Mom of 15: Money Saving Tips For Making Family Meals

**Mom of 15: Money Saving Tips For Making Family Meals**



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Are you a busy mom who needs a little advice from a woman with experience? Well look no further and meet the woman who knows, Lyette Reback, mother of 15 on the premier episode of Mom 15, a brand new HooplaHa Original Series. Lyette grew up an only child. When she met her husband, David, it was love at first site and they were immediately engaged. It didn’t take long for the newlyweds to decide they wanted a large family and adopted their 15 children. As I’m sure you can imagine, Lyette and David have a very busy life, making sure their children are happy, productive and doing what they love. Lyette strives to teach her children the importance of family, patriotism and the ways they can make the world a better place, but creates long lasting memories for her children by helping the laugh, love and have fun!

On this episode, Lyette reveals her secrets behind stretching the dollar of her grocery budget while not compromising on taste and flavor. Lyette and David have mastered the art of quick and easy meals, preparing and recycling ingredients and maximizing their groceries by making meals in the crock pot. Whether you’re cooking for a family of 15 or for yourself, everyone could use a little advice on how to save a buck or two!

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This video series was produced by Lucia Nazzaro and shot/edited by Jean Carlo Ramierez. Need a little more advice for the busy mom on the go? Check out the Just For Mom YouTube channel, part of the HooplaHa Network…and don’t forget to smile!

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you don't have to have 15 kids to know that making your dollar go far in the kitchen is essential so today I'm going to share some tips with you on how we do it I really believe that teaching children the value of the dollar is important and one way that we do that is different ways that we prepare our meals whether you have 15 kids or one here's some surefire ways to stretch your dollar in the kitchen tip number one for saving money in the kitchen a crock pot you can't do any better you can buy less expensive cuts of meat and the flavors turn out delicious tip number two one of my favorite things to do to save money in the kitchen is to have a potato lunch bar so we'll bake up a bunch of potatoes and we'll use leftover chili and sour cream and cheese and bacon bits and the kids have a delicious lunch that doesn't cost a whole lot and my third tip for saving money in the kitchen making your dollar go a little further is to make one meal a few different ways so you could make chicken tacos on Monday where you take chicken breast and salsa and put it in the crock-pot the second day you can add some black beans and some corn and some chicken broth and turn that – tortilla soup and the third day if you really wanted to make it go a little further add some black beans and serve it over yellow rice delicious inexpensive and saves you time baked potatoes are rather easier to make than other meals because all you really have to do is rinse them off fork them and put them in the oven I like about potato clock is that I get to put cheese and butter and salt and pepper I'm Leah tree back mom 15 gotta go

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  1. This Down Home Momma

    I have always love you. Just found out that we are having number 11🌺🌺🌺 Decided to go back through your videos

  2. Catherine Bronte

    i was happy to see they adopted these children and did not have them. these children were already here and needed a home. far too many people are having huge families that are really for their over blown egos and the planet is suffering because of it. great job helping not only these kids but the planet as well.

  3. Debbie H

    People can have as many kids as they want to as long as they don't live off the government like food stamps section 8 homes and even cash.

  4. Donna Woodford

    The baby in the high chair needs to be drawn closer to the family dining table. Don't forget her! 💓

  5. pahrahinc

    Ah heck don't you two people have room for a half dozen more,??? you'd get more Welfare.!!!! Now get busy and start Breeding.!!!


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