Pre-season highlights: York City 0-5 Leeds United

**Pre-season highlights: York City 0-5 Leeds United**



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Highlights as we start our pre-season games with a 5-0 win at York City. Get exclusive Leeds United video content first – download the Official App:

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good evening and welcome to booth imprisons for the first pre-season friendly of the new campaign the 20 1920 season gets underway here in York as leads take on the side from the National League north myself Tom Miller on vampire crowbar bringing you the action will get fence box in a second but will firstly bring you the Legion IT it's starting eleven Ingle it's Kiko Garcia believer back for of Stuart dumbest guy in town over Rd Liam Cooper and buried it was a midfield I don't fall short Anthony Collins Jack Harrison come on Pablo Fernandez Bamford the bench believes he's come on Maya Pascal strike mark udall writers and Robbie goats refer bazooka Morales Senate could me high off leer McCarran Jack Jenkins and Oliver Casey for York very quickly Brian Whitley come on Griffin Stephen Ferguson Josh King Steve multi-billion Beresford Kieran green Patrick Magoffin Jordan borrowed Alma Guatemalan the bench Shay Kotzen Reece Harrison Keon Venturer Charlie Jepsen King Jake rights Peter Jameson Nathan daya Sean Newton Jill takes AG up okay Andy bond McCord Langston and Alex can stun this goes for the ball of the top towards roof Bamford try slipping under control Mont Milton nearly kicked his own team ain't in their head it's got a fall to roof who hits it but it's BOTS dumbest to Hernandez who goes across the near post but notice it goes the wrong way here's Harrisson a chance to spin and turn leaves capitalize on a mistake in the back from McNulty who puts his arm aloft but a cracking start felitti event they lead one nail and it's Harrison strike they can be proven difficult especially early part in preseason when the balls fit into the box McNulty's took a wild swipe here sometimes in around the box that's where you use preseason to build up your sharpness build up your finishing but I'll tell you what we'll call collector in front of goal chuckles that could've easily laid off to edge of the box and I think Barry Douglas we're joining open to be laid off for a strike of the goal turned on a sixpence great little finish palm corner and that'll do it will do good to chuck Harrison that good work from the leaders of benign here his roof for sure is blocked off but not enough says the referee to give a free-kick Douglas now puts his body in to try and stop the one pushing York attack and they found life difficult since that took goal as I say that that ball out wide and he keeps Ferguson and York's fans getting a bit excited the ball comes into the far post kiss here comes out good punch from Casilla yeah burrows coming and he gets out nice and early leads concede the free kill the noise levels rising Ben yeah rather so good work by y'all then swish out to where to Ferguson the left back advance important dangerous crossing but kick okay you were brave and under Bamford who can strike oh he's hit the sound of the pose the pink a really good run from Patrick Bamford that I guess so called week I fought the right he can score with both he tried to power it into the top corner and just got the wrong side of it then again that's the bear movement you probably see hopefully fingers crossed for at least point you throughout throughout the season Pablo picking the ball in the pocket get in between the lines and like it was so superbly wait and pass excellent bumpers a little bit moving from a strike on Fortune's finished you'll see outside the ankle ending went out for a goal kick but great movement at pass from Pablo great movement from Patrick I'm looking with the finish Hernandez wins it back as it goes out towards Harrison and a chance for Hannah Senter cross you go to the byline come on rube gets his first of the pre-season campaign really good run to the near post opens up his body and fires it past Whitley and gall and a really good team move been and it's to nil the best thing that writes about that move was obviously not the cross of the finish that's well different class but previous to that Pablo's trying to lure pass got caught out who were the first person to go win it back Pablo and an Dez it's quiet the pass that I gave away and then it's fed chucko chucko didn't excel on the wing great ball across and all you need is a striker or a runner to come across across the center aisle come our rule firm is differe different bring different classes last year but in his first time to go for Shores nipton and dispossessed york again and he's driving toward the box is going to strike to encourage the corner juice white adam foreshore to create a tall and is a been and really from that sort of position it's the first game a preseason he's always gonna try and dig well now sure our second he seems to get it caught underneath his feet i think you for he was then i'm not sure he was trying to will in a celebration or it was for i need to get back into position i know it's going wide but again another example run the from fought with Nick and making balls in front of midfielders in front of strikers McLaughlin they've got the other car for that tackle on Dallas as Leeds of regroup quickly here's Bamford it's gonna be a bump real chassis that buffer and I went for the Oh break it was really ambitious and just to maybe run out of space a little bit Ben but what a roll what a great ball from Douglas as well and they just couldn't find the speech nearly to turn inspire home just look at it bumpers reaction he's got a little clean on his face I'm a little chuckle because who knows he'd score that doing it spectacular goal but again the movement off the ball different class by Oh Douglas everyone fall going to play I went to Jack Harrison email was shot just like a little dink pass over the top of the the free defenders Yahoo got the back there Harrison from that ball from Douglas bouncing to started the movies going to the box it's in to Bamford who might want to lay off he does to Hernandez each Arthur shoe and Hernandez spots a home and he's effortless totally generated on Pablo Hernandez curls went into the bottom corner so when he players involved Douglas roof Bamford Harrison everyone got a touch on it and it is the fan favorite the number 19 that makes it three nil here tell each a nineties at booth and present sharpness composure quality everything in abundance in that little move they're keeping the ball so well moving it so crisp across across the surface and then like some went to the this the first and second goals just showing that composure in front of goal a great little tool by Patrick Bamford great striker place it in his saying it's may open edge of the box never any doubt really well there when Pablo picked her up killed into a bottom corner Harrison fancier drive he's gonna shoot Lord Hawk Harrison what a finish they're opened up Barry Douglas was on the overlap but I think he's trying to apologize for not playing in the ball but it shouldn't do that he's absolutely rifled it into the far corner and leaves just before half-time Ben lead by four goals to nil definitely don't need to apologize for a strike Lyla some Schreiber it's so crisp the keepers had no chance diamond says I've I rolled into our bomb corner he right so I'm you thinking the chance of probably room to shoot just gone away a bit even if it's not inevitable fever in two minds whether to play in Bamford or not he's out towards Harrison again back heel from Harrison to Douglas don't go back to Harrison can finish she tried it saved any opposed Jameson he's asking for an offside call against Harrison but the hat-trick was on and that leads calming York open again been fun Sussex see the link or play with Barry Douglas Jack Harrison down that left-hand side you just thinking cause smush the boiling for fire card get your hat trick being well-deserved everyone in New York shirt told Tom Allen time he ignored the majority of them but has been said he he's looking forward and there's no real space in there to try and pick roofs gone down clip at the back of the ankles nothing given freely through the foreshore for short can he finish chips there keeper and he stays on side for short is the fifth goal of a 90 man of scuff these lines a few seconds ago but he doesn't this time around and it's one of the best finishes the night we had to give an assist to come on roof we have to get one someone to the referee because it let the a who let the advantage go there I think everyone kind of stopped half expecting it whistle bought we're always on the move we're always trying to get in behind it rulers in behind again that's a midfield runner with for Shaw get the first one forward they gave like they're about their previous finishes to the first half share the composure because the keeper came rushing Allen's finkies go put him through his legs but couldn't slide it now at the Unger nice or think over the top here is Casey Leeds going kc hireling forward with the young centre-half he goes into got another good touch on got tries to release Masuku Kosar on the keeper can he finish or it's into the side netting is so annoying it himself it's gonna be a gold cake but the move again is effortless from leads gots into mizuka again though bet it's the runing from him to get into the right positions he's just going to work on that final touch and finish but the early signs suggesting that he's spitting right into this team definitely so and again goes back to sty start with Kiko KCU they're playing ball out to Robin Goths recycle went out the other side well in case they stepped it is full of confidence is the big man had an excellent season with of the under-18s big big prospect and there's bits fouled in the game as you have very unlucky Robin got involved as well and that is the ball time whistle so the game wraps up with a really comfortable successfully generated he was pretty much in first half wall Jack Harrison opened the story Patrick bumpin hit the post come on roof then hit the near post brought that 1/2 volitans end the Harrison cross make it to nil Pablo Hernandez then Cortland home Jack Harrison then smashed at home to make it his second and four nil and then they go in the second half Adam for sure to make it fine before leaves they made a whole host of changes only Kiko Casillas surviving again it's been a pleasure you

25 thoughts on “**Pre-season highlights: York City 0-5 Leeds United**

  1. Daniel Thompson

    Bit more bottle and they could have been playing City and Liverpool this season aiming for top 10, now they're looking forward to Stoke and Hull

  2. Jonnyboy !

    What is Bamford still doing at the club, he's not a goal scorer, couldn't even get one against York, we will struggle for promotion with him up front, we need a natural goal scorer to partner Roofe.

  3. BoredGuy52

    I gonna fucking flip if we beat United next week, my mates are NEVER gonna hear the end of it


  4. David Barber

    Jesus, whose the centre back for york. Did they just drag him out of the local boozer for game.

  5. Charlie Calvert

    Well done hope you enjoy the championship were just in the prem βš”οΈβš”οΈβš”οΈπŸ”΄βšͺοΈπŸ”΄βšͺ️

  6. maher39

    Bamford your shite , please please prove me wrong. Can understand why Roofe and Philips want improved contract s if Bambi is on 30k.

  7. maher39

    My nerves are shot waiting to hear on roofe and Philips . If wolves come in for Philips he will be gone .

  8. Phil Naylor

    Still hope we sign a quality proven goalscorer i dont have much faith in Bamford tbh ALAW MOT !!!

  9. bcfc red army

    We will be waiting for you 1st game of season at our place. Your a hard side to beat LEEDS I can't believe you didn't get promoted last season you were at the top all season & blew it at end. Onwards & upwards good luck when you come to the gate πŸ‘

  10. Ian J

    Bamford is a primadonna. His work ethic is shite. I know we paid a certain amount for him 10 was it. I just want him gone try putting him up for 10 and see what we get. We could get a better striker for a lot less. Casilla definately should GO. For my money Beradi.

  11. King Soloman

    It's Jack marriottttttttttttttt…. πŸ‘βš½πŸ‘βš½πŸ‘βš½πŸ‘βš½πŸ‘βš½πŸ‘βš½πŸ‘


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