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**Money Saving Tips | My Change Collection**



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Honestly my change collection makes me so happy! I feel accomplished and ecstatic to have saved as much as I did! Especially when I was the KEEP the CHANGE person! CODE:JACKIEISTHESHIT

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like legit might change makes me so happy you guys don't even understand the satisfaction of like dumping this change out and preparing to County after 365 plus days I'm super hype and make sure you guys stay tuned to the end to watch exactly how much it is I might even get a piece of cereal hello sunshine – welcome back to my channel if you don't know me my name is Jackie and I own a boutique called Gia Monet and on today's video I wanted to share with you guys some of my money saving tips although I am a business owner I am still frugal and I have chosen as of recently to be a lot smarter with my money and what I do with my money and how I spend my money and aware of my money goes exactly because in the past I found money to be dispensable and it really isn't dispensable and I feel like I could have saved so much money a long time ago had I paid attention to the little things so I was actually even just having a conversation so random and off-topic but with one of my friends and I was saying like imagine how to I not moved out until I actually got married I could have had like $100,000 saved in the bank but instead I chose to move out like an idiot when I was 17 and spend all this extra money on rent when I could have had that extra money in a savings account and not spent it I'm really good at saving so I know I would have saved it rather than have spent it but Zanger like I up I sure did okay so anyways now that I got off topic let's roll right into this video so recently on my Instagram I posted about my change buckets and y'all love that post I was like okay I'm never posting a picture of myself ever again I'm only gonna post my change and how much I love my change collection because clearly you guys loved it want to know what I'm doing with and get some money saving tips so that's what this video is all about so without further ado I'd like to introduce you to me my four cans of change these are now empty I have money sitting in front of me this is all the money that came out of this can this one I already have rolled I actually have some and this one I already rolled as well so I only have this one remaining to dump out but I'm gonna work with what I got and roll this and then I will tell you guys the actual total at the end of the video with all the rolls displayed perfectly and prettily in front of me so I want to tell you guys about my collection so about a year and like two months ago or so I decided to get these change buckets and put all my change into them the idea was actually inspired for my husband because my husband works in a mostly cash business he's a barber he always has change and usually pays wherever he goes in cash so he usually gets changed and I used to be the person that refused to either pay with cash or that when I did pay with cash I used to tell the cash register like keep the change keep the change and I wasn't at aureus for that I did that for years and then one day when I saw my husband collecting all this change I was like what the like I want to get in on that you know like how stupid of me to not get in on that and be giving my change away or like if I dropped change I would leave it on the floor and I wouldn't even care to pick it up and that was so dumb that's it's still money although it's changing it's annoying and nobody wants to carry it and it's heavy it's still money and like I just can't believe how much I took it for granted so I through the year purchase these cans as they got fool and it's been about a year in two months or so since I had them and they all became full so I decided it was time to roll them and see just exactly how much I saved for the entire year now I know that not everyone carries cash I get that but I'd like to introduce you guys to something that I've seen lately on social media especially people that are trying to save money or get rid of debt how they use the envelope system so basically they have a certain amount of money in an envelope that they spent on certain expenses so like let's say for groceries they have a hundred dollar bill in an envelope specifically for groceries and that way you're able to track exactly how much you're spending you're not overspending on groceries you're not buying extra that you don't need and you're not spending money eating out and with that you buy groceries as you need them throughout the week and instead of tossing the change or getting rid of the change just use that excess change and put it in a can like this or a a mason jar like any of these so that you can save that excess change and you don't even consider it as part of your grocery budget and little by little your Kansa will grow in size another thing that I have done is I take my friends change or my dad's change or my husband's change whenever it's lying around or I do the laundry just because they're not valuing it so it excites me to take 25 pennies or three pennies on a dime and add it to my jar because it's being added to my collection and it makes me proud so there's a lot of people like a lot of your co-workers that you may know a lot of people that's around you that don't care for a change just let them know give them a heads up hey I love change can I get you change like if your friend has extra change in their car on the little side thing just be like ain't you gonna use that because if you're not I can use that like I take everyone's change and I add that to my jars and it has been such a blessing I can't wait to see what's what's in here and how much the total is so another method you can do to kind of save the change is log on to your bank count everyday and create a separate savings account and whatever you have left over like let's say you have three hundred dollars and 42 cents transfer those 42 cents over to a savings account and little by little you'll see that grow as well make it a savings account or a CD that you cannot touch so that way you don't think that that money is accessible the reason that these change cans work so well is because change isn't really something that's accessible you don't want to go into your change bucket pour it out and count out five dollars you know so it's much easier to want to do that when you see it in a savings account but if you can control yourself and limit yourself then it might work for you so whatever you have left over every single day that little number that's left over in the sense area transfer it over every time you do into your savings account and little by little that will grow and you can use you can label your savings account or your change bucket like your vacation fund or your once a month date fund or whatever you want to call it but put some name to it or some purpose to it so that you're more encouraged to save more in it these jars are my vacation fund and I am in desperate need of a vacation so I'm just gathering them up to see how much I have and see if it'll work for a small vacation or if I want to save more and continue to add to these jars for another year and really if you think about it it's not that big of an effort and considering the fact that I used to find change dispensable and I used to say keep the change considering the fact that I was that person this is a big 360 turn around for me so I definitely want to use all of this money to treat myself to a vacation because I work a lot and it's not necessarily using the money that's in my bank account it's just money that I once found dispensable that I found a way to put away and gather so that it works to my benefit so yeah so those are some of my small money-saving tips so now let's see how much I end up having so I'm gonna roll some of these in front of you guys the way that I like to do it is start with the quarters first and I just grab bunches of them and then I separate them into rows of four and ten each because you need each stack is 250 so 250 times 4 is $10 and that's what has to go in here so you want to simplify your process so that is the way that I do it you another great way for you to save money is to stop buying Starbucks so my husband is so guilty of doing this he bites Starbucks almost every day he's at work and he spends a minimum of five to ten dollars every Starbucks trip so now if you times that times five days a week that's fifty dollars times four weeks in a month how much is that girl it's $200 that's ridiculous you should not be spending that much money on starbucks i am also guilty of spending money on coffee but I go to am p.m. and I spent a dollar 60 on coffee every four days because on the fifth day or on the fifth time I go I get a free coffee so technically I spend about four days times $2 is $8 a week times four weeks so technically I spent about 30 bucks a month on coffee um I cannot survive without it and I cannot survive with any other type of coffee and I don't really enjoy making coffee at home and I always stain the cups and I spend more money on ruining cups from home so I cannot give that up but that's if you can give it up and you're willing to then you're saving yourself a good twenty to thirty dollars depending on how many times you replace the coffee at home so that's another way for you to save money is to get rid of those habits your Starbucks have it kick it your coffee have it kick it your donut have it in the morning kick it that's another great way for you guys to save money and you don't really feel the impact if you are willing to substitute you're happy by making something from home the same thing with your lunch you know you can stop eating out so much I am guilty of that too and we recently decided just cooking more meals from home because we are always late on making the payment for my son to have his lunch at school like we forget because it's a different date than what his tuition do is do so we end up having to cook for the entire month because my son needs food to eat and I'm not gonna be packing him Lunchables and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches every day once in awhile it's okay but he needs to eat food that will sustain him and that has nutrients and vegetables and all that stuff so we've been doing that and then we all eat for a lot less this past week I think we spent about 90 80 to 90 dollars on groceries and it lasted us the entire week and we all ate from home and then we ate out one night on the weekend and that was it so that really helps a lot you know for you to actually cook it just takes a lot more work and a lot more time but if you can invest the time and you're really needing to save money and be more productive with your money then it's definitely worth it you so I just spent the last two hours of my life rolling change so I'm gonna go ahead and add it up in front of you guys and see how much I got total in my jars so let's see I'm gonna start with quarters and I'm gonna write it down and then add it up in the end so 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 10 20 30 40 50 100 that's 230 now dimes 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 55 60 65 70 75 80 85 90 95 $100 in dimes sorry for the background noise renewing our locks re-keyed and then in nickels 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 26 28 30 32 34 36 38 40 42 dollars in nickels honestly it was really satisfying to roll all of this change I felt really accomplished even though it took me two hours and time is money you know but I feel really accomplished and lastly the pennies so $1 $2 $3 $4 $5 $6 $7 $8 $9 $10 $11 $12 $13 $14 $15 $16 $17 18.9 dollars in pennies so now let's add it up Oh for the grand total and change that I saved in one year and two months it's three hundred and ninety one dollars pretty exciting I to be honest I thought it was gonna be more like closer to maybe four hundred dollars or something like that like four hundred to five hundred dollars it was pretty close to four hundred dollars because it's three ninety one but I thought I was gonna be closer to five hundred to be honest because of how much was in the jars but you I didn't really consider the fact that a lot of it would be pennies but still don't take your friends for granted I have nineteen dollars and pennies here that's crazy like this is pennies that I would have otherwise tossed or like disregarded somewhere in my car and it ends up being nineteen dollars like I can buy lunch for two days with nineteen dollars I can buy coffee for ten days with nineteen dollars you know so that is it for this video if you guys enjoyed money-saving tips or videos like this please let me know in the comments down below and I will be happy to continue to find ways for you to save money that aren't obvious ways so that's it I will catch you guys at my next video bye

22 thoughts on “**Money Saving Tips | My Change Collection**

  1. flower040

    So glad i came across your videoπŸ’–. Yes I keep my change. I have a deer park fountain water bottle that was on my grandparents land years ago that I use for change and recently this year another one I use for dollar bills. I've cashed in the coins every year. Yes it is a very satisfying feeling. If only I could get my Hubbie to save coins on his own because.✨✨✨✨

  2. Bridgette Simpson

    This is such a good idea. I never really thought about saving my change in that way before. Very useful video. Thank you.

  3. Emily Marie

    I know Bank of America has this feature, so I cant speak for other banks BUT on your debit card you can add a "keep the change" feature and it rounds all of your purchases up to the next dollar and adds the difference to your savings. So helpful since i rarely carry cash!

  4. pinkbunnie57

    πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ’•πŸ™‹πŸ½β€β™€οΈπŸ’• girl I love this one. I too be saving my change all the time. Lol my husband calls me the change lady. Shoot I stay bougie on a budget.

  5. Fabiola Garcia

    I do this too but why don't you take the coins to the bank and have them put it thru the coin machine that counts the $?


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