Money Saving Tips and Ideas for 2012, #9 and #10

**Money Saving Tips and Ideas for 2012, #9 and #10**



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This is for the mini page with fold out heart

This is the tutorial for the fold out heart

This is the altered coffee can for Valentine’s day

Thanks for checking them out!
hi y'all it's me I'm finally back with more tips and ideas for 20 away for a while but I was really involved with CH a and carlene's visit and then catching up on my projects and things so I just haven't had the chance to post one but hopefully I can get back into the swing of it so I think I'm joining you now with number nine and ten if that's not correct I'll fix it but anyhow my first one is just something cute that I saw and I wanted to share with you I actually saw this idea at Target I was there to shopping and I looked in the dollar bin and something caught my attention and it's a way to take a heart shape like you see here and fold it into an envelope and it wasn't this kit right here that came from Target so pretty cute and it's really simple and there aren't any measurements because the heart size will determine the size of your envelope and basically what you can do is you would basically take your card and lay it down like in the center and then get your measurements of where to score so there's really no actual measurements to this it's just a matter of how you how you score the the piece itself so I will show you how that's done and I have one that I've already scored here you can see my card sizes right here in the middle I'm going to turn that over what you want to do is you want to bring in the sides first bring the bottom up to the top and just adhere it down here on the sides look how cute that is it makes a nice little dip right here for your card and then you bring the top down and there you have your envelope for your greeting card so stinking simple and so stinkin cute and I'm always struggling for envelope templates and stuff and well this almost super easy and if you have a Cricut machine or a silhouette or whatever you can cut out a heart shape and and do that so that was idea number one and number nine sorry and number ten will be closures for your mini books and I know a lot of us just some of us like to put ribbon the front and back and just tie a bow to keep it closed other people like to use I don't know chained or something and this is just my version and I've been doing this for a while so you might have seen it in some of my previous videos but I take these little Clips right here let me remove in just a hair closer so you can get a better look whoa so here they are these come from I got these from Joanne's and a lot of us use them for our homemade clip it ups or our clip it ups these are in the jewelry section jewelry findings and I don't know what their original purpose is or what they're for but anyhow I use them for multi-purpose things and closures for my mini so basically all I do is I remove this wire and you just simply unbend the piece that's down in there I don't think you're gonna be able to see it very well but anyhow you you remove that piece on the inside and take that wire out now you can alcohol ink these I'm not really crazy about the alcohol Engelmann because it kind of looks blotchy to me but if you're gonna put something on top of it and you just want to make sure there's no silver showing it works okay for that too so you could alcohol ink them now in this one I'm going to show you I actually painted the the here it is right here whoops let me come towards me I actually painted these and you can see there it's painted and I used a multi-purpose paint which happens to be this one I got it at MCHA as a sample from a class and it's the multi surface paint which is really good it goes on fabric glass metal wood it's really good I mean if you want to know like a paint that's for everything this is probably the way to go I was impressed and they have a lot of colors too so that's how I painted this one here and then I used some of it as well on the mmm the rims of the flower just to tie in the color and then you simply get a ribbon or whatever you want you slide it through now inside of these little clips that I showed you there's a spring in there you just want to make sure that the ribbon comes up one side and goes down the other side of that spring and then you bring it around and you just tack it down with glue on the back and that's you make this one which is really simple the next one I use some mesh blingy blingy mesh and this is the Pro 31 mesh and I actually excuse me excuse me I cut little pieces of it right here and I adhered them on to the both sides of that clip and remember when you're doing this you want to use a really good glue I recommend a 6000 only because it's gonna get a lot of handling when people open and close it so you want to be sure that it's gonna stay on there and not fall off so an e 6000 is a good glue to use for this and then you do the seam binding them the same way you you know wrap it around and tack it down in the back and then on this one I just added a flower in the center and I use the wire that was on the flower to wrap it onto the seam binding there so that makes another cute closure and then the last one I'm going to show you involves using these ribbon slides now these happen to be the the ones with the real rhinestones I mean they're beautiful but they're a little more expensive than the ones that are the faux bling stuff you know the fake like they're made out of and think they're made out of this stuff these are a little bit more expensive but it's what I had to work with so that's what I want to show you basically I took this and I put a pearl in the center that I had and then I made one and I'm going to show it to you on an actual book and that's it right here this is a mini that Rina made me thanks Rini and you could see it there isn't that lovely and it came out really lovely and for this one for the connector oops I used a piece of pearl strand and I just had heared it down there with the e6000 but as you can see it's a beautiful addition to your closure if it requires one and even if it doesn't is so pretty so that's um tip number ten and so I think that's about all I have for you now you might also know that you can take this bling mesh the one that's this one here and you can also cut shapes out of it as well to use and I even put a pearl I just cut a square see it's just a regular square on the back and I exclude a pearl right to the top of it it's not exactly as pretty as the others but it's a it's an alternative for those of you who don't have access to the other kind so that's just something else you could do and that will be it for number 9 and 10 I'm also going to be linking two or three links below one of them is a mini page that I did for a Valentine's Day and it has the second video we'll have the tutorial on how the fold out pocket was made on the back it's heart shape it's pretty cute and then I also linked another video that I did long ago for Valentine's Day on altering a coffee can for Valentine's Day so just so you can have some more ideas before the magical love day gets here so thanks for watching so much and talk to you soon bye

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  1. artssygrl

    I am getting so much out of your videos and greatly appreciate you posting them. Unfortunately I may have accidentally hit the thumbs down icon while trying to scroll down the page. I don't know how to undo that.

  2. Willow Leaf

    Hi! i recognize the closure clips, they are table weights. Here in Holland they use them alot when they are barbequing/eating outside because it is so windy here, You just hang one on each corner of uour table with an ornamental weight on the loop side and your good to go

  3. Tommye Bell

    I just discovered YOU! And I'm so glad I did. Great tips and ideas, especially for those of
    us who are retired and can really appreciate money saving tips!

  4. Kandia Haynesworth

    Hello! I really like the bling mesh! Where did you buy jt from!? I also love the closure for the book… Do you have a tutorial?

  5. bernshwag

    Awesome tips Miss G! Love the envie idea, so sweet and simple…Great idea for the mini closure as well. All of your tips and tricks have been so helpful, I so appreciate you sharing them with us! Hugs, Candi

  6. missylady53

    Thanks for the really great tips.I have some of those clips and never thought to use them for closures. Yours are so pretty.

  7. craftygrandma56

    LOL!! That's what I thought when I saw it – cleavage!!! LOL!!! The clips remind me of my mom's old pearl clip-on earrings which I have tons of and now I know how to put to good use!!
    TFS your ideas

  8. scrapstress

    heart envelope is adorable, lol it looks like cleavage, omygosh my mini made a cameo appearance, love the idea of the bling mesh G it dresses up those clips perfectly


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