Living Debt-Free: 600 Thread Count Sheets Matter

**Living Debt-Free: 600 Thread Count Sheets Matter**



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Living debt-free gives you freedom! After 10 years of marriage and frugal living with no vacation, we took our first vacation. It was definitely not a luxury cruise vacation, but it was a cruise, and we came back from that cruise energized to continue living a debt-free life.

Another weekend getaway vacation we slept on 500 thread count sheets. And those 500 thread count sheets gave me a wake up call, that a frugal debt-free life with no touches of luxury was not living in freedom. Determined to sleep on our own luxurious sheets of 500+ thread count led me to begin questioning other decisions we had made. And allowed us to live a life of #smartluxury #debtfree.

I want you to experience those little touches of luxury in your life!

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say hi Zack hi guys this is Betsy Hill I just wanted to pop on today and I'm sitting on the stern of gipsy and you guys can see behind me we're at harbortown marina in Fort Pierce I just kind of wanted to get on today and share my heart a little bit with you all I've had several people question me about how Jim and I were able to retire in our 50s and owned a waterfront home and own gipsy and do the trips that we take and I just sort of wanted to share a little story with you when Jim and I had been married about 10 years he came to me and he says you know we really need a vacation and up to that point our only vacation had been going with family for Christmas or Thanksgiving and you know we just we'd never had a true Betsy and Jim get away from it all trip and so we took a cruise and I really looked and I really searched and found an affordable cruise that we could take and it made a lot of difference for the two of us and why am I telling you that well that kind of led me to think about other things in our life like why we were sleeping on 200 thread count sheets and why we had the same stone wear a pattern that my mother and my sister and my my brother had and you know just tiny things like that and it all comes down to the fact that we were frugal back then I mean I didn't want to spend a lot of money because we put the majority of the money that we had into the company and we would that's was our retirement we knew that and we didn't put ourselves and debt we paid cash whenever we could the only things that we financed or what the banks call good credit or good debt good debt is what I was is what I was looking for that would be our house that would be cars but as far as furniture and that kind of stuff we never used retail credit and so when I got finally got the chance we were somewhere on vacation and we were sleeping on 500 thread count sheets oh my gosh they make such an incredible difference so I was determined that we were not gonna be sleeping on 200 thread count sheets that we were gonna sleep on 500 thread count sheets but 500 thread count sheets guys are really super expensive so I saved a lot of our money I didn't go out for Starbucks I made my own lattes at home which speaking of homemade lattes that's what this is you know and I so I would save like you know 15 bucks a week from not going to Starbucks well this 15 bucks a week added up and pretty soon I was able to go to Steinmart and I found I found 600 thread count sheets on sale and so that kind of turned my whole philosophy around so we don't spend frivolously like we'll go out to eat and that kind of stuff but we don't put ourselves frivolously in debt and because of that Jim and I were able to retire at 50 so I just kind of want to challenge you with this that it's possible to save money for those great things in life like 600 thread count sheets and we were actually able to excuse me we sold a boat when we were living in Virginia we sold a 35 foot catamaran and we used that money along with some of our money in savings to purchase our forty seven foot sailing catamaran that many of you all know you've seen her on lots of videos lots of our blog posts lots of our travels were on her that was indigo and we sold indigo in 2017 in January and we purchased salt water gypsy now I am here to tell you we don't buy new votes because new votes like new cars are very bad investments they you take an immediate depreciation hit I'm a firm believer that you let somebody else take the depreciation hit and so we buy used votes but we make sure that our used votes are really really good and so we paid cash for two sheets the thirty-five foot catamaran that we sold and upgraded to our 47 foot sailing catamaran indigo we paid cash for her then when we sold indigo we took that cash and paid for saltwater gypsy and so it it all propagates itself we don't carry even to this day a lot of debt so my challenge to you this week is what can you give up that would allow you to sleep on 600 thread count sheets drop a comment to me below and let me know what you're going to do what challenge you're going to put on yourself so that you can afford 600 thread count sheets see you later guys

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