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I don’t have insurance, but I’m having a baby! This is how my husband and I are paying for and affording to have a newborn baby without health insurance. I use Christian Healthcare Ministries (CHM) as an alternative to insurance and that is how we are saving money on medical costs. However, even if you are not eligible for the CHM maternity program, this video will give you some insights into how much it actually costs to have a baby and how much the prenatal care will cost if you have a similar experience to me.

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Key Takeaways:
1. If you’re thinking of getting pregnant in the next year, check out CHM as an option.
2. You have to stay organized with your bills and payments.
3. Find a doctor that will work with you as a self-pay patient.

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hey guys so today I'm going to talk about how what my husband and I are actually paying for our baby without health insurance so this is kind of a weird topic it's a little bit taboo so I just want to start with a little bit of a disclaimer first of all we do not have I do not have health insurance I have an alternative to health insurance called Christian health care ministries and if you are curious about that I am running an entire blog post about it what it is how we use it kind of all of the legality stuff of it and I will link to that in the description box if you're curious I'm not gonna get too deep into it in this video because that's not what this video is about but if you are curious I will link to the blog post and I will also link to their website in the description box so that you can check them out for yourself I also want to say that what we are doing is what is working for our family every single person's budget is going to be different every single person's labor and delivery is different the laws are different in different states in different countries and different regions so all of this you need to take with a grain of salt and you need to do your own research because you know it is different and depending on if you watch this you know a day after I release it or a year after I release this video the laws can completely change and health care is one of those touchy topics that is quite politicized and it's also just hard to talk about because financially it is a strain for a lot of people so I just want to be respectful to wherever you're coming from and just start with saying that this is not for everyone this is what my husband and I have chosen to do for my pregnancy and for my health insurance and yours might look totally different not spying I just hope that this video gives you a little bit of an insight into how we are doing it and maybe motivates you to check out Christian healthcare ministries and you know do some research and find some alternatives that might work better for your family okay so with that out of the way let's just hop right into this so my husband was in the military so he has his own insurance I'm not covered through that long story but basically I had to find my own insurance I don't get insurance through work because I work for a small family-run business and they don't do insurance or anything like that so originally I started off with anthem insurance which is Blue Cross Blue Shield if you're not familiar with them and I was happy with them you know it was fine but the prices were raised to last year and it was just too expensive and I knew about my husband and I wanted to start talking about having kids this year in 2018 and so we started to research different options for health insurance and finding ways to make labor and delivery and all that stuff more affordable so that is when I found CHM which is Christian health care ministries and basically it is a cost sharing ministry and what that means is that instead of it being typical insurance like you're used to seeing you instead put in money every month it's a monthly gift and then you share medical costs through the community and ending the Christian health care ministries is obviously a Christian based organization it's based off the idea that community shares each other's costs and we care for each other and we pray for each other and we take care of each other and so you can read more kind of about their mission all behind that on their website but essentially they have a really great maternity program for people who have been a member of CHF for a couple of months so I want to start that off right away if you are pregnant right now this won't be an option for you unfortunately that would count as a pre-existing which they can't cost-share through this insurance alternative I also want to say that although it's not technically insurance right now as I'm making this video on October 2nd at 2018 it is an alternative to insurance that is illegal so you're not going to pay any extra taxes or fees for not having insurance this does count as an insurance alternative in the United States as of right now I'm sorry about the light changes you guys the clouds are like coming in and out like crazy over here anyways so that is what I use right now and basically I pay 150 dollars a month and I can share my medical bills with the community and those medical bills include all of our maternity costs so my husband and I are actually just being seen by a regular doctor a regular like ob/gyn for all of my maternity needs and then we are going to be giving birth to my daughter at a birthing center that is attached to the hospital I currently go through so it is super close to us it's very convenient we're excited about giving birth there because it is a beautiful facility they have an amazing NICU and they have just a ton of great alternatives to epidurals I'm going to try to do a natural birth if you guys want me to do a separate video about that I will that's a whole topic on its own but basically they have all of the things that we need in order to have a natural birth but still have it in a safe Hospital like setting and because this is our first video we think that's a great option for us so that is where we are planning on giving birth and because of that I'm just having my normal doctor they're normal nurses all that good stuff so all of that is covered by CHF so here is the part that is a little bit confusing and I explained where in the blog post if you're interested basically because this is not technically insurance we are paying all of this out-of-pocket so we are self-pay patients which means that when I get a bill from my doctor I am responsible for that bill now CHM does share these costs with us which means that they essentially reimburse us with a check for the costs relating to my maternity and labor and delivery however those costs aren't shared until a later date it can take up to 120 days for them to reimburse me that money for the bill and then pay the bill if you guys have ever been to a doctor you probably know that a lot of times bills are due upon receipt or due within 30 days every Hospital differs so that might be totally different for your hospital your hospital might not have its bill due for a year that's something to look into if you are curious about this but with most of my bills they are due within 90 days and so many husband and I just have decided to go ahead and pay those upfront as of self-pay patient and then once CHM shares those costs with us we just put that money back into our bank to kind of like reimburse ourselves for those costs so because of that we have had to budget accordingly and save up a little bit of a kind of baby fund in our checking account so that when we have to go to the doctor for ultrasounds regular checkups and things like that we can actually afford to pay the bill and not get late fees now the doctor that we go to has an awesome program it's in the Centauri Health Network if you're curious about looking into that but basically all of the services I've gotten so far had a self-pay discount so when I see my doctor for an ultrasound for example it might cost three hundred and fifty dollars but because I'm a self-pay patient I actually get a 50% discount off of those services so now I am only paying a hundred and seventy five dollars in that basically I get a 50% off discount what my husband and I found out is that if we call right when we get the bill and we just pay it right away we actually get another 10% discount on top of that that is for on-time payments over the phone and so because of that we're getting about 60% off of the services as long as we pay the bills on time so we decided to set aside about $1,000 in a baby fund and we are pulling from that account to pay for medical bills we also try to put between 100 to 300 dollars back into that savings account every single month so basically what we're doing is every month or so we have a bill for about $200 and then we are putting back about $200 into that savings account so that savings account throughout the month let's see I am almost seven months pregnant now so over these last seven months our savings account hasn't changed too much currently we have $1,000 in the savings account and we have one bill that's due for $100 so we have $900 for the baby right now and for medical expenses relating to baby now I am giving birth in about two months and obviously ultrasounds are fairly cheap compared to labor and delivery so how that is working is that we actually got a quote from the hospital and they told us exactly how much it costs to have just a regular delivery without epidural without complications and with healthy mama and baby in their hospital and it totaled out to about $9,000 so my husband and I know in the back of our mind that we're gonna get a bill for about $9,000 in just a couple of months obviously if you are paying attention you heard me say that we have a thousand dollars in the account right now about nine thousand so how that works is that we have talked to our hospital about a prepayment agreement basically what that is is us agreeing to pay a certain amount upfront and a certain amount over a few months and that way the bill will be paid based on a certain contract but it gives us a little bit more time right now to pay the bill slowly in chunks while we wait for Christian healthcare ministries to reimburse or share those medical expenses so basically we can submit that prepayment agreement to CHM today and within 120 days we'll get a check for the full amount now the only reason that something would go wrong with that is if there were complications so if I do get an epidural if I have to have a c-section for any reason if I need that additional medication or if might be becomes early it needs to be in the NICU for some reason or any of those things that can just change in labor and delivery the costs will be a little bit different but the good news is is that CHM will work with you on those bills and a lot of times when you submit a prepayment agreement for you know a regular amount of money then if some kind of complication comes up you just submit those bills as you get done and then they will pay out there are many dollars as needed and a lot of times sachem will work even faster to get those bills processed and shared so that you're not waiting months to get the check and hopefully they can get it to you in a shorter time frame than that 120 days so so far my husband and I have gotten one check from CHM we got it about Lissy middle of last month so it was almost exactly a hundred and twenty days from the very first bill I submitted but CHM actually combined a couple of our bills together and they've sent us a check for four different bills all into one check so we got a check for the first four bills that I submitted so even though it was 120 days from not first it was only about 30 days from the last bill I submitted so we weren't able to put that all back into the baby fund and kind of replenish that before the next set of bills kind of comes along so all of that it was kind of slug that felt like I said all this is in a blog post if you'd rather read that because that was a lot of talking basically how my husband and I are paying for this baby is little by little with about a thousand dollars at a time and you guys this is totally doable even if you don't have insurance if you don't have Christian health care ministries if you're completely uninsured I just want to kind of have this be a video to say you know having a baby is expensive like I just said without complications and without an epidural and without doctor fees and all that stuff it's about nine thousand dollars to have a baby right now but all of that being said there are so many programs in place to help you pay for this there are self-pay discounts there are peanut plans that you can set up there are grants and scholarships you can apply for if you truly don't have the money and you need help all of this is completely doable on you know a normal salary my husband and I don't make a ton of money we're not filthy rich we're still paying off debt and we don't have a thousand dollars every month to stockpile for nine months but we are making this work between just paying things on time asking for discounts it's safe organized with our bills and making sure that we're submitting things on time so if you guys are going to take anything away from this video I want to say first of all if you want to get pregnant in the next year or so I really recommend checking out CHF they are an awesome program and if you believe in their mission if you believe in that you know all of this is truth and it is from God they are such a great program and honestly their maternity program is awesome but their entire structure of their business so smart and it's so unique the second thing is is that if you decide to go with this you need to stay organized you need to have some sort of way of tracking your bills tracking what you submitted tracking what you haven't and making sure that you're staying on top of things that way bills get paid on time and you're not getting late fees that then you'll have to pay later and the third thing is to really work with your doctors and find a hospital and find doctors that will work with you there are so many practices I just don't want self-care or self-pay patients because it is a lot more work for them sometimes they don't like dealing with self-pay patients because of p-nut plans and stuff but most places will work with you insurance companies are a pain and but to work with from a doctor's perspective and a lot of times they have to do a lot of back and forth between insurance companies to get paid so a lot of places will work with you if you're self-pay and they are more than happy to pass along discounts to you that otherwise would have gone to insurance companies so if you don't have insurance start to look around for doctors that will work with you ask about their discounts ask about payment programs asked about you know pre payments and deposits and things that you can get in place to help you manage those finances upfront having a baby does not have to cost you forty thousand dollars or a hundred thousand dollars or whatever you see in those silly videos where people are trying to like figure out how much it cost to have a beanie in America insurance has made this entire process a lot more complicated than it really needs to be and I have seen that just from personal experience with paying these things as a self pay patient it does not have to be as hard as you think and it doesn't have to be as expensive as either all of that being said by the time my husband and I have this baby and we get all of the cost sharing all those reimbursement checks back from Christian health care ministries we will have paid nothing for this pregnancy or for labor and delivery other than my regular monthly a hundred and fifty dollar gifts and that is truly insane with any kind of insurance company I would be paying deductibles I'd be paying all through the fees my monthly payments would be double what I'm paying with CHF and I would have to deal with the insurance company every single term of this entire journey so we really have enjoyed being with Christian health care ministries I have nothing but good things to say about them and once you get past the initial kind of like what is this sort of thing and you understand their program you really will like how it's all set up and how organized and simple it is if you guys have questions about any of this please let me know below please check out the blog posts first though because it will have a ton of info on there and all of the links to what I'm talking about and then if you have questions about any other financial aspects of this feel free to ask maybe I can do another video after evalin is born talking about how it went how long it took us to get paid out for all of this stuff and I can even give you exact numbers of how much it cost to have our baby so that is all of that for today you guys thanks for hanging with me sorry it was super rambly but hopefully it was helpful I will see you guys in the next video

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  1. Adria Lee

    This video was really helpful! My husband and I really wanna start our family soon, I’ve been researching about health share ministries but it’s crazy how little videos there are out there 😕 so thank you for sharing this, and hopefully you can do an updated version soon 🙏🏼

  2. Sara_Smiles

    Update please!! We’ve had CHM for almost two years now. Did you already meet your family minimum before they started reimbursing?


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