Installing the Parmak six pack electric fence to protect our garden from bears

**Installing the Parmak six pack electric fence to protect our garden from bears**



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Installing the Parmak six pack electric fence to protect our garden from bears. We have deers and bears around our remote cabin and need to keep them out of the garden. One way to do this is by installing an electric fence. Parmak makes a solar electric fence charging system that is easy to install and keeps unwanted animals out of your garden. This electric fencing is a great packet that has keep larger animals out of our raised beds.
While installing the Parmak solar fence charger a humpback whale decided to pay me a visit, along with six blue heron.

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today we're going to install the power mac 6-pack electric fence let's get started well I'm not here water in the garden and getting the leaves out of the beds and stuff and the Oh humpback just blew so I thought I'd go see if I could get a little bit on film for you oh there he is it's the mom and the baby her name is flame and his name is Bunsen baby mama anyways that was we got a little rain last night it's been like two weeks since we had rain but we got a little last night but this baby is underneath the older tree so we didn't get anything so I wanted it last night and then this morning I just get these from the older tree out and that's when the will hurt him and then lo and behold the baby was there with it so that was super cool to see first thing in the morning I don't know whenever you pick up a tool supposedly everybody goes so I thought I'd do it too I'm not sure where we left off yesterday or two days ago I brought my son and Ashley out here ashley is piloting the phone we spent the the the day and night and then the next day and I brought him home yesterday and then I just got back this morning so we got the deer netting up so now we're going to move on to putting me the electric fence up I guess we should start off with putting them the base unit and I picked this wonderful tree right here to do it on so let's screw this sucker in bass unit installed alright next we're going to start putting our little insulators around the the wood here and then we'll drive in our ground and rod all right we got the very last insulator to hook up here and then we just got to hook all these into the into the main box there and and get the ground set up and then we'll be good to go so we had yeah we still doing up one two three four five blue heron and the ego kind of scared them off let me see if I can get them in focus here so there's one two that's three then we got these two guys right here that's four five and then the ego was over here there he is he scared them off but they just land it again it's hard to see through the camera but when you when you're just standing here you can see them pretty clear there we go we've got the ground all set up now let's go connect this stuff to the base oh that's it they got the ground and the the hot going to the base here so now we've got to just turn it on and give our test and I found a cool way to test this but I gotta take my boots off or at least a boot so let's get on the outside of the fence here and we'll test this sucker out alright so I got the system charge now but your shoes will will insulate you from from that so you got to take a shoe off to try this out so you have to have a barefoot on the on the ground so you can be grounded as well so let me get my shoe off and you'll also need a blade of grass alright so we got our shoe off got my bare foot on the ground you take the blade of grass and lay it on the electric fence the blade of grass is a resistor so you don't get the full the full shock of the fence but you can definitely feel the closer you get like if you know the closer you get to the fence with your with the blade of grass the more of a shock you get so I'd start off with you know four foot four inches back and then work your way forward but I can definitely feel it from here yeah so the fence is definitely working so let me get my shoe back on here and and we'll call this complete alright well that pretty much sums up this video I think we'll also add one more third layer just to in between layer and I've got like one of them a little latch hook so you can you can take it off and walk over and under this high wire and the very lowest wire so that it just give us one more little extra strand of protection thank you guys for watching we'll see you next time

36 thoughts on “**Installing the Parmak six pack electric fence to protect our garden from bears**

  1. My Alaska Dream

    You don’t always have to take a shoe off but with my particular boots kept me from being grounded. I tried it with other shoes on and I didn’t need to remove my shoe.

  2. Alan Thompson

    Good thing you reved up your Dewalt driver twice before you used it, I would hate to have come up there in my cigar boat and take away your man card! πŸ˜‚

  3. Flapping Flight

    Put bee hive behind the electric fence (inside the yard ) in order to find out if the fence actually works. I bet no πŸ™‚ and pray to do not get her angry πŸ™‚

  4. Steve M

    I've always just put my off hand on the ground when needed, but there is a certain class in having one boot off and a bare foot on the ground. I like it.

  5. Almost Homestead

    LOL! Who can resist giving a couple of pulls on the drill trigger. What an incredible place to be with the view, whales, eagles…Awesome! Cool tip using the blade of grass on the fence. Last night a bear came about 20 feet from us as we were leaving a cabin that we were cleaning a few places down from our cabin. That was our first close encounter up here.

  6. Home In The Sticks

    Cool!!! Is that tape that you're using on your system brother? I heard something popping in the background, my solar charger makes the same noise!! Love the setup bro, just remember to de-energize that fence, I've had several shocking encounters with mine lol!! Y'all have a good week my brother!! Dan

  7. William Walters

    If that don't keep the deer out, here a trick local Orchards do!
    Run angled pole off you up right post to the outside of the garden, with the butt of the poles about 10' from the post, then string the wire on the angled poles about 18" apart!
    That way the deer can't get close enough to jump into the garden!

  8. William Walters

    Hey bro! They make tester for electric fence and there fairly cheap!
    You shouldn't need to remove your shoe! Believe me! I have been bite several times!
    The more ground rods the better, if you can drive an 8 footer or 2! Piggy back from rod to rod with a jumper wire!

  9. CB's Greenhouse and Garden

    You was pose to put your foot in a pale of water and just grab the dab blasted thing. LOL. Loved the critter footage buddy! Good job done on the fencing. Have a great week!

  10. Rick Sanchez C137

    You need a new hat, cause with an appropriate hat, standing there in the garden with that beard, you look like a garden gnome…

  11. Joy Dove

    What an AMAZING front yard you have!!! You both are definitely living many peoples dream!! THANKS so much for sharing!

  12. living Off Grid McGarvey style

    That should work good..!! All them new seedlings look happy.. Love the scenery.. Have a wonderful day you two..!!

  13. gavin hirt

    Just pee on it lol you will know real quickly if its working. I learned that as a child it feels real good

  14. Herbert Norman

    You need a six pack to drink while doing so. Haha Ashley is cute! πŸ˜‰ Interview her for me. Haha Greetings from TX!

  15. Green Dream Project

    Nice catch on the whales and the blue herring.
    You have to run the tool when you pick it up. It adds dramatic effect. πŸ˜†πŸ‘

  16. Mark Mortensen

    Always great to see the animals. I'm so jealous of you're views as they are awesome. I always treated the fence the hard way by usually tripping or forgetting it was on and grabbing the wire lol. Thanks for sharing as always.

  17. Thomas Schauss

    I was wondering if you were going to put the other line on, couse them deer would get between it. The footage of the whale's was cool

  18. Denise Smith

    A friend and I are, like so many others, are considering a move to Alaska. In my search for knowledge, I found you and your wife and I am SO enjoying the two of you, and Gunner of course. I loved the audible gasp from you over seeing the whales. I do the same thing, over wild life, it just never gets old, does it!! Thanks for the entertaining and informative videos.

  19. Terry Burns

    πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ At first I thought you were just going to grab the fence bare footed. I though o crap, that is going to give you a real jolt. When I was little, my dad would just grab the electric fence to test it. He always thought it was funny to then when grab my hand. The shock wasn't that bad, but I didn't care for it. So one day I made the mistake of grabbing the metal door handle on a 1967 Oldsmobile. That grounded me good, and it knocked the crap out of me. And that was actually a weak fence. Today that would be called child abuse. I don't see it that way it's a lifelong memory. I've laughed about it for many years.

  20. Justin Dilts

    I work from NJ testing software for Alaska Flight Service Stations! Usually get up there once a year and I LOVE IT UP THERE!!

  21. Travis Sims

    Enjoyed the vid πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘ should of manned up and just grabbed the line to test it πŸ˜‚ woulda been funny as hell on the video πŸ˜‚

  22. Klondike Tom

    Hello buddy good job! Beautiful pictures of the Waals! I tested my teaser on myself 55000 Volt that was a special experience and I had my shoes on. I did not feel any difference! Greetings Tom! πŸ˜‰

  23. Patricia Herman

    Nice job on the electric fence. This is how I tested ours years ago, I was mowing the grass in short shorts and forgot the fence was there back into with my butt needless to say it was a electrifying experience. 🀣🀣
    I couldn't live in Alaska to cold for me, but do envy you for all the awesome wildlife you get to see not to mention the seafood practically in your front yard.
    Is you son done with College yet or just home for the summer if he's done is planning on living in Alaska or elsewhere, my inquiring mind wants to know, ok ok I'm nosy 😜. Blessings to you and yours. πŸ˜ŽπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ.

  24. Jo Harmon

    Oh what a view you have of the water and the whales how exciting. The garden is looking really good. Thank you for this fabulous video


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