Premier healthcare alliance transforms itself through informatics and social business (Short)

**Premier healthcare alliance transforms itself through informatics and social business (Short)**



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The goal of the Premier healthcare alliance is to provide their members with important insights that will help them save lives and save money — without compromising the quality of care. In this video, Denise Hatzidakis, Chief Technology Officer for Premier, highlights their social business journey and discusses how they have been able to innovate and drive reform by transforming data into actionable insights.
premier healthcare decided to embark on a social business journey about 18 18 to 24 months ago and it's really a feature of our membership and what our membership is about we're a Health Care Alliance and we enable our members to innovate and give them ways to innovate they look at us as an extension of them and with all the problems we have in health care in order to get the perform and the changes we need in healthcare it's really gonna take a one plus one equals three type of approach and so our goal in becoming a social social business type organization is to be able to provide that collaboration give our members the way to collaborate and innovate in order to provide better healthcare premier is premier is about saving lives and saving money in healthcare without compromising quality of care and it takes the collaboration of the collective to be able to do that we've already seen we've already seen benefits of adopting a social business strategy across our membership in in our ability to to innovate and connect dots that weren't able to be connected before we've seen you know in our data Alliance our membership actually came to us and asked for a a co-op like for for data and so in order to do that they need to collaborate and work on that data and share best practices and share share information and so by adopting a social business approach in a social business platform we've been able to provide them the mechanism to do that we've got a tremendous amount of data and information and content that that can be leveraged we've got one out of every four one out of every four discharges in the u.s. refreshed in our database every 30 days and we support over 43 billion in GPO transaction volume and 2.5 million clinical transactions a day so with breat with the ability to bring all that data from over 2,500 hospitals and 80,000 on acute care sites it gives us quite a platform to be able to drive insights and our challenges identifying those insights and then making them actionable right it's one thing to give somebody a spreadsheet and say okay good luck these measures are read it's another thing to say oh yeah and by the way here's what you can do about it and here's the best people in the country that working on the same thing and here so you can support reform or here's what reform is going to mean to you so it allows us to collect connect a lot of different information and put it in the right hands the put it in the hands of the right people at the right time in the right place

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