Martin and Lewis - Dean's 2nd honeymoon (part 1)

**Martin and Lewis – Dean's 2nd honeymoon (part 1)**



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From June 5th, 1955 – Dean and his “wife” hope for a nice, quiet second honeymoon. The mood is ruined when the couple is joined by an over-enthusiastic fan: Jerry.
yes madam exactly the way you planned it happy anniversary thank you thank you John now would you mind hanging up the clothes please not at all mr. Martin oh it's all right this is gonna be a real wonderful just you and I all together by ourselves a whole week just together you know wonderful darling at last honey I'm not complaining but it isn't easy being married to a movie star look this is gonna be our second honeymoon honey everything just the way you wanted your favorite flowers favorite dish veal scaloppini and matzo balls in our marriage listening yeah yeah yeah your favorite champagne this is a Achanta lusatia Chablis yeah the English translation – chef it's 1945 that was the best year it's when he left his wife all righty I'll get us a drink how about that there's nothing a little drink you know I'll have it ready for you in a second oh nothing like a scotch with a scotch chase around oh come in come in what is this the kids in town the kids in town he's waiting outside what kid what town hey kiddo won the hollywood contest you know I told you about it didn't tell me nothing oh yes I did it's a publicity stunt for you know picture the kid outsides the winner it's a free trip to Hollywood it's a tetrapod your new picture and a week's stay with this favorite movie star whoo what happens to be you do you understand that this happens to be my wife and our second honeymoon when you quit for me I get a well how are you kid what's on your mind are you here looks just like the Dewan of silver screen I'm so through success I can't even hear my heart palpitating for a second looks like it's true why didn't I smile when they you're the kids that they won the contest huh yeah I'm so excited I can't even always or what's your name Georgie Georgie Hellman yeah and I'm awful glad to be with you here this close mr. Martin mm-hmm don't go you call me Dean crawlin beam by effort please don't fake we run out of scotch I'll make it better there goes the suede I'm sorry mister mom but I'm so excited to be in your house that's all right listen is there anything you'd like you know and well the only thing I'd like I'd like to be here with you all the time maybe you'll give me an autograph so I can have it to come on time I go out a grip book would you please here's the pen I'm so excited I never thought I'd live to see this day Oh Georgie it's well to meet you Georgie and oh what a swell fellow you are we will be powerful we will always be friends together you and me Georgie I know you went to think that we can go together and be friends for you oh thank you mr. Martin I'm really thrilled to death I want to show you my book and my book hey you want to see it well not necessarily all right here it is it's my what Dean Martin doesn't use scrapbook it's really terrific look let me show you here remember when you got into the movies mr. Martin yeah and you went to the barbershop and they shaved off your moustache mm-hmm well I have it here see my mother made a tie clip I declare part of it sure well when I raise another mustache maybe she'll make me some coupling yeah it'll be a set and do you remember mr. Martin when you were walking on Broadway 1947 you're walking on Broadway you were eating a no Henry bar all those are 54th Street I'll be a son of a gun but a memory how usual way to play up a whole angry body remember and I picked it up I've been saving it ever since it melted my favorite melted maybe a but you could I have a button to my suit what are you worried about the magazine photoplay magazine always says you got thousands of suits yeah but they're all again

12 thoughts on “**Martin and Lewis – Dean's 2nd honeymoon (part 1)**

  1. Linda Shelley

    Did anyone else think that the girl who played Dean’s ‘wife’ actually looked a lot like Jeannie?

  2. xxNeedleZxx

    "The magazines said yuh had amole on yur left knee, its a lie, ITS A LIE!"
    "I had it removed"
    "Can I have it?"
    XD oooooohh I wanna meet Jerry, and act lik this xD


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