Meet Jordan Page from!

**Meet Jordan Page from!**



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Jordan Page is a blogger, family finance and frugal living expert, entrepreneur, and mom of 6 kids 8 and under. Her simple, effective, and FUN budgeting and frugal living techniques have helped hundreds of thousands of families all over the globe completely revamp their finances, get out of debt, stop fighting about money, and find room in their budgets for the fun things in life. Her wildly popular budgeting program can be found at (use the code YOUTUBE for 10% off).
She is a Utah transplant, wife to Bubba, kitchen dance party enthusiast, and lover of anything sparkly. See more at

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About me:
I’m a blogger at I have 5 kids 6 and under, live in Utah, and love talking about lifestyle, frugal living, and parenting! What would you like me to do a video on next? Leave a comment in my video and let me know!


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meet the so called queen of frugal hi I'm Jordan page I'm the mother of four and I'm an everyday finance and civil living expert and one hundred and twenty five dollars is much easier to track than five hundred dollars over 30 or 31 days so we started making popsicles basically we would take an ice mold or even just his bowl it went delicious make a mess in the process looking he's freaking out already so if you just frame your shopping your grocery shopping around the deals on the front page and the back page you can save half on your groceries just by doing that alone my favorite lipstick was a dollar at the dollar store so guess what combination of the two killer deal walk through your house and find something you can sell my husband sold his old calculator from high school for $50 on I'm serious fifty bucks there's always something you can sell it's a yard sale okay you're not like negotiating for a house it's a yard sale so but they who's baking pies my hands on it okay do you have the clarinet that you're not made you play back in sixth grade and salute no Anna put me to high five for the flute it was an awkward moment in my life what's with Krispy Kreme how am I gonna deal in Krispy Kreme can you sit now then let's be honest it's the hot dog we all love the hot dog oh they're everywhere they're so easy and they're great cause you get him instantly I feel like I'm walking proof that it's possible you

12 thoughts on “**Meet Jordan Page from!**

  1. Melissa Smith

    How do you balance all of this and still enjoy life. I'm struggling. Chronic illness takes its toll. I have energy today and stopped to take a break to gain some inspiration from your videos. I love them Jordan and thank you for all the tips and tricks.

  2. Catherine Mott

    Have you ever thought about dumpster diving? I see videos here on YouTube and people find really good things but I'm not sure if it's 'legal' or not (I'm also in utah) just wondering what your thoughts are? If it's technically stealing or not? Thanks!


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