Saving Money with Your Home Landscape

**Saving Money with Your Home Landscape**



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Here’s how the landscape outside your home can lower energy use and utility bills on the inside. From our sustainable landscapes series, see how smart tree placement and green roofs and walls dramatically improve energy efficiency. Learn more at
traditional suburban development has resulted in rows of single-family homes on large bear Lots with few trees these Lots exacerbate the energy inefficiency practices found within homes while homeowners can take simple low-cost steps to make the inside of their homes better insulated and more energy efficient few know that the landscape can be part of the solution landscape architect's use basic green technologies like smart tree placement and green roofs to help make homes energy-efficient tree placement can have a significant impact on indoor temperatures and energy use large trees should be planted on the west east and south west sides of a home exact tree placement depends on the size of the house and lot during spring and summer strategically placed trees provide shade reducing temperatures by between 20 and 45 degrees if the home has an air conditioning unit tree shade can help it run more efficiently in hotter months paths of summer shade can also keep parking lots and paved areas cool reducing ambient heat in the fallen winter deciduous trees shed their leaves allowing a home to receive more direct sunlight and absorb more heat reducing energy needs homes that are exposed to direct winds during the winter use more energy to keep the inside warm natural wind breaks can be created with rows of tall trees and dense bushes planted perpendicular to the wind direction evergreens which keep their leaves year-round can be planted to the north and northwest of the house creating a powerful wind break even residential homes can add low-cost yet well designed green roofs green roofs can provide insulation keeping a home cool in the summer and warm in the winter the US Environmental Protection Agency says a typical two to three story building can experience 15 to 25 percent savings in summertime energy costs another alternative is green walls green walls are constructive trellis like structures that enable plants to grow vertically placed on the side of a home driveway or patio these structures can reduce the ambient air temperature by up to 10 degrees subsidies and rebates can help homeowners install solar panels which help reduce energy needs and costs over the long term in the northern hemisphere solar panels are installed to face south and work best if there's no tree shade covering them on homes that already have solar trees can be planted to avoid casting shadows on the panels today strategic tree placement and green roofs and walls provide benefits which aren't often used in a residential context this is unfortunate as their benefits go way beyond energy savings higher energy efficiency means less carbon dioxide being pumped into the atmosphere trees and green roofs also act as carbon sinks they absorb co2 they also create oxygen which they release back into the atmosphere these systems create healthier environments for both communities and ecosystems not least of all trees help us create beautiful and comfortable environments in which to work play and live

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