Martin Lewis - memories of Rosie Choueka

**Martin Lewis – memories of Rosie Choueka**



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Rosie Choueka loved birthdays and this year would have been a very special celebration; Rosie would have turned 40 on 15th October 2016.

Over the 40 days leading up to Rosie’s birthday, we’ll be giving you the facts about secondary breast cancer and a selection of video memories of Rosie from her family, friends, colleagues and more.

On Rosie’s birthday itself, take a moment to light a candle on a cake, then snap your photo and post it on our Facebook page or Twitter.

Please help Secondary1st mark Rosie’s 40th birthday on October 15th.

Make a donation to and help us put secondary breast cancer first.

I first met Rosie through Elliott and like I suspect many of his friends my first thought was how imperfect if he managed to pull someone who's brilliant as that and brilliant is the right word brilliant not just intellectually and academically but a huge emotional intelligence to and when you were talking to Rosie about something whether it was personal or professional she had a knack of knowing exactly what you were talking about an almost answering the question before you'd finish your introduction and we're all worse off because she's no longer in this world her family her friends and the professional community she was involved in too you

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