12 thoughts on “**Money Saving Tips (3 easy steps to save more 💰)**


    Also,I know this sounds silly but saving money in video games actually help for example in Gta you have a budget of 1,000,000 and you need a crib,a house,weapons,businesses,etc,it actually helps me to learn how to save in real life

  2. Tay Blayze

    On day 58 of no fap,, but how do u feel about men using the old school trick by masturbating like a hour before sex WITHOUT PORN just to last longer in bed with a women if they usually suffer from PE?

  3. Sincere Tha King

    Yessir! I Have Always Been Good With Money Management Unfortunately Most Women I Have Dealt with Wasn't Tried to Teach Many but Was Unsuccessful! Salute Brother!

  4. Momentai

    thanks for the reminder on stacking up that bread :0 I know this isnt about financial savings but I hit day 70 on no fap today 😀 and I think my hair is slowly coming back. my hair is way more thick than it used to be and this super tiny bald spot on my head which was completely smooth before no fap and now it has texture and I think I see a tiny hair follicle growing. I've also noticed overall attraction instead of just female attraction. I think I'm just slightly more approachable now.


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