Money Mindset Tricks/Saving Money (Frugal Living 2019)

**Money Mindset Tricks/Saving Money (Frugal Living 2019)**



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Money Mindset Tricks That I Practice/Saving Money/Abundance 2019

Here are 3 habits I practice in order to have a better attitude towards budgeting and money. The focus is on abundance, not scarcity. I hope you enjoy these fun tips that will pay off in the long run.

Zoey Arielle

Marie Forleo

Kate Northrup

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happy Friday everyone I read a lot of books and I watch a ton of YouTube videos on saving money and habits and practices that that are effective and I was trying to think of what I could share with you guys that I do that would be helpful and I realized there are three habits that I learned a while back that I continue to practice that are kind of fun and give me a good attitude about money and a great money mindset so I'm going to share those with you today welcome back if you already are a subscriber I'm so glad to see you guys again if this is your first time here I hope you get value out of this video and you'll hit subscribe so you can join our community and learn more about frugal living minimalism saving money and I also like talking about single mom hood cuz I'm a single mom and I still do my very best to make it all work when again all right so this these tips that I'm about to share with you I have learned from other women that I really admire and respect and their older videos that I got this information from so I've been doing them for years the first one is by a gal named Zoe Arielle I don't know if you've seen her before shucks a lot about manifesting money now but when I first started watching her she was talking about ways to save money and frugal living and I was like instantly attracted to her channel and I still continued to watch but the thing that she shared in this one video and I will put the link below so you can hear it in her words – but was to label your line items in your budget a more fun and intriguing way the whole point is to make your budget line items something that you'd actually want to put your money into actually when you see that you think ooh yeah I feel good about putting my money there let's give you an example if you have your mortgage mark paying my mortgage or paying my rent yeah but if you put Love Shack or sanctuary that you kind of like mmm I don't really feel bad is bad about spending my money there I know you're like Kate that's a little cheesy but I swear it works I'm gonna give you I'm gonna look over at my screen for a second to show you a couple examples from my budget my line items that you're gonna be like really you do this every month I do I do every single month okay so these are what I call some of my items instead of boring stuff so for my 403b I use Lincoln Financial so I call it Lincoln love instead of phone bill I put terrific texting instead of Internet I just put YouTube cuz I like spending money on YouTube but not on spectrum cuz you guys know how I feel about spectrum um instead of gas yes great spending money on gas I put fuel for fun isn't that way better than gas gas and then instead of grocery bill I have grocery greatness it just sounds a little bit more pizzazz I even label my categories differently if you've seen my budgeting video I have savings household giving and lifestyle but what I actually call them I didn't tell you this because you until now when I'm explaining it you'd be like what my savings is also called is actually called future Kate so future Kate the future Kate is gonna have more money and then for my household I have castle living you know I don't live in the castle but it makes it more fun giving instead I have blessings to others I feel good about that giving blessings to others that's my giving category and my lifestyle I have my best life see isn't just way more fun putting that kind of stuff in and that's what that's what I do so I hope that helps you a little bit give it a try you might feel really silly at first but I feel like it gets me in the right mindset that I'm putting money towards stuff that I value and I'm excited about give it a whirl number two comes from the amazing marie forleo if you haven't heard of marie forleo yet i highly recommend you go check her out because she has got great tips on how to improve your life your business she's awesome she said to get an ATM and that means an automatic transformative mantra huh I was like what is this and I swear this is another one just get your mind right get you thinking about abundance an abundant mentality instead of always lacking this is a trick your mind to think abundantly so she recommends that every time you part with money like say if you're writing a check right you write the check and then when you hand it over you say there's more where that came from so the first time I probably did this like what I heard her say it I like but what if there isn't more where that came from so I was probably like this there's more where that came from then it probably got a little better it was probably like there's more where that came from but after a month or so I was like Shh there's more where that came from retrain yourself to come from a place of abundance not scarcity it doesn't do you any good using negative words or negative thoughts about how little you have I don't have enough all that kind of any messes with your brain try to come from an abundant mentality there's more where that came from and if you feel a little silly at first fine you know I did I just told you I did but give it a practice see how you feel and I swear I feel a lot better now when I write checks and I part with money because I know there's gonna be more and the last one I learned from Kate Northrup a fellow Mainer I just adore her she wrote the book money a love story which I talked about in the beginning of the year I talked about that book I read the slight edge and some other books that were really transformative Kate Northrup gave me this tip again years ago in a video and I will link that one below she says to respect your money because more money comes where it is respected and if it's not respected it's much less likely to come to you where do you guys like to be where you're respected and loved saying like love money but respect it and you'll have more it's just the thought so she says for example when you her example was this say you go to a store let's say we're at a gas station and you go get a drink here grabbing a bottle of water and you have cash that day so you hand over cash they give you the change you want it up and you shove it in your pocket what's that telling your money that you just put in your pocket she says you're about as important as a crumpled up dirty Kleenex and I was like oh like wow I never really thought of that like do you have like money like change shoved in your pockets or in your purse and they're just in receipts and everything like all the things with money and just crumpled in there and acting like you don't care about it but if you respect your money see if you look I've been doing this now for years this is my wallet ooh matches my shirt didn't mean to do that but if you open my she says put your money in order all bills see look all my bills are facing the same way not a lot of money in there today huh people but in in numerical order so I go once fives tens 20s you know all those hundreds sometimes or my wallet but I always do that and I put it back in here nicely respected loved and in hopes that will bring me more and I know guys again all these are kind of like could feel like cheesy or silly but if you respect your money it will be more likely that more will come into your life instead of if you don't treat it with respect in summary make your line items in your budget more fun think things that you'd actually want to spend your money on like you have a vacation best time in my life you know something like that secondly when you are parting with money think and even say to yourself out loud there's more where that came from and lastly respect your money take care of your money more money will come where it's respected think about that now is your turn out of these three things and I know some of you this might be far out there but maybe you're not maybe you're like oh hey actually those seem like easy things to try of the three things if you had to pick one that you're gonna practice let me know in the comments which one you're most likely to practice and then let me know how it goes later on and see if it helps give you a better attitude toward money I think people get really serious about budgets and they hate the word budget and it's it it's torturous you guys know I love talking about budgets it's my happy place so if it's gonna be your happy place give it some happy words find ways to make budgeting a little bit more fun and get your head right thinking about abundance not scarcity try these money mind tricks to get you thinking about abundance in your life and not what you are lacking have a great day everybody I hope to see you soon if you have not hit subscribe please press that red button and the bell so that you get notifications when a new video comes out I do videos every week I hope to see you soon and I hope you got value out of this video I hope do you transport for you thanks babe I hope they work for you to let us know in the comments which one you're gonna try or all three

24 thoughts on “**Money Mindset Tricks/Saving Money (Frugal Living 2019)**

  1. Mary Beth Burkosky

    Great info about the mindset, it can truly change how you think about paying that bill ( like my sanctuary, instead of my mortgage) l. Place of abundance is a great mindset. I think it tells the universe that you expect more and will get it. Respect… there can be soooo much said for respect in every category in life… and respecting money, will bring you more. Great advice Kate! Of the three things, I think I will practice "respect" of money more. πŸ™‚

  2. Heather Lau

    This is only the second video of yours that I have watched and I can honestly say that you are now one of my favorite YouTubers! I am also a single mom and I felt like I was drowning financially. I searched for frugal tips and your channel came up! I plan on binge watching your videos after work and give Netflix a little break haha! I love the tip about re-naming the categories in my budget…I look forward to doing that tonight! Thank you πŸ™‚

  3. Ka Saelee

    I love your mindset. Going to practice all three. Going to try extra hard on the third one, my husband is super good on that one. Please checkout my channel if feel like it. I do simple living videos and would like to share ideas.

  4. TheMysticsoul77

    Car = Car's Name, Clothing = favorite color passion). Groceries = Favorite Food changed it to deliciousness daughter's = Unicorn Fund.

  5. ChristyQQ1

    That video made me laugh, your expressions! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Not sure about the, there's more where that came from. I tidy my purse every night. Throw away all the junk ready got the next day. The respecting money made me think about Japan. When you receive a business card you have to treat it with respect, not just shove it in your pocket. Like changing the names of your line items. Someone mentioned yum yums for groceries, I like that. πŸ˜„

  6. Catherine P

    I'm definitely going to try the different category names & the respecting the money, instead of shoving it into my pocket.
    Great video. Tfs

  7. Meg Peg

    A second comment on my part. This week was a short week financially but instead of telling my family the details, I told them I have decided that every second week we will call " frugal week" . I swear… They jumped to the challenge in the supermarket. Came home with so many cheap groceries and so many ideas how to put things to use Your the wouldn't believe! Amazing how the way you word things can change your outlook. 😍

  8. Meg Peg

    I will be calling the mortgage payment "the dog's house" payment. Makes me so much happier paying for a roof over my dogs head than paying just to see the total come down. Will also be calling savings as "my daughter's future fund". For once I'm excited to see bill pay day come around. 😁 Your such a smart, entertaining young lady.

  9. FrugalOverFifty

    Oh erm gee I missed this and your last vid. Ack! I officially hate the notification button but I never want to miss your content so you are one of just a few YouTubers I now have on notification. ❀️ Thank you for these tips – everything you provide is so practical. I think the third of the three is most immediately practical for me, it relates to my 2019 goal of working clearly with cash.


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