Living at Home to Save Money

**Living at Home to Save Money**



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Real fam, would you live with your parents to save money?
Denver Broncos running back Phillip Lindsey was actually on a podcast for Ian Rapoport and he was talking about that he was ready to become an adult officially meaning that he had finally saved up enough money to move out of his parents house he is 25 years old you guys and his base salary is five hundred and seventy thousand dollars a year now a lot of place making the faces that some of you are making judging him as to why why was he living with his parents and he was pretty much saying that like he was saving up his money and that he liked the fact that when he was living with his parents they helped him stay the straight and narrow meaning he was good with his money he was smart with this money he's living a good life what do you guys think about this do you think this is stupid do you guys think that um he should have moved out earlier I there's you know I've lived with your parents and done this okay this is the thing I think there's a double standard when it comes to boys living in the house and girls living in the house it's so freak man it's my work well because you guys my mom and dad they found the house for tea and I like that 21 they were like oh there's this really nice house down the street it's just 10 miles away it'll be great for you guys at 21 but a lot of people 21 is really young no but they let the boys stay in a little longer oh oh yeah hello I thought that I think Tosh I mean but you guys had each other yeah we did so I wanted to stay in just a little longer know what I but they figured it was both of y'all so but where's the guys they're not twins so I will tell you this my mom and my dad they will let the boys move back in whereas if I would ask my mom if I can move back in she would say no I know that I'm just saying in general they want the girls to be not independent and they let the blast zone you ain't gonna be they would let you move in if something happened nothing's gonna happen but if they would let you know I think I think if it was a dire need like oh my gosh I was struggling something you know if I was like mom you know just huh things ain't working out and I miss your food you know she would say no no you can't save yam on the weekends she just loves her space yeah really hard but succeed that and she won't know about minority families but for me like if if there's enough room in the house and if it's a healthy environment no codependency okay or weird things like that are mooching off of each other I think it's a dope idea to be able to live with your parents like I know Jamie Foxx lives with his dad he moved his dad and his wife in and then I know his and Dan still lives with their parents and I just lead orden to be judoka I recently my mom lives with me well she just hasn't left but my mom lives with me and I also am moved trying to move my dad back into the house there's something so appreciative about there's something appreciating about your family after you turned 30 do you start noticing that you love your parents in a different way what is that what are your senses this what I think if I would look at my son and say is the contract sign yeah that's not okay let's go find a house and let's all move into the new house this is pretty sick it looked like he was putting money aside to parent himself I'm not a mother see here's a difference so if he took his new earnings which he deserved and he moved on but he didn't cut his parents anything I would have a problem just five hundred thousand dollars a year like I got at home if he didn't hook his parents up you guys know what I'm saying yeah don't take all your new money and go move off and have your that's why I be like is the contracts on Wow we don't know is a lot of parents even if you have money they're really comfortable in the way that they're living and I think sometimes we judge people based on like where they live or like what the side of the house correct and sometimes people are like nah fam like I'm happy over here in my house where I'm living you could only fancy but I love where I live oh yeah kids cuz ugh light is the contract sign we don't use this house as a rent house you know we make some money and not everybody doing a thing you know and I'm in the new house with you and – you know and get all the holes make sure that carving up in your hallway that's best what he will say it straight so he wasn't bringing a bunch of exactly

48 thoughts on “**Living at Home to Save Money**

  1. Steph & Den

    SAVE MONEY, LIVE BETTER ✨You should definitely utilize your family situation to your advantage (if you can)! Obviously many families do things differently so I don't think we can generalize here! But if you can better your LONG TERM situation – THEN WHY NOT

  2. Ayub Abdulle

    When you live in a toxic household you gotta leave and struggle till you find your own place.. so it’s subjective. It would be so great to live with them and save but that ain’t the case

  3. Altered Penguin

    Immediately she goes to double standards. It's not a double standard it's some parents a son crazy others are girl crazy. What I mean is some parents have a biasis. Its not a general gender double standard. Always playing the victim jeeez

  4. Nikki Reign

    People mature at a different pace. 25 for a man is like 17 in human years (lol). If he had a plan to stack up and do productive things with himself and his life, I think it's fine.

  5. saima cookie

    Lol American culture
    In Indian house hold u can stay up till married
    Adriane reaction is like shame u stay with your parents house whattt

  6. Dina love

    In Somali culture its bizarre for the kids to move out unless they're getting married and can afford to start a family. Also, Tamara's story is an exception because Tia and Tamara are adults and were mature for their age, but I think most minority families would be much happier to have their daughters stay in the house, for many reasons.

  7. Joey Glowacki

    I payed my own rent since I was 18. If I lived with my parents I wouldn’t be alive anymore. That environment was too toxic

  8. Maribeliz Rivera Legrand

    25 really? That’s so young people! I understand if he’s 36-40 but 25? I’m 25 and I’m not moving out any time soon! Lol

  9. Kaylin Taylor

    Being an adult is a mindset not an age amd I dont think you should have to move out and make it on your own before you are ready to do so financially and mentally. Times are different now than they use to be and it's so easy to go into debt trying to take care of yourself especially before you have the income to sustain your lifestyle. So I think it's a great idea to live at home if you can for as long as it takes for you to feel like you can handle the world and concur it. I think there would maybe be at least a little less poverty if people werent in such a hurry to grow up amd move out.

  10. Mia Herrera

    I think it all depends on the type of situation you’re in. For example, I just turned 21. Will start nursing school (hopefully within the next year) and still live with my parents. Along with having them help me financially. With that being said, under these circumstances I believe it’s okay to live with my parents until I finish my degree because It’s not like I’m sitting around being lazy milking off of them. I’m working towards a goal that will eventually be achieved. But of course people all have different sorts of living situations that I understand as well.

  11. E Rivera

    If my sons have a career and are making money and they wanted to stay with me so they can save their money, hell yeah they would be staying in my house. Anything to help them get to the next level, yes.

  12. Jenna Gilbert

    I wish I could live at home. But my parents homes aren’t stable enough so I’m out on my own and have been since 18.

  13. Candy G

    my youngest is 18 i'm 20 and my sister is 22 and we are still with our mom! she definitely doesn't want us out and we do help with rent. but soon we're planning on leaving. school is a hassle and she wants us to be financially STABLE before we have such a hefty weight on us!

  14. 'Ammarah May

    Living at home saves you stress. As long as you are contributing your parents would love the company. Save save save and be good to your parents

  15. Autumn Vivienne

    idk who came up wit this rule that you HAVE to leave your parents' house as soon as youre of legal age, if your parents are comfortable, and you are comfortable, and youre also contributing in the house then its okay to stay, you alone of course, if youd like to start a family with someone then yes, its better to leave

  16. Courtney Bridgit

    Everyone in the comments is almost shaming people who move out at 18. Just because you were not grounded enough to move out on your own, doesn't mean you insult other people's choices. I am pro choice. If you wanna stay with your folks, do it, but don't shame the ones grinding hard. Some people move away because their parents are abusive. Not everyone has the blessing of good parents.

  17. joseph lule-musoke

    25 not bad as a man to live at home at all we still young a lot of us are in school but at 30+ you need to dip

  18. SAS 1

    I am a mom of boy and girl twins. I have no problem with them living with my husband and I until they are financially stable.

  19. Sadiqua Ramroop

    Caribbean parents don't even want their kids moving out when they get married 😂. Hell I'd die and my parents gonna keep my ashes. What is moving?

  20. dre v

    i want to make this clear. there’s nothing wrong with Loni, if she disagrees with something she has a right to speak against it. that’s how discussions develop. you can’t have a conversation that doesn’t challenge how you think – a talk show where everyone pretended to agree with each other would be so boring.

  21. dre v

    wait what, Tamera? a double standard? girls need to move out first? it’s the other way around. guys are always pressured to be successful, independent, and like ‘real men’ and have a well paid job. in our society men are valued more for success and women are valued more for looks.

  22. Angeleyes319

    I moved out a few months after I turned 18 and finished my senior year of high school alone with no parental guidance I graduated with extra credits and college credit

  23. Neha Patel

    In Indian culture, traditionally parents love to have their kids in the house as long as possible, regardless of gender. Marriage is usually (not always) the trigger for a son or daughter to move out of the home. With marriage, the daughters usually leave to move in with their husbands and the son will either move out once he is married or stay in a joint family with the his wife and parents…BUT it would be to take care of the parents rather than to be taken care of. Your parents keep you as long as possible in your young age and you do the same for them in their old age. More people move out earlier and living separately from their parents nowadays, but the concept of keeping family close is deep in Indian culture.

  24. Casper On Dat

    Young men stays with parents = woman looks at him like a bum
    Young woman stays with parents = men more accepting and respects her grind
    i moved out young ijs that’s how it usually is

  25. lexnikolle

    If he wanna stay with his parents that's HIS business. It's not like he's staying there bc he's lazy and broke, plus I'm sure he's probably helping out his family too. If they are okay with it then who cares?

  26. JaYaR Truth

    Real talk two big reasons I'm back home is to save money and facilitate better decisions (can't have many to any one night stands etc)

  27. JaYaR Truth

    25 year old man built a career making 500K+ a year… I don't think he needs advice on whether he should have moved out or not lmao

  28. Feroza Thaha

    Our parents take of us when we need them no matter what your age ,in return we care for them when they are old and feeble never thinking of seding them out to be taken care by others.
    A must if you are a muslim,nothing to do with where you live middle east, asia,America, where ever ,every corner of earth

  29. TopFlightSecurity415

    im still at the house at 28 and trust me it snot by choice…my brother an i would love to move out ( we need our privacy for dating lol) but stagnant wages an rising rent is not helping us or any one in our generation right now


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