Poptropica: two promo codes

**Poptropica: two promo codes**



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Two promo codes
~ WIMPY2012
hello YouTube I am going to show you too promo codes let's go to the store looks like to load would be 2012 oopsie I just have to save game when what's that ok sorry about that so um with wimpy 2012 let it load and is what you get multi prize card diarrhea kid you know yeah i'll show you that later first then the second one is go look right yeah get a skull pirate thing I'm skullduggery island that's how it looks like and since you have seen the wimpy yet there's like there are three thing dress we like the multi card right fill up do grocery like costumes through this there is this and there is this now I'm gonna wear this one tent yeah so then you put it on it's really cool and now i am a wimpy guy person so yeah well that is all for today if you liked the two promo codes I gave you guys so uh bye

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