Jerry Lewis - Dean Martin - Colgate Comedy Hour Clip 7 of 19

**Jerry Lewis – Dean Martin – Colgate Comedy Hour Clip 7 of 19**



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Dean and Jerry arguing at the open of the show before Jerry introduces his song

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you did it again Virginia it's salted moldy what is this what is this I'm eating ham all right hey meow you just said that so I could hug you and make up with you I'm not gonna make up with you Shirley every time I keep on you see what you're just at the Geneva but you don't understand hell I don't understand Rock what I going on this bag I don't know – apply so I lost my edge birthday and gives a chance to kids I never heard such a thing oh I am sorry so I made a mistake I'm entitled I'm young what are you is everything up in the airport I'm a psychic talk the way I want I don't plan it it comes out that way what is all of them you you through with the words at the end of the sentence if there's a period there you don't need this anymore you would say I'm going to the corner not I'm going to corner then you really get everywhere oh you see we really can't around we don't delimited four wheels but if we wish to walk out like wanted to see where we're so happy to be wrong about that but when you're yelling the kid with the air for niggas Oh no I know mr. Colgate personally I would like to juice my partner's first number there's a very beautiful tune and it's somewhere a new picture at war with the army currently playing as many theaters oh the money he's coming out here we know anyone's write a song it's just about the nicest thing I've ever heard I was telling Sylvia last time they're trying to wonder who I think you like

26 thoughts on “**Jerry Lewis – Dean Martin – Colgate Comedy Hour Clip 7 of 19**

  1. LadyShiva16

    "I'm going to the corner..?" LOL And that bit where Jerry's like, "Don't you stamp your foot at me Ethel!" It cracks me up. Thx for posting.

  2. Brianne Nielsen

    I am 15 years old and I love This I love watching Them…. I wish I could of been at one of there shows of course i wasn't born… I Love Dean martin and jerry lewis with dean I have all his songs on my ipod and the shows as well on my ipod and on dvds they are my Idols!

  3. Jessica Miranda

    I think he just mocks Dean. He says "You did it it again" in an accent or something. I LOVE this clip 😀 Jerry is such a hunk 🙂

  4. julie11061

    i love how he says that 🙂 i always say that to my friends when i get mad and they know to back off when i say that 🙂

  5. julie11061

    hahah its the same with my two friends 🙂 they arent italian but they both come from english backgrounds and whenever they have a bit of an argument and they start to raise their voices they start speaking in a british accent 🙂


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