Scam Call: "Lower Credit Card Interest"

**Scam Call: "Lower Credit Card Interest"**



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Step 1: Give them the first 8 numbers of your credit card number.
Step 2: Give them the last 8 of a different credit card number.
Step 3: Argue with them.
Step 4: Rinse and repeat with another card.

36 thoughts on “**Scam Call: "Lower Credit Card Interest"**

  1. Rj Munna bhai Raja

    IAM also doing a work on call center we are not Scammers we going to work for those customers who want to pay 1 time fee of over sarvices and I have a lots of customers personal informations but we are not doing any wrong

  2. Craig Gleason

    Awesome, I can only get about 10 minutes average out of them.
    Then they say "Do you think I am stupid?!!!!!!"
    And I reply, "yes I do, because I just wasted 10 minutes of your time LOL LOL" CLICK!!!!

  3. nightjar

    When I go to give the # I instead blast a very loud whistle into the phone or I give the day before as the expiration date.

  4. Keith Yockey

    I told them I was looking for my card …. 5-10 min. later, I was getting frantic BC ( I told them) it was missing!
    Then I told them that THEY stole my card! They hung up when I kept yelling police Police POLICE 🙂

  5. cdcollura

    Oh my God… How satisfying this was to watch! What an idiot that scammer was – Wachovia and Washington Mutual aren't even in business anymore. I'll use this information the next time I get one of these calls and KEEP THEM on the phone for 25+ minutes too! Awesome 🙂

  6. Quincy Peabody

    I keep them on the phone until they ask me to get my credit card, then I keep them waiting for a while, then I put the phone close to the toilet and flush.

  7. Daulton Horton

    I had one today, as soon as he started talking I said I think your a scammer, tell me what my name and credit card number is!
    He just kept repeating what I said, then he just kept repeating
    "I'm wasting you time"
    I said no, I'm just sitting on a comfortable couch getting my oil changed I'm the one wasting your time…
    Then he hung up, I tried to call the number back but no one was answering, the number also appeared to be from my state but I know the little punk was from India!
    I think the FBI should start busting these little punks, when they catch them they should be brought to the United States to receive a brass knuckle ass kicking from U.S. citizens on live TV and then sent back to India on a make shift raft!

  8. Foreign User

    I used to work for one of these companies. I got really good at it and made a lot of money but it's been a long time and I feel bad about my past.

    This scammer is a shitty one, if anyone is interested. Most of the time it won't be this easy to know someone is trying to rip you off if they are good at the scam.

    This and email scams are the things you need to warn your grandparents about. BTW Antivirus software is virus software

  9. pitbullwinkle

    Please President Trump after all the smoke clears with the all crooks; please take these motherfuckers down. They are part of the cabals.

  10. pitbullwinkle

    Can't the law or FBI go after these scammers? Who are they really working for? The Globalist elite fleets ? I get these calls every morning without fail even on Sundays.

  11. Susan Tate

    Fantastic job of wasting all of that time on the phone. I hope that because of what you did someone else did not get scammed by them. I get that call a every once in a while and drag it out the best I can. Keep up the good work and yes you make a difference.

  12. Anthony G

    I get these about 7-8 times a week, sometimes twice a day. I love fucking with them, even telling them I have a good offer for them that I want to offer them lower interest rates. They will at times even become irate and then insult you back. I look forward to these calls M-F


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