MONEY SAVING TIPS: How we Save $2800 a year buying meat! (minimalism + simple & healthy living)

**MONEY SAVING TIPS: How we Save $2800 a year buying meat! (minimalism + simple & healthy living)**



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Saving money on meat products doesn’t have to be hard. Little changes to your lifestyle and approach can really add up. In this video I share 5 tips that I have changed over the last 7 years as I have transitioned from a vegan/vegetarian to hunting for our own food. It can be a very bid and dramatic change, but also brings forth a lot of satisfaction to provide a very healthy meat for your family.

We have slowly made these changes and it has completely changed our life. These are based on my personal experience and research and I recognize that these tips will not be relevant for everyone.

We live in a more rural setting that allows these tips to be easier for us. Please take what is relevant from this video and feel free to ignore the rest! Im not telling you what to do-just sharing my experience.

IF you have any tips to share, let me know in the comment box below! Thanks for sharing:)

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I am also doing a collab with a very good friend! Debbie O’Hara! She also is great at saving money and sharing her tips! I love learning from others! Here is a link to here video!

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which is awesome because then we have so many steaks roasts different flavors of sausages hotdogs brower's burger all that stuff that you can imagine and it is delicious you guys I just blame her I want to say before this video even before I even get into this video is everything that I was saying please please don't take offense to any of it I'm not judging anyone that buys me from the store I grew up eating me from the store my family bought it all the time I had no idea about factory farming I didn't know what it was or I just I just didn't even think about it to be honest with you and I know a lot of people don't I'm not judging anyone advising me from the store we all have different situations in life we are all in a different place we are all different in a place financially it can be expensive to buy meat from your farmer to try to learn how to hunt yourself and take classes and get your hunter safety I I understand all that this video is not telling you how to live or what you should do it it's just a video of how we have made decisions to save money and eat healthier meat for our family I wanted to share that with you so my channel is not about judgment or criticism so please don't take that this way if you have a negative comment to leave please don't leave it here I don't want I don't want my channel to a place for people to feel bad or feel like they're not doing the right thing or they're not living the right way you're all doing the best we can and I'm just sharing something that's worked for us and maybe it might be something that you want to try later out of your life or you might want to get into and see how it works for you that's all this is about not everybody lives in a rural community or close to mountains or they go hunting you know it's it's not feasible for every single person so that's why you don't judge we're doing the best we can this is an informational video on our family in our life I was asked by a really good friend W Hara her channel is Debbie saves I will link it down below she does lots of money saving videos food saving videos I've just connected with her because this is a topic that's very dear to my heart it's something that I am loved by my entire life and the series and me and my husband are debt-free and have a very large sum of money would think and I don't say that to brag or anything it's just something that we're very proud of we work so hard so let me know in the comments below and and a thumbs up if that's something you guys want me to talk about to share with you my knowledge of what we've done to become financially successful so in this video I'm going to be talking about what five tips on how to save around 27 to 28 dollars a year on meat because we do eat meat as a family it's not something I've even my entire life I used to be vegan and vegetarian for a while but I found out that that doesn't work for me I don't feel as good being completely plant-based I can't bring myself to buy me up a store because of an ethical purpose for ethical reasons I should say I don't believe in supporting companies that treat the animals the way they do when we live in Wyoming I had a friend a video of Tyson Foods I think it was Heritage Farms chicken on YouTube it's a video and an image that affected me so badly and it's been seven years ago I can still remember the day of watching that video bawling my eyes out bowing to myself I would never my animal products at the store again I would figure out a way to provide for herself as much as we can without having to give companies money that torture animals and there are some companies out there that do do the right thing and treat animals as respect and I do have a few notes here fight me because this has been a lot of time and research to make sure I have as much accurate information as possible so if I'm looking down that's why our tip number one like I said earlier it's we don't buy meat from the store not only for ethical reasons but also for health reasons our helps so important to me it's something that once it starts going downhill it's very very very hard to get back we do not buy me to the store because we don't know where it comes from we don't know how the animals are treated we don't know the history of what goes on but I do know that a lot of it is very negative and very sad and even if they say grass-fed or free-range that doesn't really mean anything grass-fed all cows need grass so they can be on a feedlot and stepping in manure and other dead cows and just a disgusting situation and still be considered grass-fed and be in a tight locked in pen because of that thing as long as they're being fed grass it doesn't matter they can be fed a whole bunch of other things so just saying that it's grass-fed it does not matter so knowing where your beef comes from or your bison or whatever other meat you're buying you have to remember that just because it says grass-fed that can be a complete lie in ways yes they are aggressive but what else is going on behind the scenes a free-range chicken eggs when they say that yes that can be true but from the research that I have done free-range means that they've been let out for 10 or 15 minutes a day it doesn't mean that they're out walking on green pastures like my chickens are or green grasses pecking and being a regular chicken that if that doesn't matter as long as they're being led out for a few minutes a day they are allowed to say that on the package so for me it's hard to know what to believe you want to believe it but companies want to make money and sell our products and are willing to do a lot of shady things to make it work for them so that's why we do not buy any of the story ethical reasons and health reasons so how do we get our meat I have talked about it a little bit before we hunt for our food and I know that topic can be a very controversial to some because hunting can be considered like a cruel like a sport and I don't consider a sport and I hate when people call it a sport because it's not a sport to me that is how we get our food and if we don't get enough that year then we don't have meat we don't buy it from the store and we go without we with off of beans for protein our chicken eggs and there's a lot of other vegetables that have protein in them it's not quite the same because you don't get all of the amino acids from those products like you do healthy organic meat so that's kind of a bummer but luckily my husband and I have been very lucky and very successful every single year that we've been married and we've been able to get what we need that way I will talk a little bit about how much money it costs us to hunt and we do fish so that's how we get a variety of food so getting into the cost of hunting and what we pay hunting tags for elk are fifty dollars a year and that's over the counter and ewtodd so where we live so we get two of those a year one elk you can average of 200 to 250 pounds of meat per elk which is a lot so when we get to oak the throne 500 pounds of meat per year for our family you know like our freezers are completely full I'll put a clip in here of all of our alchemy in our freezer so you can see exactly what I'm talking about you we have a professional process so that's my second tip um and by doing that we did it ourselves before if you do it yourself you only can do so much with it so we were cutting it up in ropes and birds and that was it and you can kind of get sick of just roasting burgers you need a variety to keep yourself interested when we have a professionally process the guy we found he's about 20 minutes away from where we live she does the most amazing job we get some awesome turkey salami bratwurst sausages he does a variety of Italian sausages so breakfast and then spaghetti sausages and just so much then we have regular ground and then we have I can't even tell you I think five or six different flavors are just become meat sticks and we can cut those up and use those as healthy snacks and my son loves those and the only thing we really don't get out of it as a white meat so that's our fishing will come in place for us and because of our hunting tag it comes with a fishing license so we don't have to buy another fishing license that's basically free where every fish is just right in our backyard we have the river running right behind us so we don't have to drive hardly at all for the total price of the year our processing fee is around four hundred and two dollars per elk so that's eight hundred four dollars so you have process into the variety that we do i I wish I could send you my samples of what we're eating because it's it's so so so good the other thing that we hunt is turkey our turkey types from Utah around $25 and that is the one turkey and that's usually all we get is just one you don't need more than that so total for the year we're around one thousand three hundred twenty-nine dollars for five hundred pounds of meat as much fish as we want and a church and that is more than enough and plus it helps feed our dogs or dogs love elk that's healthy for them you I was looking online and the average family of four in Utah based on a family of four even though we're a family of three I'm still seeing lots of dogs I kind of included our pet dogs is one more person a typical family of four spends around $4,000 a year on just buying meat the way I came up with that number is I googled the average amount of pork and American needs the average amount of beef chicken and fish then I also googled the average price per pound for each of those meats and that's how I came up with a number so for beef the average price per pound is around 750 because butcher backs are paying about twelve to fourteen dollars a pound and then other places you can get it for three to five dollars a pound so 750 was right in the middle and that's kind of what I did I went off the average of all of these so that it was fair I will put a little diagram and showing all my numbers right here just so you can see where I came up with those numbers for kids they don't eat as much as adults so I just calculated about 300 dollars per year per kid for meat so a total for two adults of two kids was four thousand and thirty six dollars and fifty eight cents and that's a lot of money comparing to where we're spending around thirteen thirteen hundred twenty-six dollars a year so that's a total savings of around twenty hundred dollars my third tip on how we save money is we have a huge deep freezer and this is something I cannot stress enough these are the best things to have they help you save so much money they cost you around fifty three dollars a year so it's not four dollars a month to run and the fuller you keep it the cheaper it is to run and if you find good deals on vegetables or anything you can even freeze jellies and Bradsby freeze bread's all the time because you can get them with a discount finis miss for pretty cheap I get some good quality bread there and I don't want to just pass it up somebody freeze it thought out when we're ready to use I mean that has been super helpful with the deep freeze right my tip number four is don't waste the average American waste so much food and I've seen that first time of my own family my mom is the waster of always stirs something I don't know it's like I've seen her throw so much beauty weight and it just it breaks my heart I'm like oh my god don't do that my chickens leave it where am i dogs sleep at her like don't just throw it away or don't waste it it makes me really sad to see if you just gets her away especially when it with a live animal that died it died so that we could have food whether you're hunting for it buying it from the store or whatever the case may be please please please don't waste it the way that I have been able to save me from getting freezer burnt in the freezer is I'll wrap it in saran wrap I wrap a layer of tin foil that are freezer paper and I'll duct-tape that really tight and then I put it in a really heavy-duty freezer bag the key to it is keeping it as much air out as possible air is what gets our freezer burn so if you can keep the airs the packaged flat against the meat and wrap it tight you're gonna be good for a long time I've had meats they put in a freezer for over a year I know some people don't recommend doing that but we have never gotten sick from it it's always tasted great because we've take so much care or by doing that not only are you saving another animal from dying in a factory farm you are saving yourself money on having to buy that product again because you took the time to take care of it in the first place also going along with tip number four is to try to use the same piece of meat for more than one mill and what I mean by that is say you buy a roasted turkey from Costco or Smith's or remember wherever you shop and you bring it home and you're using it for lunch meat or for a casserole or whatever whatever you're wanting to use it for instead of just throwing the bones and everything away take that carcass put it in your crock-pot or put it in a pot on the stove off your home Ave and let it slowly boil and you are going to create the most delicious broth that you can make a soup out of or just create bone broth for your for yourself to drink during the day those are those have been some of the best soups that we have ever ever had is homemade frosty so you'll be surprised how much nutrition and how much meat is actually still on those bones when you boil it because it will just fall off I can tell you firsthand it makes you feel so good to have homemade soup we've done that with turkeys that we have hunted and harvested and the broth it's like gold it's I can't explain the color it's like a liquid gold I'll do a video this year for you guys and show you what I'm talking about if you've never done it yourself it's really really really awesome and then you can add any kind of vegetable potatoes noodles or whatever and not only are you saving yourself from buying another thing of meat for that super dot mill you're reusing that same animal for another mill so you're saving yourself money and saving the animals life so it's a win-win for everyone that's something that we have been so good at doing we never ever throw something away until we've used everything we can possibly use out of it our fan base think we're crazy when we go over to their house for Thanksgiving they're not like me and Skylar they just go buy a turkey from the store I wish I said it was fine I'd have nothing against it I've done that before too but they'll just throw the whole thing away it means Skinner I was like don't don't do that let us take home that carcass look at all that nutrition look at all that meat that's still left on it please don't just throw it away so we'll take it home and we'll reuse it for a whole nother Mills that's really the only time that we'll probably have a store-bought animal product in their home it's when we brought it home from somebody else's home that they were just gonna throw it away that we know the value of it and don't want it to just go to waste all right you guys smash the final tip is try not to eat meat every single day or for every single mouth we don't typically eat as much meat as we think we do there are some guys that require you to eat me and only meat that's a different situation I've never tried a diet like that I don't think my body would like it because when I eat a lot of meat I start to feel sluggish and sick so I eat meat two to three days a week and I only eat maybe 3 ounces out of time so I'm only eating about 9 ounces of meat for an entire week I just don't you know on my diet but I have learned I do need a little bit am i doing that I have found that I feel a lot better I have more energy but when I was being a vegetarian I didn't have enough energy so I found happy balance for myself I feel really really good and it's really worked for us when to leave Debbie's link in the video description below so you guys can check out her channel if you want to learn more about how she saves money for her family and tips as she does I think you'll really like her I have fallen in love with her she's so awesome we text each other a lot and we just have become really good friends so if you liked this video please give it a thumbs up leave any comments down below with some future buddies that you want me to do if it's something you're interested in if it's a topic you like hearing about and please subscribe to my channel if you haven't already I try to upload once or twice a week I am pregnant and I'm starting to feel better so I'm kind of coming around a little bit more and I appreciate you guys for all the comments and support and I'll see you guys in the next video bye

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  1. Blessed Bayers

    I think that if anyone is offended they need to grow some confidence. We plan to buy from a farmer soon! It’s horriffic what they do to cows!! I learned yesterday about how they shock bulls and more horrible practices etc…
    Knowledge is power! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Lila & Scruffy

    Hi Tara. Aww, look at sweet Wall-E. Woof, woof!! This is a great video and educational too! I had rabbits as pets and I can't imagine killing them and eating them! They were our pets, not food! I will not eat rabbit meat. I'm not proud to say this but, I remember my Grandpa made me a rabbit fur purse. It was from one of the rabbits they had as a pet. I had no idea back then how awful that was. (1970's). I also remember rabbit foot key chains. They were suppose to be for good luck. Not such good luck for those rabbits! Sad to say I had those too. They were dyed in different colors. Poor rabbits. Thanks for this informative video and tips! Tfs and sending Cali love. XOXO πŸ™‚

  3. Simply Mel

    This was so eye opening ! Thanks for sharing all this, I really admire how you hunt & process your meat ! I’m not in a rural enough area to do the same but I will definitely do a lot more research on how I can get healthier meats !

  4. Isabella Ross

    We live in a small town and buy meat from a local farmer and my husband is a farmer and a hunter. We save a lot of money doing this and it feels so good to know where our meat is coming from. Thanks for sharingπŸ₯° new subscriber hope we can support each other!

  5. Vara Vanner

    Great video Tara! My family is just starting to get into hunting for food. My son eats more than I do lol. My family is carnivore we eat about 6lbs of meat everyday between 3 people. We feel the best we ever have since changing our diet this way. It's what works for us; I agree we are all different and everyone needs to find what works for them. We hope to be able to have lots of elk meat in a big freezer some day like you. Big like, full watch. πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘

  6. Cat Roxy Potyike

    You are absolutely right.. unfortunately in our area all that is not possible.. so I don't have another choice.. but I eat very few meat in fact.. thanks for the wonderful vlog again my amazing friend ❀❀❀❀❀

  7. Unbreakable Mahal

    Thank you for sharing girlfriend no judgment here. We all it what we can and what we can afford. I’m vegetarian/ vegan I don’t eat meat at all or any dairy products. But that me and what God had convict me of. And like you said friend everyone is different and there body’s can only take what it can. Love you girly have a wonderful blessed week and thanksgiving love you

  8. HappinessSparkles !!

    Hi sweetie I’d love to buy meat from other sources besides the grocery store I totally agree with you ,
    I’d be interested in how you became financially secure .
    My husband used to be a hunter when he was younger and there is nothing wrong with that as long as
    It’s done humanly and honestly and the meat is used for food.
    You did great research on your costs .
    I love making a broth out of the bones of chicken or turkey ,we have homemade soup a lot in our house
    You are so adorable and I love your lifestyle .my body does not like a lot of meat either so a happy balance of meat and veg is the way to go
    Love and hugs

  9. Beauty with Miss Dee

    What is it about you that makes people just fall in love with you. You are beautiful, Tara. Thank you for being on YT and for sharing your gorgeous energy. πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•
    Happy American Thanksgiving. πŸ¦ƒπŸ—πŸ₯”πŸŒ½πŸ₯–πŸ₯•πŸ₯¦πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

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    Amen sis get I am glad to see u here again miss u so much. We save so much all the time. God bless u and that for the tips

  12. superbellabeau

    Everyone's lifestyle is different. I don't agree with hunting. Some people hunt endangered animals. I would much rather buy meat. We used to have our own cattle which we ate when our kids were young. We didn't slaughter them though. 😐

  13. Whitney Ehlert

    We just processed a deer my husband got the other night! We also raise all of our own beef, pork and chicken! Also have our own egg layers! And now just hoping my goats are bred so we can avoid store bought milk! I never thought so much on what we were eating until I look at my two babies and want the best for them!!

    Great video TaraπŸ˜‰

  14. Sarah Johnston

    Hi Tara. I'm new to your channel. I'm from Debbie's channel. Thank you for saying that hunting is not a sport. I couldn't agree with you more. Nice job. I just subscribed.

  15. Life and More Reloaded

    Best way the we save on meat is by eating what we kill during hunting season. Mainly DEER here, canned, jerkyed, or steaks. We LOVE Elk, but can rarely get it here in NC 😐

  16. YourNextCast

    These are good tips not only for saving money, but also for being healthy. I actually think the health benefits of your tips is even better. Great video Tara. Very engaging. Full view for you.


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