Money Saving Tips for Deciding Where to Stay at Disneyland That Will Save You Hundreds!

**Money Saving Tips for Deciding Where to Stay at Disneyland That Will Save You Hundreds!**



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Doing Disneyland on a budget is super simple with these 8 Disneyland tips for saving money on your hotel! Figuring out the perfect price and place of where to stay during your Disneyland planning can SAVE YOU HUNDREDS!
8 Disneyland Tips for Saving Money on Your Hotel | SAVE HUNDREDS on your Disneyland Vacation on a Budget

Planning your family Disneyland vacation on a budget you have to be sure and get the lowest price possible on your hotel! Use these 8 Disneyland tips to save money on your hotel and make sure you save big on these 8 hidden Disneyland hotel costs!

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hang-up is that a Disneyland trip can be pretty pricey especially if you don't live nearby so I've taken it upon myself to help out all the pearls out there to figure out ways to cut cost save money on your Disneyland trip in today's video we are going to talk about eight different tips that are literally gonna help you save hundreds of dollars when it comes to saving money on your disneyland hotel hundreds of dollars that's gonna help welcome back you guys this is pennies into pearl than I am Brittney this is where you will learn all about living your pearl life it's about making small changes in your everyday life that are gonna help you take the steps to achieve of life you never even dreamed would be possible it sounds dramatic but it's totally true and I want to help you guys do it part of living a pearl life is enjoying the journey it's not all about getting from point A to point B you need to have fun and enjoy the drive on your way so we hit that subscribe button if you want to hit learn more tips on how to live your pearl life now if you would have asked me even just like three maybe four years ago if I would have thought that we were doing regular Disneyland trips I would have said no way I don't think we can even you know make it work for one Disneyland trip because let's be honest there's a lot of expenses that go into the trip I did a video recently that went over a bunch of different ways to save money on a Disneyland trip I only bought one down in the description box for you guys but today's video we are going to focus in on saving money on your hotel where you're gonna stay during your Disneyland family vacation I wanted to focus in on this aspect a little bit because your hotel stay where you're staying can a lot and end up being one of the top expenses for your trip let's dive into the 8 tips to help you save money on your disneyland hotel stay so just to be clear I'm just talking about finding somewhere to stay that will work into your family's budget it doesn't necessarily have to be one of the Disneyland like certified sponsored own hotels it can just be fine these are all tips that are gonna help you guys save money no matter where you're staying there's always new hotels that are popping up and there's always special sales and discounts and things like that so I want to equip you with the Pearl tools necessary to be able to decipher exactly what is going to be a really great deal for you depending on your family size depending on your family's needs and wants where you want to splurge where you want to save all those things helping you save money on your Disneyland trip all based off of your customized tip number one is to visit in the offseason now this tip is going to help you save money on all aspects of your Disneyland trip but specifically on your hotel to take advantage of the lower hotel prices you are gonna want to shoot to have your trip sometime between January and then probably mid March or the last week or two of August through the end of September nobody wants to take their kids out of school right at the beginning of the school year but really what are they even doing there I just kidding it's super important but if you want to find a really good deal on the hotel then those are the times to book I was looking at prices and it is currently September as I'm filming this there was a lot of Airbnb zhh and hotels that were offering up to 50% off of their rental fees if you booked in the first two weeks of September that is a huge savings my next tip is to make sure that breakfast is included in your stay now this one cover if you're staying at an Airbnb but there are a lot of hotel options around Disneyland within walking distance that include a breakfast within your stay now some might be caught in mental but some might have a hot breakfast hubby and I went on a trip just the two of us this last summer and then the year before that we went with the whole family both of which we stayed at hotels where there was a hot breakfast where you had eggs bacon made to order pancakes and waffles and fruit and vegies like it was a pretty good breakfast and everyone is and everyone is able to fill their bellies and that was all included in the price of our hotel if you make sure to have the breath the price of breakfast included that can save you 10 to 20 dollars per person per day so we are talking like if you have a family of four or five we're talking between 50 to $100 savings per day don't forget I'm all about sucking the savings so as I'm going through all these different tips if you can apply more than one at a time that is how you're going to totally maximize your savings tip number three is make sure that your room is equipped with a refrigerator or some sort of mini fridge this is gonna like you to bring food from home and not have to pay the outrageous prices for food inside the park though don't get me wrong mama does love a good Dole Whip it all just depends on where your family puts the priority on your budget fine items ahead of time like milk juice string cheese applesauce pouches things like that and then storing them in your room and taking them out as you need to bring like an insulated lunchbox into the park because Disney man's cool like that they let you save you up to 50% off of the cost of food as compared to buying it in the park and then a microwave is super helpful for heat for even just heating up leftover so maybe you order a whole pizza into the ordering per slice save money that way or bringing leftovers from home bringing microwavable dinners from home for things like that our microwave will be really useful and be able to save you more money than going out to eat every single meal tip number four is make sure that the parking at your hotel is included one thing I learned on our most recent trip to Disneyland is that sometimes if you order through a travel agency and my favorite is getaway today I'll leave a link for that down in the description box if you book your hotel through the travel agency sometimes you get perks like free parking that might not otherwise be offered if you were to book directly through the hotel's website on average it usually cost around twenty to twenty-five dollars per day for parking at the hotel so if you're doing a four-day stay that's under buck savings people tip number five is when you're booking look for hotels and vacation rentals that are offering a third fourth or fifth night stay free now that alone can save you a couple hundred bucks I get mentioned my favorite travel agency when it comes to traveling in Southern California and Disneyland specifically is getaway today and they make it so simple just go on to get away calm again I'll have a link for you down below and you can book your hotel through them they make comparing prices really convenient they know what is great services to have for families and then a bonus is you can order your Disneyland tickets through them as a package deal as well they have third night fourth night fifth nights days free all the time and they're also always having specials on Disneyland tickets if you order tickets from Disneyland calm you will never see a price discount but you will always see an increase every year so make sure that you're checking out get away today before you buy any of your tickets or book any of your hotels and if you happen to book a hotel and tickets package you can use this code right here and that will get you an additional little discount off of your hotel stay tip number six is to book your hotel stayed early the closer you get to your travel dates the more likely the cost per night is gonna go up though I do have a hack for this one I happen to be just like looking around doing some research for this video and I noticed that one of the Airbnb as I was looking at was offering up to 50% off for the next two weeks stay I emailed them to see if they would honor the same price for that same time next year she told me that she only offers that discount for if the time comes up close enough and it's still unbooked then they will offer a promotion so that's one hack but it's kind of risky and you might actually end up paying more if you don't find any deals now I've mentioned it a couple times but in some situations renting and splitting the cost of an air B&B with another family might save you a lot of money versus renting a hotel so tip number seven is to share the cost of a vacation rental now if you have a huge family and you're gonna have to rent multiple rooms at a hotel just renting a whole vacation rental probably going to be cheaper that way but if you can find one that fits your family plus at least another one can compare these few tips I'm about to share with you then it could really save you a couple hundred dollars so you need to keep in mind that the cost of breakfast is something that you will not have included usually in your vacation rental which could have otherwise been included in your hotel stay but there's ways around that you can bring food from home or to stop by a local grocery store and stock up while you're there two huge cost that maybe you don't take into consideration usually but you need two would be the cleaning fee and a service fee cleaning fees are usually anywhere between 150 and 300 dollars now that's per stay but when you're calculating and comparing include that in the cost of your vacation rental and then there's also a service fee added on again usually between 150 and $180 and so don't forget to add those two costs on when you're comparing the cost of a hotel versus a vacation rental when vacation rental company that I'm sure you guys have heard of and our family has used several different times would be if you haven't tried them out yet you can use my affiliate link down in the description box and you'll get $40 off of your first day my 8th tip for saving money when it comes to finding a place to stay when you're on your Disneyland vacation is you have to make sure and take into consideration the distance from where you're staying to actually where the park is if you're not close and you end up having to drive to the park currently parking is about $20 per day if you're doing multiple days that's huge savings there's also the option of taking a shuttle from the hotel to the park but you need again take into consideration that cost usually it's around 6 to 8 dollars per person per day you can go back and forth however many times you need to but then you also have to make sure that you're timing your to and from the park according to the shuttle schedule so that could be a little bit restricting and then another option that I actually have to give credit to my hubby for thinking of is if you have a bigger party that could fit into something like an uber that might be a good option depending on how far you are from the park if you're within like a 2 mile radius one way to the park is gonna probably cost you around 8 to 12 dollars but that's covering a group of five six of you then that is a good savings you just have to remember that is the cost each way so if you want to go home from naps and then go back and then come home after fireworks things like that it's gonna keep adding up if you haven't already and want to give over a try you can click my affiliate link down in the description box below and use this code right here and that will get you your first ride from free that's a big one if you're not close enough to walk to the park plan ahead and make sure to incorporate the cost for traveling to and from the park into your total vacation budget there you have it those are my eight tips for helping you save money when trying to decide where you're going to stay on your Disneyland trip again don't forget to stock the savings because if you can apply all adding these tips then you are going to be saving hundreds and hundreds of dollars on your disneyland vacation I don't want I don't know why you wouldn't listen do you guys have any tips on saving money for your Disneyland vacation I would love to hear them I'd love to chat with you down in the comments below thanks you guys so much for watching I'm so excited to be sharing these tips with you I really want to be able to help you guys find different ways to save money on your Disneyland trip so that way it's more attainable and a lot easier to start saving for if you like this video don't forget to give it a thumbs up and to share it with your friends I'll talk to you very soon bye

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