Money Saving Tips for Labor Day Shopping! --Ep. 8

**Money Saving Tips for Labor Day Shopping! –Ep. 8**



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8 thoughts on “**Money Saving Tips for Labor Day Shopping! –Ep. 8**

  1. E J

    shopping on Labour Day isn't a thing in Canada – its our last warm weather holiday wknd so we spend it relaxing with family and friends – if you haven't got back to school organized by now you're in trouble – who can relax while rushing around shopping – plus – its called Labour Day for a reason and we honour that by most stores closing on Monday –

  2. usacookie

    Rachel, or anyone with a thought on this, please: I went to Target with a shopping list. I bought these items from my FOOD envelop. Some things were not on the list BUT they were NEAR the FOOD section.Question "What should not have come from the FOOD envelop and what envelop should they have come from?"
    cat food
    dog leash
    dog rain coat
    dish detergent
    plastic wrap
    paper towels
    toilet paper
    organic sugar
    fresh mushrooms
    Parmesan cheese
    bottled water


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