Martin and Lewis - Jerry the steward (part 1)

**Martin and Lewis – Jerry the steward (part 1)**



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From May 31st, 1953 – Jerry is a first-time steward on a plane piloted by Dean.
nice smooth takeoff captain I can check ring for this steward I'd like to have some coffee oh yeah you don't want any coffee captain Chuck I just said I'm on coffee give me some coffee if you get a load of what's gonna bring it to you you'll see what I mean oh why that new steward he looks like an idiot okay if he's an idiot this planes in trouble he ain't the sketches in trouble yeah I'm into it yes my name is hi baby everyone know hi be wick wick yes dad wants to run soon I'm gonna tell it what do you know about being a steward oh I know well about it I know you have to say food and they stare at a customer's and a passenger to make them comfy cozy and all that I know all that stuff I know everything about flying oh you want to go Happy's on a malted that's four cufflinks you'll have to tell me what the homeowner Turner was doing captain I don't know about you're sure what a kid no I can't know what to do you got to greet these people make them happy that they're here say hello be real myself you gotta agree in the fight things all right how are you get the microphone the market for microphone yes all right Jessie J oh I got it alright now that white thing I don't agree to marry wait Angela how are you Jeremy very nice gentle life so charming my charming how are you Oh No just be real nice to be a man but be very sad being man yeah welcome aboard right what do you want from me I only know one other way to talk alright well go ahead and maybe that's it now hear this no please let me try again captain let me prove my mettle know you're mad cool yeah well there's your chancel dance so alright we want to welcome you aboard flight 267 to 9q we want you to know it we'll be flying at an altitude of 19 feet now from New York to Los Angeles we hope to arrive in LA a week from Tuesday dr. three minutes to Chicago and seven days Illinois goes bow yes the elevator I don't know you have to tell me that means that you go to every individual person see if their seat belt is fastened all right is everything copy with you how's the kid murder weapon I am put this in you have to have this seatbelt fastened here we go here we go you leave the passengers along you want me to take care of the people come on yeah high chopper say come I lose that captain that's my co-pilot Oh to co-pilot you know what I was thinking I hello friend Oh captain my captain my navigator or the copilot navigator yeah the three of us we fly the ship co-pilot navigator myself okay go get the tree then at all that said quiet that's all the three of us yeah oh I see there's only three years the two fellows in you Chuck Furnham me we fly the ship well well Chuck and Greta smoking in the lounge and you're here with me captain who's watching the Stars I start talking Fred go out there having a smoke and I'm here we

12 thoughts on “**Martin and Lewis – Jerry the steward (part 1)**

  1. stevemelnicola

    This one is not on the DVD sets I have. Good sketch at their peak, experienced but still getting along and confident in what they do. Love the shakey set. This spontaneous TV has no current equivalent. Loved them both separately but they were really special together. Love Youtube for the chance to watch performers like this and Durante, Stooges, Crosby and Hope, Burns and Allen Groucho etc.. etc..

  2. Arne Fogel

    The guy who won't wake up in the beginning ("Want a pillow?") is Dean's uncle, Leonard Barr, an eccentric dancer until the 1960s, when he began showing up on Dean's TV series as a deadpan (and very funny) monologist.

  3. animeboriqua411

    out of most of the sketches i've seen with them i feel like they really tried to crack each other up and they were HILARIOUS!!
    love em both dean and jerry!!!


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