Save Money on Healthcare

**Save Money on Healthcare**



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Say goodbye to long waits, unnecessary visits to urgent care around sick people and difficulties getting a lastminute doctor’s appointment. As a member of our Telehealth Discount Program, you and your entire family/household living in the same home can gain fast access to a doctor 24/7. With the use of your smartphone, tablet, laptop and or other devices, you can quickly consult live with a doctor from the comfort of your own home or anywhere.

For only $35 per month, per household, you get on demand access to health care providers that can treat & diagnose over 80% of common medical conditions. This low monthly price covers any person(s) that is part of your household; be it your spouse, dependents and or any other person residing in your home. This amazing service gives every member of your household unlimited medical consults and unlimited dermatology consults along with 3 free behavioral health consults per year, per household.

This service can save you and your entire family time and money! It allows health care providers via live video to address all your medical concerns and if necessary, prescribe the proper medication to treat your condition without the need to leave your home. All prescriptions prescribed to you are rapidly sent electronically to your local pharmacy of choice for pickup. TeleMedicine services are designed to replace ER or urgent care visits with licensed physicians in all 50 states for non-emergency issues in multiple languages.

The Telehealth Discount Program is a month to month program with no long-term commitments, copays and or hidden fees. Everyone is eligible to enroll! Even if you don’t have a Social Security Number and or currently have insurance.

Join now and we will activate your account within 24 to 48 hours!

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