September 2019 Beers & Budgeting | It Sure Felt Like We Blew the Budget

**September 2019 Beers & Budgeting | It Sure Felt Like We Blew the Budget**



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September felt like a whirlwind of expenses. We crack open a very tasty Spanish lager from our friend, Alejandro Luengo, and pour over the numbers from September’s budget. Spoiler alert: it was a work hard / play hard month!

August 2019 Beers & Budgeting | Better Late Than Never:

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it's hot it's sweltering so we decided to do beers and budgeting with no pants because that Hey hey guys it's Justine with debt-free Millennials and this is my husband Kyle hello and welcome back to another episode of beers and budgeting we are going over our September budget and holy cow the first thing I have to say about the September budget is that electricity bill wasn't saying I mentioned this on my Instagram stories last week that we had a record high energy bill more or less Momo's buyer beware situations we'll get into stay tuned alright we need a cool off yeah that's a good idea what a better way to do with the 7 days huh unless that vase as her sisters friend and our friend consequently he's a cool guy came back from Spain again and he brought us more beer because he watches our peers of budgeting videos so we're gonna feature the beer that he brought us it's called lager him or at the virgin if I'm seeing that wrong someone let me know I'm not sure how to pronounce that in Spanish 13 yank anyways that's a lager it's kind of cool it has a black top line which I've never seen before it's a really pretty can yeah so we're gonna drink it straight out of the camera yep and the greatest part is that it's also Chiefs football day and these are a great cheese colors I happen to match my outfit to the beer cane oh me too Travis Kelce you know what's up yeah no cheers good Cheers frothy I like it yeah it's kind of tart almost yeah it's not a usual lager it's a little tart but it has the lager finish yeah I wish get a lot yeah I like it the spanners know how to deal with the heat and it's very hot here we're not running our a/c right now because of our electricity bill last month so basically what it came down to is we forgot that San Diego does peak hours so they charge you more when people are home more often so peak hours in San Diego on the weekdays are from 4:00 to 9:00 and on the weekends it starts after two o'clock so if we do all of our chores or do some things before or after those time periods then we save a lot of money that includes running the air conditioner so right now it's what 2:30 so we are not running our a/c and it's hot and it's hot so we don't wear pants because it's just us now yep my sister moved out we got our own place it's pretty cool great neighborhood and now we get to walk around with no paints no pants okay should we go ahead and just jump into September yeah we got I can burn through this to them hot yeah me too all right I see two thousand dollar surplus holy cow yeah so I got to pay myself a bigger paycheck in September because I had more work come through which is really awesome nice work deserves and Cheers perks of being self-employed so I had a really good month for August and then I paid myself that those those funds in September so we do have a surplus but we typically are forecasting seventy five hundred dollars in income but we had almost close to ten for September which is great so we get to make some choices I also brought in an extra thousand dollars this month from overtime so it was good too yeah yeah big not okay the biggest thing well for September our electricity bill was 138 and you know electricity you pay retro actively for the month the previous so that was August energy bill the one that we're talking about what we won't pay until October and that's two hundred and twenty-six dollars for a 2-bed 2bath apartment in San Diego where the weather is always nice except it was hot and then you talked about the program super off-peak off-peak and on peak it just made me sick to my stomach comment below how much your energy bill was this month we can't be the only ones also a lot of people comment commented from Texas and they're like oh that's normal in Texas I was like screw that but their rents are probably a lot less cheap less more less expensive cheaper cheaper I'm having heat exhaustion okay anyway I see more red on there what happened to the groceries I know I was so bummed I've been doing so well on groceries so I primarily do the grocery shopping and I think it was a combination of we had our best friends out here for a weekend so we did pick up groceries for that and then we had my dad and his friend out and we kind of picked up a little bit more groceries for that I think that definitely so our our budget is 475 and ended up being 542 so what is that sixty seventy bucks extra and I think that time when you went to rouse to pick up more stuff for our friends it was like an $80 grocery grocery bill no no we picked that up and that's and I'm completely fine with that but it is convenient when your friends forget the credit cards we won't name names don't care at all I don't care at all either also alcohol we obviously spent more here but I didn't put it in red because we have kind of a sinking fund yeah we just have we set money aside for alcohol so that when weekend's come up like this we're able to to cover it works so backup to the mobile mobile they'll why are we $22 over the mobile bill okay so I need to update the forecasted from 78 to 100 dollars because that's what we talked about last month with the whole leasing fiasco which also I think we can call sprint now and ask them to take off that insurance part of the leasing thing god you remember that yeah part of the leasing terms was he needed to have three months of insurance coverage on his phone and that's $15 $20 a month so now we can take that off and they'll go back down a good thing to do if you have programs that require some weird extra part to it like that just immediately go into your I use Google calendars go in there and set yourself hold or reminder three months later that you can stop paying that I've done that for a few things this one I forgot luckily I got this thing here so thanks babe not your mommy but I also want to save money so it was on my mind we also had to pay our car insurance bill talked about that on Instagram too it went up so we were paying 384 ish no 386 376 we were paying 376 it's gone up to 398 but I've been using a tool called Gabby that compares car insurance quotes and supposedly we're still getting the best rate between that and our renters insurance which is due in October already paid that cool okay let's go down the fun section restaurants yeah it's not bad for having people over yeah for as much social activity as we had this past month yeah it looks like it was just a lot of kind of our standard stuff I think going to ballast point with our friends and covering dinner there was what put us over the top but not by much in 25 bucks holy worth it yeah great memories great experiences oh yeah totally uh our fun money I mean we went over on fun money because we had okay well there's not cheap book day-shift yeah and there was on the top my head wide open ocean it was pretty cool we had a grand a night and a late day I think now I think lies our lives we played between I yeah most a way to get way too cold yeah yeah I shouldn't session say okay it'll get a little chilly really to be on the yeah so we'll just deduct that money from our running total amount and then add in the to our won't get get to that for the October stuff okay shopping we were under not this month clothing we were under here you got a haircut everything else I got a good gifts budget going yeah we do misses right around the corner we do yep um Christmas and then I have a lot of birthdays coming up to including your own Glee my own yeah I'm excited and then here are our future future categories shall we go into that yes yeah we can get it we are nine hundred dollars away from hitting our downpayment goal of seventy thousand already yeah Wow feel like that didn't take that long to get there new okay we've got a good amount of vacation fund money set aside however we booked a lot of stuff for vacation which still needs to be transferred out we can get to that do you want to go over that yes oh my that's what my pause was earlier is like didn't we just drop like several thousand dollars on their plane tickets because we're gonna go on a cool European vacation it's gonna be awesome we are going to Europe he has an annual conference that moves around if you guys remember we went to Australia last November for his work conference I have a vlog on it I'll link to it in the description box below this year it's in England so we are going to England and then we are going to Amsterdam then we are going to Paris which has been on my bucket list forever I've been already said that'll be fun being there to see her reaction to it all the first time yeah and then we are going to visit friends in Vienna in Austria and so it's been really fun booking this trip because he gets his airfare and his hotel accommodations pay for while we're in Manchester then we also get our hotel and your airfare paid for when we go to Amsterdam because that's also part of a work trip so the outer pouch out-of-pocket costs are my flight and then the accommodations that we're doing outside of work and then transportation to get there however we used almost $900 worth of credit card points to book my airfare that's right nice work yeah so it pays to use the credit card points we use Chase Sapphire and that by far has the best rewards program of any other card if you don't have any credit card debt and you're interested in really really building up a point system the Chase Sapphire is definitely the way to go yeah with that okay so we did that in September we were also in DC I went to fincon and then I stayed behind an extra week because he had a work thing there and then we ended up kind of just eating out obviously the entire week and then with your per diem we only spent $130 to do that well that was worth it so worth it I love DC and then we had some leftover expenses from our trip to Chicago so in total we spent 36 7377 on vacation expenses which pretty damn well near wipes this vacation fund out Oh that hadn't been taken out of the vacation fund it oopsies yeah so we had some work to do okay and do you want to give us an update on stache and acorns yes all right acorns where we yeah it's gonna be down a market has been terrible that's not we are at one thousand five hundred and seventy three dollars and 21 cents okay where were we at for August oh yeah yeah the markets plummeted 1598 215 73 win it when we went down $20 yeah okay and I need stash the stash is fun I really like stash they say that every month one hundred and twenty dollars and 19 cents and we were at 114 dollars and 63 cents the previous month's but we contributed $21 yeah or $20 the whole market has been down so everything's gonna be down geez okay our Jeep Wrangler fund though is up because we have that money set aside in a high-yield savings account that pays one point nine percent interest that's with a lie you're interested just not there's no affiliates here I wish but a lie is awesome I highly suggest you check them out we're at forty four hundred dollars for a Wrangler and then my IRAs I think have stayed up yep hmm oh except for my Roth went down went from twenty-eight hundred thirty five to twenty thousand two hundred sixty-five but the traditional IRA went up and then the treat yourself fund is that 665 which I'm almost thinking we move the treat yourself into a lie because that's with our credit union and it doesn't pay Jack for an interest yeah it's like why not let's get the free money yeah no easy choice there you go mm-hmm okay that's September we both felt like we spent a lot of money in September so when I look back at it we did go over our monthly income by 700 Merc it looks like we went over our expenses versus our normal forecasted income but keep in mind the car insurance comes out of our sinking fund and so while it looks like we spent over what we normally bring in we didn't because that money comes out of your sinking fund if that makes sense you okay so for October we have this extra money I suggest we put it all towards vacation yeah without a doubt easy like easy yeah and then I already started kind of filling out October so I'm trying to think of any specialty things that are coming up my birthday which I don't really want to do a whole lot for I just kind of want to go to the beach yeah I'm not getting you a gift because we're going to Paris so that's her birthday gift yeah that's kind of what we do we give each other experience as well as I'm yes mm-hmm yes I like it um what else for October I mean your Esther's birthday my sister's birthday that's one my dad's birthday your dad's birthday your brother's birthday yeah yeah lots of people's birthdays in October well dad Simon says it's time to wrap it up okay Gaming is putting out a ton of body heat oh my god it's sweating I'm like literally sweating right now um we're gonna finish these beers we're gonna sit in front of a fan and watch football um this is this has been a good budget meeting it's a great budget meeting because we brought in like an extra two or three grand this month it makes it an easy talk you know easy discussion if it had been the other direction we would probably be drinking more because we need to yeah so we're lucky yeah so what's the moral of the story going into October being mindful of our expenses yeah as we take a European vacation I know yeah that's all right but everything is like a yin and yang because we're doing that European trip because your work is taking you there yeah it's like I've paid for if if if it was just us going on vacation that's easily a $10,000 trip out-of-pocket for two weeks visiting four countries yeah so we're doing it on a budget but I agree we're we're dropping mad money to do this experience but at the same time when you become debt-free this is what you want to be doing when you when you pay off debt when you don't have payments for anything else this is the kind of stuff that I want to be doing with that money absolutely I'm glad we're in agreement on that life's too short especially to be gizelle intense all the time yeah I steer beyond that cuz I'm not I'm not gizelle I am a zebra I have stamina but I'm not running fast distances zebra intense no no no no we'll figure out something else better to call that okay fine all right all right cool we love you guys we'll catch you in another video in october/november whenever we don't know we're hot

16 thoughts on “**September 2019 Beers & Budgeting | It Sure Felt Like We Blew the Budget**

  1. Katie Delight

    Usually for july-August in Texas, the electricity bill is easily three hundred. That is if you run it a lot.

  2. Brian Major

    I pay around 170.00 a month in Alabama to keep the air around the clock at 72 degrees. The thing that amazes me is what you pay for rent. To own a 1,300 sq. foot 3 bed 2 bath brick home I pay 700.00 a month with taxes and insurance included.

  3. Rishab Walia

    Just saw your content and subscribed to your channel

    Can you please answer my one simple question??

  4. dayna537

    our gas is always around 80 CAD and electric is usually the same however our water bill is 400 every three months

  5. Rick fox

    My electric was $38.81 and gas was about $35……it's a bit chilly in the central Oregon with highs around 60's and lows in 20's…..winter is coming ☺

  6. Next Page PJ

    I'm in Minnesota and pay electric for 3 places. Each bill: RV/Seasonal campground site- $20.77; 2 bed/2 bath apt- $22.47; My office- $20.26. Those were with the air conditioner running 24/7 on 'auto.' BUT! Tomorrow it's suppose to be a high of 30 degrees with snow, so I guess there are disadvantages to living here too. 😀 😉 -PJ

  7. Joy Smith

    I live in Texas, for our 3300 sq ft house our electricity bill was $325. It is what it is, its only during the summer months. It is cooling off now.

  8. April S

    $328 for electric !! All time high it's been over 90 days over 90 degrees in GA and with the humidity it's been a long summer. I think last Friday we saw our last day of 90 degrees fall weather is here this week!!

  9. Christina McKinnie

    $81.99 for an 800 square ft apartment in Memphis, TN, +$6 from the last month's bill. I work from home so I kept the ac on quite a bit. I don't pay for water though, so I think the amount is pretty good. When I want to save money, I go to the boyfriend's house and use up his electricity 😁😂

  10. Jackie Collins

    What a nice friend! No pants, what fun 😂 Its a good way to stay cool. You two have been working really hard and smart for your money. This month it was $92.00 which is on the higher end of electricity where we live. Reminders are great even if they are coming from your spouse 👫 beautiful travel plans 🌎


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