Martin and Lewis::: BLOOPERS // OUTTAKES // AD-LIBS ((part 1/7))

**Martin and Lewis::: BLOOPERS // OUTTAKES // AD-LIBS ((part 1/7))**



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Compilation of Clips from the Colegate Comedy Hour starring Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis.

“Oh look! Holly!”
ah have just a girl for you ah I'd like to meet here's a girl Elsie I think I said that is that nonfat no I don't yeah you've always wanted to lead one a mom you always wanted to conduct one of my numbers you're gonna get you a chance Charlie aren't you overreacting a little bit [Laughter] you've been going to the gym no I want you to keep it to remember me by okay we're having loads of fun I wish you'd join us one minute all we can feel like Oh No oh no what don't don't Oh don't drive the line go ahead why don't burn yourself with me you go ahead I'll just stay here by myself and die of malnutrition gather I don't talk that high kid well give the chance a kid let me try you won't give the chance a kid they didn't hear it Jerry Lewis not that hard [Laughter] [Applause] hey this wasn't a mystery just get my bad sister Marcus back come on I live it's not real grass carry no no no don't stop me when I'm saying something oh man I mean I know y'all add lemon enough no I never know what you might say well the Medina figure out what what's on your mind Oh Howie Wendell tweet three when we pick her up pick up a girl like that don't you know to pick up a girl wander away why don't you why don't we move on forget it why are we send out invitations your friends and our relations announcing our wedding day me and my gray sequined gown with the bone train I said to you decide so did you ever see a thing like this we're all die by a sequence sure baby move back while I hit them yeah forget the dog you and your frickin idea why don't we do a number together where everybody can see it you know oh good idea why don't we do it yeah lots of luck

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