O2 Guru Money Saving Tips

**O2 Guru Money Saving Tips**



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Whether you need help finding cheaper petrol or want to make some extra savings on the high street, O2 Gurus have loads of tips to help
my phone isn't scary or intimidating to be honest it really helps me out it's become a bit of an everyday essential in everything I do I love it and today I'm going to show you why as a mum myself I'm constantly out and about rushing around trying to get things done it's times like these that I can really could do with a little helping hand and luckily Oh to have answered my prayers I found a range of apps that really helped me while I'm on the go whether I'm out shopping or picking up the kids there's never enough time in the day but with these useful apps I can really make the most of my time and concentrate on the things in life that really matter traffic don't you just hate it move if you've got kids you'll know that you're constantly driving around after them dropping them here dropping them there the list is endless it's no wonder we're always running out of petrol but not to worry the new petrol station finder app what gas on Android allows you to search a database quickly for the closest and cheapest gas stations around so if you ever get caught out by the petrol light all you need to do is pull over and wait for what gas to find you the closest station so you're visiting family who have inconveniently spread themselves all over the country all you need to do now is get some cash out because you've had a three-hour drive and the local corner shop doesn't accept the card payments your walk around in circles looking for a cash point well that's where the ATM hunter comes in handy it finds ATMs based on your current location it even warns you of charges and finds alternative matches and if you thought that was amazing it even works abroad mums with so many bills to keep track of sometimes it's hard to stay in control of them and as for the kids or now you can check up on their bills too without ease new check your bill app you can view every detail of your account including the summary of your inclusive allowance your last bill your tariffs and any Bolton's you may have so you can control what they're spending and whatever else they've been up to it's so easy even your husband can do it our mums like to have fun too you know when all the grown-up stuff is dealt with it's great to go out for a nice meal a bit of shopping or maybe treat the kids maybe whatever is owed you have created a range of services that make life just that little bit more pleasant plus they can save us a few pounds too it's that time of year again when we start thinking about new year resolutions and I know that one of mine is to save money luckily I've found a simple and easy way to do it with a new meter readings app it allows me to closely monitor my household energy and water usage once I start entering meter readings my usage costs and savings are calculated and displayed in easy to visualize graphs so I can look after the pennies and the pounds to look after yourselves so you're out for a coffee and a gossip with the girls and you all decide you're a bit peckish one of the girls suggests the posh Italian down the road and you're thinking I can't afford that quick think I know priority moments app you can gain access to special offers and great deals from a wide range of shops and restaurants open the app to see the office nearest to you or search in a specific location when you found the moment you like tap it to see more details click use it now to redeem it and receive your special code you can also tell your friends about offers and save offers for another day so now we have to think about is hard to spend the money you've just saved kids and their gadgets mine are constantly upgrading their old phones for the latest model so I found a way to earn money by recycling their old unwanted gadgets Oh to recycle means you can trade in your old mobile phones or other gadgets and o2 will send you a check or transfer the money straight into your bank what's more is that it will recycle phones from other networks so it doesn't even matter if you're not with o2 this way the kids can keep up with the latest technology and you can grab yourself a little treat I've got a great life it's busy frantic slightly crazy and just a bit complicated but now I've mastered my phone it's just got a tiny bit easier and that's worth everything to me what's it worth to you go on get an o2 guru it's not a phone it's a way of life

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