesterday and he just laid his head on my shoulder while I pet his back and he fell asleep. So I definitely need to spend more time with him 🙂 glad I got to this video because he was acting down too.

  11. nik boyd

    Help my beardie i thrashing like crazy and she’s shifting herself and throwing up she looks like she’s in terrible pain

  12. Flamingo Vlogs

    mine is doing the same, but mine is little, check out my vlog on him, i'm worried because my little guy looks like he is about to die 🙁

  13. Eeasy GamerTV

    My bearded dragon has been laying down with eyes closed for like 2-3 days now and I think she may have just been sick. Thanks for the vid.

  14. Dalton Mangum

    I loved this video and it helped me figure out what was wrong with my bearded dragon and he is more alive than ever thank you and I hope you make more videos like this

  15. Zoe Enokian

    My bearded dragon has had goopy eyes and one seems swollen. He won’t poop. He’s always been chubby but rn he’s very very obese. Normally I would give him a warm bath but he won’t poop and he’s always tired

  16. batman 420 92

    My beardie wont stop heaving and puking and i gave her some love and shes not doing any better ur a dick

  17. Rossdogg

    Yo dude am not trolling you too much here but you rang the vet before even picking the fella up your self so ya no…

  18. Dandelion

    Mine does have diarrhea for a few days now but i haven't giave him insects for a month i heard about parasites so i thought to wait a little (he is 3 years old) so he ate greens everyday and he eats it all with calcium and vitamine(not mixed) Yesterday his poop was really realy soft there were like a few pieces of zuchini and the rest was brown liquid, is he sick ? i will contact the vet soon tho !

  19. Captian Cas

    Uh I don’t think Bearded Dragons require physical affection like dogs do lol, they more just tolerate it

  20. RRK25

    What would you do for a baby that is in bad shape? I basically have the same situation (kinda) it's Sunday and I'm taking home a small lethargic baby dragon

    The beauty of it is that I work at the facility LOL I have been able to give it around the care most of the week (I'm new) hand feeding it small insects, organic baby food and water in small portions three times a day

    I can't say no to a potentially dying animal and it was in such bad shape that the pattern on its body wasn't really there till I started trying to work with it and little babe wouldn't move or do anything but sleep and the other workers commented on how it wouldn't eat and how lifeless it seemed

    My little nugget (I'm calling it that) seems to be getting a little stronger each day (slowly) I have hopes that it can be saved because it's responding to feedings and is trying to do new things each day it didn't seem to be doing all last week

    I'm proud of it honestly it's a fighter it's just that I couldn't take it home till today and I plan on seeking a vet (it won't open one if it's eyes unless it's nervous) but I'm worried that's not something ill be able to do today it wants to live and hasn't given up yet so if I don't try I'll literally hate myself (of course I have allot animals from similar situations)

    Is there anything extra I can do for it till I can make a bet appointment and yes nugget loves the cuddles and attention from being handled and I should note that this baby beardie is the only reptile there not doing well

    If you have any advice that would be wonderful I'm sure nugget would appreciate it

  21. Groovy Kidhere

    Thank you my bearded dragon was acting like that and I’m going to try it thank you so much your a life changer I like you so I subscribed!

  22. French NotToast

    My beardies back is stuck in a curved position, i just noticed when i straighten her back she curves it again like its sore or something i dont know what to do?! she probably fell in the cage or something.

  23. {Synergy} Sushi

    My baby beardie won’t lift its head and won’t eat anything he also did not drink water
    Please help me as soon as possibke

  24. _ツ_Lortax

    Is it normal that when my bearded dragon was shedding his old skin off,his head is kinda yellow at some spots even though his originally like the brownish light brownish color? Please tell me if it is/not


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