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**Make Laundry Soap at Home for Pennies on the Dollar | Frugal Living | Everyday I'm Budgeting**



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I’ve been making my own laundry detergent for years. Occasionally I’ll purchase some Thieves detergent but other than that this stuff is my go to laundry soap. It doesn’t cause me migraines or allergic reactions (no perfumes/fragrances) and I save a bunch of money as well. In my book that’s a win all around. I’m going to take you along as I whip up my first batch at the new house. With just a few simple ingredients you can find in your laundry aisle- or arrange for Walmart pickup like I did- you can have a year’s supply of detergent for under $30 and 15 minutes worth of time.

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hi everyone all right so just cut right to the chase we're making laundry soap today so why did I ever want to make laundry soap instead of just buying it off the shelf I have two reasons first one is I can save a lot of money I can make enough for over a year is just for me but even when I was making this with two people in the household it still lasted me over a year and we were doing laundry almost every day at that point and then the other one is that I'm I'm allergic to a lot of things as someone who has MCAD if I'm using things a lot of perfumes in it things don't typically go particularly great for me and I don't want all of those perfumes in my house let alone on the sheets that I'm sleeping in and the clothes that I'm wearing just isn't good choices for me so both of those things combined means I make my own laundry soap have been for years and it's pretty simple so let's walk through it you will need just the things in front of you first one baking soda I have this giant box here it is four pounds and I spent believe like three dollars and seventy something cents for this one the entire everything that's here cost me just over twenty-eight dollars if that helps super washing soda this is also the Armand Hammer brand but it doesn't have to be if you can find it in another brand you can certainly use that next up borax the only one that my Walmart actually had was this 20 Mule Team and someone would have ever used before I'm not sure if there are other brands that are easily accessible in your area that I just haven't heard of but this is the one I have been using next up nope so I have actually used a couple different things you can use filth naphtha you can use Zoet you can uses oat bars you can use Ivory soap lots of different things you can do but if you're gonna go with actual soap I would go flakes it's so much simpler I don't have to sit there and greet bars of soap I have time for that at least not anymore and it doesn't really cost that much more when I think it was like maybe a dollar more total to make this recipe than it was for bars it's worth a dollar all right and then OxiClean the kind that I am using is the free no dye and no perfume for reasons I've already mentioned so let's get started I'm going to be putting the entire box of all three things that are on this side in how I should have opened it beforehand all right the easiest way I found to actually do it is to put it into either a a bag and then just sort of mix it as you go like or put it into a big bucket but either way mixing as you go and not putting the entire box of one thing and then the entire box of the other makes the process much simpler okay two of them open though it is a little messy if you don't like the smell of zoats like I said there are other ones you can use I'm assuming that's how we say that soap hi last one all right let's do this and be careful you do get quite a bit of dust in the air if you have a mask it's not a bad thing to use it I don't know where mine is so [Applause] very simple you're just mixing isn't the last time I did this recipe I might have used like on the blog I might have used the ivory soap and turn it into a powder room which was a pretty fun science experiment but I don't have time for that tonight so I added all of this stuff to my grocery order and if you have a really really really large family you could always double or triple this recipe so the last thing is you can put about half of one of these oxy cleans in I'm probably gonna put the whole thing in just because I am gonna put whole thing in because I I just want to but you don't have to put the whole thing in if you want to do half that is perfectly fine I've used everything from half of one of these all the way up to a full one and I personally just like the full one I think it works a little bit better but that might just be my washing machine and the clothes that I'm using okay so this is gonna take me a few minutes to stir so I'm going to come back to you guys in just a minute once this is all done alright so we are back next up just package it up super simple so you can put it in all kinds of containers you could put it in these little candy type containers you can put it in mason jars like the large ones I would say and you don't have to put it in scoop by scoop but I don't want to pour it while I'm talking because I'm afraid I would drop it so anyway I'm just going to measure this all out into my canisters and we'll be right back alright so I am completely done with this I have enough laundry soap to get me through the entire year this quarter cup is going to actually go in here I will need somewhere between a half of this and a full scoop depending upon the size of the load normally I only need about half of it if something is like super super dirty I might go for a full scoop but typically I'm looking at about two tablespoons or so for my washer if you're looking if you have a high-efficiency you're gonna use even less I do not have a high-efficiency I have just a regular washing machine at the moment so hopefully you are able to utilize this recipe in your home and save yourself a little bit of money and get rid of some of the chemicals if that's what you so choose I have seen people use scent crystals in their versions of this recipe before I do not use it because of the fragrance issue but feel free of that is what your family would like to do I've heard really good things about that I will actually to get sent in to mine other than just this note use some of these wool dryer balls you can put a little bit of essential oil on them toss them in the dryer done it actually also speeds up the drying time of your cycle and gets rid of the static and I believe these ones cost me $4.99 so pretty cheap since they will last me all year all right so until next time bye

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