Metallic Epoxy Sample Kits / Order Today and See the Difference

**Metallic Epoxy Sample Kits / Order Today and See the Difference**



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look at these awesome sample boards we did with our sample kit lagari products one of a kind every time order yours today links in the description below enjoy the video so I'm gonna put my white in here and then I'll do my black and the other one then we're gonna mix them up but it makes this really easy you see how fluid our product is with awesome color our floors go down a 45 square foot again on our countertops go down at closer to 30 35 square foot again so they're a lot thicker than then our floor coating look at that awesome color Snow White so cool alright so now we're gonna coat the whole board in this black color I'll pour it out on my edges kinda and I know I mixed it good so I'll scrape everything out that they can get we're gonna hold it at an angle if you hold this straight up and down you're just gonna be moving too much material at a time so just hold it at an angle just start kind of moving it around and obviously doing a counter you're gonna do a roller but you know your roller will wind up soaking up a lot of this material so you don't really want to do a roller when you're doing the samples cuz you can get the same looks as your roller would even with the paintbrush but the paintbrush doesn't soak up as much material so let go awesome that lays out no bubbles blast smooth so once we got it pretty much leveled out go go both ways left the right up and down just kind of help get it all even better self levels I think he can see how fast his self level – stuff – awesome and if you want to paint your hedges paint your hedges just make sure you wipe your hedges be cut the board cuz will have stuff on the edge they don't get your brush and then it'll get it on the surface so just make sure your edges are cleaned off if you're gonna paint them Selina's we're just gonna kind of swirl this around randomly this will bring some metallics to the surface and create some cool effects and then we're gonna do the big fat vane down the middle but notice how there's no bubbles it's perfectly smooth it's glass and that's that's because of the type of resin that we use alright guys so we just did a random main BIGBANG and we're just gonna blend over real quick and it's gonna let cool once this starts leveling out my model this is cool cuz it's just such a random like you can't screw it up you just can't we're just gonna kind of mist Chris the whole surface and look at the color that it's added and started to look really cool she can turn something that may not be as cool as you liked and just by adding some dispersing effects to it it completely changes it and makes it truly unique and awesome looking so we're gonna do this one a little different we're gonna do what is known in the resin our industry is a dirty pour we're gonna do some some vibrant colors and do blue and purple all right so now that I got to both both mixed I'm just going to pour them back into the bucket here we'll kind of switch up sides the whole the whole point of this is not to mix it up at all just get it in there so typically you just pour this out on your board in the middle move it around you but you do want a lot of a lot of resin when you're doing this so now we're gonna take our squeegee because we don't really want to blend the colors and we're just gonna try to get it the edges coated unless you got to blend it the better you can even move it around with an air hose or a blow dryer so we're gonna do this and then add some there's dispersing effects to it so once you get it pretty close to how you want it I like to just come through and kind of give it a random random pattern and this is a really simple technique to two hundred counters two really easy we'll be showing you a video of a customer that did this and it just turned out amazing so you want to do that and then I'll get my isopropyl alcohol and pearl white metallics do a test spray we're just gonna kind of mist it randomly not everywhere almost everywhere kind of random spots different different directions and it'll create a really cool look guys and that's that's it that's that's the sample that's how easy that was so that'll looked a lot different here in about 10-15 minutes then I'll start showing you guys the next one and we're gonna go silver into this one I'll be brass into this one so if we gotta get a dog here in here got dogs in the office didn't get that out right now and also make sure your board your level before you start level in both ways because this epoxy will will run to an unlevel point so the lines you got your board's level you're good to go now you gonna take your stick and mix them up start out slow because the powders were really light and they can make a mess if you start start out makes them fast then you can kind of speed to that once you get them all all the powder in there [Applause] all our products are no VOCs no harsh chemicals then we're gonna want to use misters did did I threw away for the other color people ask a lot like how can you do that without a mask it's cuz it doesn't have an odor it's not a potent chemical smell the best way to describe it is it's just exactly like if you were to paint a room in your house and you walk in that room and you can tell that something was done in that room same thing it's not gonna give you headaches it's not gonna get you high as a kite this stuff is just awesome it's non smelling no chemical smells to it that's why everyone loves it cuz it's it's just a fast system so there's so many techniques and ways you guys can do your sample kits or floors or counters we just show you stuff stuff that we come up with if a customer's create their own ideas and it's actually really cool you can go on our Facebook page or Instagram Pinterest and you can see all the customer photos that people put out there they send us and we post them on our pages and you can see what people are doing with our products it's really cool so I'm just gonna start pouring these out randomly now we're just gonna blend this together you're sorely kind of go in between them real quick get it get it close to each other not really blending them yet I'll take another brush since I got silver on that already you know I'm just gonna feather in the lines so I'm trying to do is just kind of be real light not mix it too much and I want to hit all the orange I don't want to leave any spots of the orange untouched and it's okay to get a little silver in there it'll look like little fracture veins this is more of a detailed technique I'll take a little more time if you're trying to recreate this on a counter but it's a really cool look all right so if you guys are doing stuff and like I said you don't like it you can always keep messing with it blend it more make it make it more not as dominant of edges and you can do that by just tilting your brush at an angle and just kind of blend over the whole thing and this will kind of give it more of a natural veiny look um you can also kind of chop up the surface too and notice how that silver kind of goes away it'll pop back and you'll see it another way is to just kind of come through like this kind of in the same patterns is it as you work and just kind of chop it up a little bit it's almost impossible to screw this up because you have so much working time there's so many different looks and and stuff you can get and it always looks different now we're to down the road to once it's starting to set up after it's done flowing and moving it always looks better than when he started but even that like it's I'm gonna leave it like that so you guys can see how cool that's gonna look here in about 30 minutes it's gonna look totally different than that and you saw like kind of all this stuff we did we did quite a bit of stuff to this and it's still gonna turn out really cool so we'll come back when these are all sold out and show you guys so you saw how much we mess with this one we're actually gonna mess with it again I'm not really happy with how it turned out I'm sure some of you guys are gonna love it wanted us to leave it you probably wanted us to leave in the beginning but I'm trying to show you how versatile and how easy this stuff is to manipulate if you don't like the look you're getting so I'm just gonna take a squeegee you can use our putty knife you could even come through with your brush again but I'm just gonna go random directions again like we did on the other one and holding it at an angle so I'm not moving a lot of resin I'm just kind of flattening it off and bringing the metallics to the surface and then we'll we're gonna miss some clear denatured alcohol on it for some dispersing effects so that's pretty much it and notice I go randomly everywhere now I'm just gonna take the denature and just spritz the surface and it's gonna create some really cool dispersing effects and that's it and then we'll come back like I said this will flow out and move a little bit and look really cool here and it turned out phenomenal and you saw how simple they were to do this one's probably my favorite this one's probably right up there too though this was really really cool super vibrant colors and they're all a little bit different and then this one turned out awesome also and it's more of a subtle look but just look how simple this was to do you guys watched it all super easy super fun and these are the results you guys can expect when you buy our kids thanks for watching everyone whoever gets to subscribe to the channel comment below share the video help us get the word out this product is amazing and it's changing the countertop in Florida industry also make sure your notifications are turned on that way you get notified every time we post a new video follow us on our social media sites to Facebook Instagram Pinterest we're always posting customer installs there and you can see what people are doing with our products is truly amazing our systems are one-of-a-kind every time and remember lagari comm has you covered

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  1. Francisco Ortega Ramirez

    Me encantó la variedad de acabados, gracias por compartir la técnica, saludos desde Madrid

  2. gregbmi991

    Hello, I am just curious, did you and Stone Coat Mike learn the trade together? Did you work together once upon a time? It really does not matter and this may not be the platform to even discuss such a thing, but its neat to know the story behind the artist, you know? I am an artist myself, but with steel as my medium. It just amazes me how we humans can create something so beautiful, so wonderful, so jaw dropping, out of nothing. We are much like our Maker!!

  3. Zac Sampson

    Whyyyy😭 everytime it looks so good you smear it🤣
    Great work though just killed my OCD ego just a tad😜
    Love watching this stuff so addicting!

  4. Kraig

    This stuff looks so good! I would like to use it on a project, but I need to coat the whole piece (both sides). Is that possible? How do you blend the seam from one side to the other cured side?

  5. Gerard & Margaret Lynch

    Can the sample kit be sent to Southern Ireland Amazon wont send it to me Billy from Archangle Art is using it Amazon says in it flamable and wont send it by post to me have put in a order
    Can get the mica colours Can't get resin or alcohol 99.9 %

  6. pancha lopez

    Pero x q no lo traducen este lenguaje no es universal y s sufre solo veo pero no entiendo x fa🤗

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    Hi.. Whats % isopropyl alcohol and what % pigment metallic. What its time latter the efect spray Work. Tanks. Great work


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