Installing an electric hot water heater timer, save money

**Installing an electric hot water heater timer, save money**



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I saved 40% on my bill with a Timer
I go over some of the issues and elements associated with a timer on your hot water heater.
If you don’t feel comfortable with this kind of work get an electrician.

Once we installed our timer the electric bill dropped by about 40%
okay so here's the video what you see here is our 240 outlet now yours may actually be hardwired into the house or you could have some big conglomeration like this or like I said you can have something like this with like a wire a metal like hose thing coming out anyway that's not the issue okay so from here normally the wire would go straight into here and that would be your hot water heater turning on and off however often the thermostat inside here determines that the hot water heater needs to go on now all you do is cut this line over there over there actually but you cut this line and you take the two wires they've now cut and yes place this thing in between this is the little gray box electric hot water heater timer by Intermatic they sell this thing at a home depot for about 35 bucks and if we look in the side you can see there's a 24-hour dial that we've got these little metal things on and those metal things determine when the hot water heater goes on or off and we can position those anywhere around the dial that we want now behind this protective plastic thing is where the the heater gets hooked up to the hot line and where the you know where the line comes in and where the line goes out so there's one two three there's five connections you need to make they're pretty easy again as I said I can talk you through it then once you've done that with the kids I would put a padlock there and there's a hole there for a padlock but if you find you need water like right now or hot water hey in an hour you can just turn it right on and that's the same thing as well you've got right now anyway uh there you have it questions

6 thoughts on “**Installing an electric hot water heater timer, save money**

  1. Michael Kratky

    2 issues:
    1. Wrong power supple should be 10-2 not 10-3 type NM wire
    2. TPR valve lacks a diverter pipe to withing 6" of the floor for scalding safety.

  2. Tim Schutte

    what a fucking idiot, Jesus Christ, he says, this thing and he doesn't show how to even hook up line or load !!!!! that's the hole point dip stick


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