Quartz Clock Travel Mechanism Repair How To Save Money

**Quartz Clock Travel Mechanism Repair How To Save Money**



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Quartz Clock Travel Mechanism Repair How To Save Money

This video is about Repairing Quartz Travel Clock. These are pretty robust items but can be dismantled and put back together easily enough. You just have to be patient and careful opening it up and they are quite brittle.

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hi there this is fixed it I'm not soon repaired one o'clock then somebody is asking me to repair another it's a simple affair but as you can see all the hands and everything they've gone and I need to do is Omni up and kick that it works so I've taken the back off and the reason for this is that the plastic screen at the front the clock must be fixed inside which indeed it is so what I need to do is to gently prise off the front perspex panel and then I can get at the hands that are inside in order to help me get this out of the clock I'm going to use one of these suction devices so I can just put that on the front and in fact prise the whole thing off I didn't even have to do anything with the back it just came away so there we go the glasses off and now I can get access to the hands refit in the hands is pretty straightforward first things first just tip them out on the bench and here's the clock and you can see the clock actually has a notch on it so that goes in one side locks in place right nicely now what I do is I take the one with the largest ring associated with it and I just place that on there and trying to line it with the number 12 as best I can and just gently push it down until it clicks nicely into place the next thing is to take the one with the next larger hole make sure it's the right way around so that's the back side turn over again try and line it up roughly if it's well to start with and click that down into place now for the next hand again checking that you could eat the right way around and again lined up for 12 and then finally the second hand that's all the hands-on so the next thing I need to do is to test it now 1729 so lb 1730 long 5:30 p.m. what I'll do is I'll wait till the second hand just gets up to 12 and then I'll nudge the mini hand back just slightly I'll just leave it for a few minutes to make sure that all the hands are working not just the second hand everything seems to be working the hands are moving properly I can put the front glass back onto the clock and peel off my suction pad and turn the clock over take off the power lever put the main backpack on I'm sure it's clicked in the power lever back in and there we have it the clock didn't come with a back cover somebody must have that somewhere else but as you can see the clock is now working and everything's great have you found this video useful you've got one of these turbo clocks and if you do please give the video the thumbs up and consider leaving comments and sharing it with others thanks for watching this has been fixed it bye you

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