Jeannie Living in a Lazy Daze Class C RV

**Jeannie Living in a Lazy Daze Class C RV**



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Today we meet Jeannie who is retired and a full-time RVer who chose a Lazy Daze Class C as her tiny home on wheels because of their outstanding reputation for quality of workmanship and materials.

No matter how cheap your budget, you can learn something from this video about how to turn your car, van, caravan or RV into a surprisingly cheap mobile, tiny house on wheels! Then you can live the life of your dreams by adopting a minimalist, simple and frugal life of travel as a gypsy, nomad, traveler or even a prepper by dropping out of the Rat Race and becoming a Vandweller or RVer!
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hi everyone Bob wells here and this is the real star of the show my best buddy Cody welcome to our new channel we've been promising your videos from the old channel for a long time and we're just now finally getting them up that's what we have for you today I hope you enjoy them and let's join that video in progress welcome back folks we're going to do another interview now we're going to meet Jeannie who lives in this beautiful Lazydays motor home so Jeannie tell us a little bit about yourself how did you come to be in oh man I've been on the road since August of 2012 and I was in Austin Texas it worked for 13 years for Dell computer and got into a job that was kind of rural stress Falls and I had a house I was looking to sell and the market was terrible and then the market suddenly turned in Austin in spring of 2012 and I was able to sell the house and at the same time I had this job that was making me crazy and I ended up putting it up for sale and thinking about living in my RV I had a I bought a lazy days and a few months earlier and I decide to live in it quit the job so the house took off on the run for a few months to figure out what I wanted to do where I wanted to work where I wanted to live and and that was four years ago well so but it took like a few years of research I was looking at before four years ago yeah yeah so I was looking at selling a house and was looking at downsizing it was too big of a house I was looking at downsizing I found tiny houses people living in RVs a couch chief RV living calm I decide on lazy days and I found one that was just the next town up a guy was reading his blog and so when I saw his ad on Craigslist I felt like I needed and I bought it and was able to get on the road with it so why are V what made you want to do in you know most ladies when they retire they just sit comfortably at home but you want to get out there see the world yeah I am my folks when they retired they took off in the fifth wheel for a couple years so it's familiar with it and then they came back to Texas and built a house and it was kind of back my mind and I saw how they were tired and I started you know trying to save a little bit and thinking maybe I'd retire later and then I ended up coming earlier than I expected but so I thought I'd buy the RV that I found online I thought I'd get that have it for a couple years and then retire and then get a bigger one because this one was 22 feet it was 20 years old but it was in good shape and so I was able to be my practice rig and then I ended up living in upper-year but so you know when I was researching and finding these other blogs and I found people giving this like living and traveling and it just seems so fantastic and I guess I'm a bit of a gypsy I think I have that I used to move a lot and I'm usually I'm easily bored and easily amused so that really kind of plays well with this kind of lifestyle so if you start to get bored yeah I should drive somewhere now and you're amused again yeah and when I first started out I moved a lot and now I like to sit for two weeks and I just kind of like live my life but I do it in beautiful places and so that's just that's my that's my camping style now is that and I've met so many people on the road then I was way more friends on the road than I did when I was in a job and a house and there's always somebody somewhere to camp with or there's somebody that summer that I want to go camp with and I have folks all the time saying a were over here come come camp with us and given to the RTR rubber tree of rendezvous of camp with Randy and you know and then once you meet people on the road in there there's all kinds of places to go and people to see and people to camp with so many things to see in general you'll never run out no I never see them all yeah my bucket list is really long and everywhere you go you meet some new friends yeah yeah and new connections yeah even with a little group we have here there's there's two new people that never campus before Wow yeah and he knows how many times will be camping with them down the road yeah right yeah so you you kind of people wonder if they're going to go out and be lonely you haven't found that at all no no although I was a loner I was more about an introvert to begin with and so I do like my long time but then you know you kind of surround yourself with your own tribe and focus that that kind of like to be alone and like to have you know social components are you're able to join in with a social component as much as you want and also have your own rig you can be by yourself as much as you want and I've been out in the forest by myself for ten days at a time and I was fine and and I like to have some of the kind of camp with and travel with the other safety numbers although I think I'm much more safe out on the road than I was in the house in the city so you have it have you been fearful or afraid since you've been on the road no there was one maybe twice it was one time I can remember that I pulled into a campground drove all the way up Casper mountain in Wyoming and it was a really tough drive and I got there and I didn't like the feeling of the campground and I did there just was something about it that was kind of creepy and I just thought I'm not gonna stay there and so I just you just got to trust your guts right most the time everything is great but that one time I ended up driving back down the mountain and went to the Walmart for the night and you know it may have been fine but I you know guy sitting in cars in a campground with milk tent I just sometimes she just just you got and that was like the one time if there was another time I can't remember but rarely rarely were you afraid beforehand for your safety is it occurred to you boy I'm not hoping to be safe out there no I don't think it'd wake her to me no you were just confident the whole time yeah I mean you just um you know yep you know common sense right just common sense and you know you kind of like watch out and you do your research and I'm you know I'm pretty common sense so you kind of like can take her yourself right like keep you keep you know keep aware of your surroundings right I'm falling into a good research right yes probably yes and so after four years you have any regrets you wish you hadn't done of things you've done right things you've done wrong gosh I can't say that I do anything differently like I am glad at the the RV's that I bought I bought one that I was able to get into for a little over ten thousand dollars and it got me on the road and it was a good one to live in for a while and I had really downsized my house I put all my stuff into storage for six months in a storage thinking that if it didn't work for me I could set up a house and then I loved it so much when I was out on the road for about three or four months I went back to Texas and donated it all got rid of it and and then ended up travelling for another year and then sold the 22-foot and bought this 26 foot for a time I had a scooter I needed a ton of some women to get into town and back and him to break camp everything yeah yeah with the 22-foot it was kind of easy and I was traveling a lot but once I started kind of like sitting on place for about two weeks it it was easier to I was always bumming rides I'm hidden like that so I wanted my own transportation and I got a scooter I got a ramp on the back and threw the scooter because I thought telling a car just really scared me the scooter government of being hard and I thought about a year year and a half ago I end up getting a car that would do the scooter got a car and the towing a car is easier than I thought it was going to be so and getting a manual transmission and just like popping musial go so you know the getting the stuff to do it although the tow bar and basically all that kind of stuff it's kind of expensive to get set up but it's so nice having a car so maybe if I had to do something different maybe I wouldn't get the scooter because it just I should have just gotten a car to begin with right people are afraid of towing yeah but it you found it really wasn't maybe yeah yeah and I thought you know I would mess it up you know I just figured I would be one of those people that's you know dragged in a car with a brake on or something and if you just follow it with anything but the Reg you follow a checklist before you get going with a car you just have the things that you do and I went to there's a Lazydays that's they were gathering of the ladies late ladies gathering every September and one of the seminars that year last year before was about to tell her not to toe and is talking to ladies about it and then explaining you know how it is to you know do turning and negotiating roads and stuff with a car the car is actually skinnier than it's been an RV so my case yeah so I'm like you know I gotta watch my back tires and my tire swing so if your back tire can make it the car can make it because it's skinnier knee so like being so it was like that was like a light bulb moment of if I could drive this the car just going to follow behind me and as long as some you know you just hook it up properly put it in neutral and just you know kind of double-check it and go and I can kind of tell if I'm going up a mountain that I have some extra weight back there but it's really light a Ford Fiesta it's 2,500 pounds so it doesn't do much it's it's great to be able to go into town take the laundry grocery shopping go hiking you know just take it anywhere we want to go so you can build kit set up camp and goes for very cheaply right exactly yeah set at 8 or 10 or its lucky on your lazy days you can I get 30 yeah 40 gallon 30 40 miles 20 miles a gallon that's super yeah people always ask what kind of mileage governess which is about nine but I always say but it's a house it gets good mileage for a house right very good mileage for a very much for a house right so yeah but between the two combined is going pretty well for the year I like to kind of settle I would say I spread out like flubber you know I just have I get the camp I'm just like spread out I don't want to break that every time I want to go someplace right so that's my style and then also if I'm cancellous with my gal pals we just pile on the card go mm-hmm so it's nice having someone with a car right yes it is very much so your boondocking here in cotton near Cottonwood Arizona on national forest land do you mostly Boone to awkward muddy parks yeah I started off in RV parks national parks state parks it was okay and I've done some RV parks I did a month in Denver in an RV park were so close together but I was glad to have it because I was selling my ring and buying this one and I had stuff to do and get the scooter I've done RV parks but I'm not crazy about it and I'd rather be able to spread out and have the forest and I'm just a forest and a mountain was kind of a gal I don't really want to be under the RV park comforts I just I prefer to be out here I don't know a problem leveling I like the you know my tribe is out here these are the folks about the camp with and we just like to be out in nature right all the time you usually walk off I like you know campsites where there's forest roads going off in all directions soon we're going to be up closer to Flagstaff you get in the forest and there's you know great trails a realistic way to just take the dog and just go off a new trail in the morning so I did that that's where my joy is and have you had your problem finding free boondocking spots no um there's you know different web sites I have the benchmark atlas and so like when I read your blog and you write about the place that you're camped and it looks good I will get out my benchmarking on market and I'll write you know cheap are we living and the date or RV sue has a lot of good little spots a lot of blogs I will mark them on my benchmark I'll go to free campsites net and there's a motor vehicle use map you go to the Forest Service they have to give you a motor vehicle use map that shows this first camping camp and iam is great now I love camp and and that's a new one and they've got some good stuff with a lot of pictures sitting in an idea of a place yeah so I just make notes on my benchmarks I keep a spreadsheet of the places I've been with the GPS so I know where to go back keep a spreadsheet with know where to Doug and also army Sushil right like where she got her propane where she dumped her tanks and that kind of stuff so me once I've got all that information and I kind of planned next year's travels I kind of I kind of map but haven't spreadsheet to know where to go so you follow these other blogs and you know where they've been you can get this and that and this yeah around the country yeah so maybe I'm not going to go there this year or next year but every years maybe I'll go back and I'll have it all on my benchmark of of where to go very likely to yeah to crisscross worthy other bloggers event yeah yeah and so you this is your second lazy days now and so you must think they're pretty special I like them yeah I liked the look of them I like the retro look I like the quality I liked when I was researching there's there's really kind of a community that you get with them and that appealed to me when I was first researching is you know they have gatherings they have a gathering in quartzite which when I was first on the road I was invited to and I thought well that sounds good so when I went there I met a whole lot of Lazydays folks and now those are some of my good good friends that I camp with and you know there's a ladies gathering every year there's there's a community that you can go to different gatherings and there's a forum online that is very very informational it's a very well-run one about different things engine-wise coach wise batteries solar whatever you need help but there's probably someone has had that problem before you can go research so it's it's a good rig it's I like the layout I like the amenities and it's what I ended up settling on when I decided I wanted to RV is to get a lazy days and the first one I got was a 92 but it was in great shape and was great at first and then when I realize I was going to be doing this for a foreseeable future I end up getting a 26-foot mid-bass which gave me a bit more space and it's more of it's more kind of house like and Lazydays has a reputation is one of the very best RVs you could buy and so would you agree with that I want you and then they're not cheap they're um you get the quality you pay for the quality you get your money's worth you do they're just they're hard to come by sometimes it's especially outside of California they're just they're custom-made my customers but they're they're made to order in California near LA so you know in Texas it was just really hard to find one I was lucky to find one they either only kind of on the secondary market you buy them from individuals they don't you don't go into dealers very much there aren't any dealers so you have to be really kind of almost lucky to find it a good one unless you're me I'm there they're in California a lot but so I was just really lucky and had some good perseverance to get my first one and then I ended up being your Denver when this one came up and it ended up being being good because of this one I had a reinforced start toeing back there and ended up being really good for putting a scooter on so you know defining a right rig you just have to be perseverance and look it really is it brainy right really really know but you know I just found that that's the combination I needed to get the rig that were perfect for me patience but yeah so I like the quality I like the design I like to lay out I think it's it's worth what you pay for right yeah right well while we go take a look inside yeah my price one was blue and white I kind of liked that color the gray and white it's the gray is not great paint for it big fades a bit but they have that kind of retro look yeah I like and so and your Ford Festiva yes that happy yes and you just told me it exact so light gets great mileage can haul stuff in a peephole and works great [Applause] and even with a great big rig you can as much out of it as you do in it yeah so you're outside a lot yes I've got you know chairs I've got a bed for Riley out here so there's Riley there's Riley and one thing these lazy days are known for is their real quality build and and in every way they're very high quality yeah a lot of wood real wood and so you actually sleep up on the yeah on the overhead yeah I sleep Bob I make a bed I don't sleep in a sleep sack although I have one up there but I make the bed with a fitted and flat sheet like a real person and I like that that's my thing is I want to get into a real bed at night of sleeping bag so but yeah the thing about the lazy days is they did have a full oven mostly RB sized oven stove and a microwave I don't I didn't want a convection oven or just a microwave I wanted a real oven for that they so you do actually use yellow oh yeah a lot yes that was important to me something I like that the lazy days was you did have the full the full kitchen amenities this one has are let's hold up go for extra counter space I use that a lot you know that's another dinette and this pulls out and then you can actually have extra cushion so this pulls out and you can make a bed here which I've never done right now have a Gaza yes sir yeah most people don't and then I am in the cab I closed that off with insulated curtains so I don't see my excuse me storage back there and I've got a guide 12-volt outlet up here and I've got stuff that plug in right there and I've got inverter right a behind the frigerator and that's where I plug in to the battery to run 110 and how much solar are you running I have 320 Watts have tu-160s and then I have a blue sky controller cool charge controller and monitor and my batteries are right there so we have the run just kind of going right in here my inverters right there we run that a two-foot run from the battery two out welding cables so they're like no no drop often in charge also good storage nice oh yeah I'm nice real Kevin you said underneath the UM dinette feeds them up above and drawers and everything on you have a microwave do you run generator – I have a generator I don't run it that much I just don't choose to use the library that much I tend to run my generator once a month to exercise that I've been actually using it I don't use more but a lot of people end up doing that yeah okay so we're especially once in a great while I'll run the microwave but it's storage right now I keep my ships in there I think most microwaves they don't being Vista no so the chips in them yeah and then back here we actually the bathroom door closes so if it's really cold at night I will close that off and maybe run my little heater in here and and also if somebody's showering that clothes I also have a an accordion door that closes off here and so someone showering and then the Wardrobe is here that makes a nice little area for for couples or if you have a guest chances are small a couples yeah and so yeah this is a real convenient thing yeah and I have a catalytic heater that I had put in a year and a half ago that comes off of my hot water heater gas line and so I can move that up front or I can keep it back here and so do you just use it or do you use the furnace as well I rarely use the furnace is also inefficient and loud yeah so yeah and so this I just you know I keep my propane tank filled and this thing is on I think it's a seven foot I got some extra tubing on it and so that can go up there and back here and I made a little cover for it because you're supposed to keep them covered know the dust kills yeah yep tell me that I'll ever please and um so I have and this is the mid bath and so it's got two couches and I actually have I do fiber arts kind of thing so I was spinning wheel I've got a loom I've got I knit I've got projects and yarn everywhere so um that's actually a spinning wheel that's a spinning wheel and you can yeah I just you just treadle it all right now something on there but you just treadle it and just I've got fiber and it was fins and you make claws I mention what you're doing I make yarn so I would make yarn like that it makes yarn so yeah then you're bad I will knit and make I'm working on a shawl right now I've made socks I make a lot of socks right now so oh he doesn't think that sound anyway so yeah so that's my thing as I knit a lot and I spin and I we do you sell it I mean hands on him you know I have an Etsy shop that I don't have going right now I tend to give away stuff fine like there's a scarf yours I do bookbinding and I make lotions and stuff and I just try to find people that need those things and just give them away because I can't deal with putting it on a website or whatever I just would rather stay here anybody want this so um I usually but you don't get your money back per hour you know what I'm not looking for yeah I'm not I'm not looking to monetize it I just enjoy it right and so I enjoy the making and sometimes I just have to offload stuff to get it out of the rig and find people to take them please please take myself right as far anybody need a hat my book so yeah so knitting is a very portable activity spinning wheel and that's when I just started doing this and weaving you know it's hard to do so many things in a small space but it's possible oh no and you know having I've got yarn up in these cabinets too so that's that's a bit of my obsession but I enjoy it it's my joy and so I this one this flower plans they were these Harvey's most of the lazy days they had a TV up in this cabinet and I didn't like sitting here and creating my neck so my dad and I took the TV out there's a stud right here and so we attached in the tvz today are so light so we put them out there if I had to do it over again I would get a smaller TV and how its bigger is better not so much an army but and so we cut some shelves and put my DVDs and stuff up there I've got an inverter that runs off a 12 volt so if I am boondocking I can run my DVD and TV off of my 12 volt and then also put in a pantry right here my dad built that for me can I just add a woodshop you can't peek in there yeah it's um this is Randy Baird already barrels he did this he has a plans and so we made this and so it's like three inches which boy hold wanna stop yeah it's a four inch at one by four which is really three and a half and so doesn't we'll see what you need you know is just everything is what kind of yes less than four inches so yeah that's amazing amount of stop and even well yeah you know there was this was just a wall that had a clock on it right and you know Andy Andy took out his his door but I use this a lot so I didn't want to lose that so we've set it up so that it and you it's a little more forward than his but you don't lose any hall space I mean you can go by this nut oh no go line there's no problem there yeah no one will be too big can use your head yeah and I'm going to stick my head in your bathroom yeah so there's this is one thing that was a lot bigger and this one in my prior one is I have on where I store my own laundry and stuff and and it's all wet bath so mister shower gets wet yeah and you know I've got um extra storage above and I got stored below and you know it's a good size one thing lazy does is make make things right quality and well designed you know we have a sign and they don't change weird here I mean this is a two thousand one and you look at a new one and there's a few changes but not much it's almost all the same plenty big room bathroom yeah you're comfortable in there yeah and plus if you close that door and close off this Coria door you've got a nice dressing area hmm and then Riley has his dad and these couch these are twin size and they can pull out and this Christian goes down it could be a double where you can put them together for a king and the one I had before was a twin King so the back was the same except for the dinette was in between and then you had a smaller bathroom and a huge amount of light in here oh yeah really Pleasant View to set in here and just look out you can see oh yeah 270 degrees yeah and that's the thing is that what I like about this floorplan is that you can just I just I like to go to pretty places and live my life in a pretty place one of the mountains I love the forest I love you know the green desert this is beautiful you know in the in the winter I'm in quartzite and um so yeah it's just I got a great view I can sit in here in it or three or go out go outside and sit with a group and I take my knitting and we sit around and chitterchat and I'm knitting and I don't mind so well you've got a great great life here I think I do I really like it well Jeannie thank you so much for showing us your home and sharing it with us it's really wonderful you've got a really great life here I love it yeah I started off as a short term I'll just forget what I want to do with my life now it is my life man and a wonderful life it is it is yeah it's fantastic I'm gonna keep doing it for a while I know that okay well thank you so much thanks Bob we'll see you down the road okay thanks bye

23 thoughts on “**Jeannie Living in a Lazy Daze Class C RV**

  1. Lost Comma

    So she has a great class that has some heavy trailing behind. Trailing thing. well, let's just call it a trailer has an engine. Now we have two engines, two vehicles to insure, two vehicles to maintain.
    I would just get a truck and a high-quality fibreglass 5th wheel like a scamp or escape. Bigfoot seems to have stopped making them. The fifth wheel just gives you shorten length and ease of towing because more pin weight is transferred to the truck making it more stable to tow, unlike a tradition trailer. Also, another advantage you get to choose what brand of truck and what level or list of options gas or diesel (not that I recommend the latter). Trucks are also much easier to work on than a van (as long as it's not a diesel). As much as I love lazydaze rv's I do know they have some disadvantages and that is outside storage. They are shorter than most class c's and that is where you lose the outside storage. They are 10'3" to 10'1" vs 11' or higher for most Ford f450 chassis's.
    That said without the car the 24 ft version is awesome because it is just more manoeuvrable. The windows are dual pane very large windows that open up to about 50% the size of the window. Most RV's today have those tiny hinged windows that screw out from the bottom that you can leave open if it rains. You will have little airflow thru these unless you use the fantastic vans but that is less useful for boondocking because it adds a load on your batteries. I like the powerless airflow you find on these and I will just close my windows when it rains or put an awning on one window. A lot of rvs of the When they can they use more upscale parts or at least items that have been proven performers. Unlike anything built by berkshire hathway. Lifeline AGM batteries are a really good choice and is just one of the examples of better quality. They are also lighter (built of aluminium) than most class c's partially because of the shorter height which means better carrying capacity and better fuel mileage.

  2. Cindy Church

    Enjoyed the video. It is interesting to see how people blossom when they shed the rat race and start actually enjoying life…making more friends..seeing so many different places

  3. Gwen Kaiser

    I love cooking in the camper. I have always cooked regular meals. I always felt like I was playing house in a pretty playhouse.

  4. TruthNoLie

    Wow! Talented lady.  I wish that she was interested in running an Etsy shop.  Creators like her make the best stuff, because it's coming from the heart.

  5. Library Minnie

    So much to say about this cool lady! I love how well she is so organized about where she stays for future reference. I love that she has a car, but I give her props for giving the scooter a shot before she was sure that a small car would suit her better . Her RV literally made me swoon! The well appointed kitchen, the beautiful bathroom, and the living room with the huge windows! Even her dog was lovely. Jeannie is fantastic, smart and did a.wonderful job making her RV so homey, literally nothing was left out in her mobile dwelling. Thanks for sharing!!!

  6. free tob

    She has a great Class C and so tidy. She looks happy and that is what I would love some day. God Bless n Be Safe out there!!!


    As my husband and I are preparing for this life starting around next March 2020. I told him we could each pick one big thing to hang on to. He picked his keyboard. I’m picking my yarn, as I crochet. And yes I have a craft website but usually end up giving my projects away. For some reason that’s more satisfying to me.

  8. breakdownbill1

    Jeannie thats a nice home. I would love to have a Happy Camper knitting i can frame in for my 1995 Fleetwood Flair that I am remodeling.


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