Phillip Left Shocked When Dr Ranj Visits His Childhood Home Live on Air | This Morning

**Phillip Left Shocked When Dr Ranj Visits His Childhood Home Live on Air | This Morning**



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After filming at a nearby school, Phillip realised they were on the same road as the house he was brought home to after being born and where he lived until he was two years old. Dr Ranj manages to locate the house and miraculously, the new owner, who reveals he bought the house from Phillip’s family and still lives there all these years later.
Broadcast on 16/10/19

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now earlier in the show we cross live to doctor and at Lyndhurst primary school in Oldham who was there to meet an incredible pupils that have learned language so that they can communicate with their deaf friends who also attend school what while they were there we realized that the school was across the road from where my mom and dad once lived the house that I was brought back into when I was born in Boundary Park Hospital so we sent dr. Ange to go and find it to 6 or Herron Street have you have you found it ranch fellow I cannot quite believe this is happening we are actually outside your very first home up here in Oldham it is number26 for Herron Street as you said I'm actually located the current owner this is a lovely Robert and I'm just gonna have a look here number 2 6-4 I'm not lying I like it up just look over there that's a school school this morning this is this is the lovely Robert who lives there now right now hi Robert it's Elsie such went when did you buy the house how long have you lived there okay I think you were about to already left here whoops 55 56 years well you've had it since then I thought you were older than that feel all right so you and you had it since then yeah yeah my mom and dad so you thought it said that's I it's incredible that is incredible and if you had many many happy times in that house have you had many many happy times oh yeah I guess we all know can you work can you tell you exactly what we were thinking I'm gonna start a campaign ranch can you can you just say up spoke to my mum because she'll be watching today she said she yeah she thinks she might have left the tenor behind longaville this is a very personal question and you don't have to answer this question but can you can you remember how much you you paid for it yeah you can how much did you pay for it sixteen Andris thank you for talking to us thank you so much for opening your daughter ranch this morning that has been the most amazing she'll be watch you will not believe it thank you very much indeed thank you thank you thank you you

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