INHABITAT VIDEO: How to Save Money With a Programmable Thermostat

**INHABITAT VIDEO: How to Save Money With a Programmable Thermostat**



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Inhabitat how to video shows you how easy it is to save money and energy by using a digital, programmable thermostat in your house.

did you know that the average American household spends more than 2,200 dollars a year on energy bills and close to half of that is on heating and cooling you want to cut your next bill one of the most effective ways is by installing a programmable thermostat you've probably heard about these useful gadgets before but they can be a little intimidating for homeowners who have never used one luckily the truth is they're probably much less complicated on your DVR and once you've got the hang of it they can save you up to a hundred and eighty dollars a year unlike a regular thermostat which pretty much keeps your house at the same temperature until you manually turn it up or down a programmable thermostat can be preset and customized to regulate your houses temperature according to your schedule there are times when it doesn't make sense for you to pay to heat or cool your home like when you're at work or on vacation or times when you don't need as much heating and cooling like when you're asleep you can tell your programmable thermostat with your schedule is like so that it can control your home's temperature and optimize energy efficiency based on those times it's kind of like that old as seen on tv slogan just set it and forget it and let your programmable thermostat do the work and the thinking for you so now that you're convinced and you know you want a programmable thermostat let's go over how to choose one that's right for you different models can range in price from twenty dollars to over two hundred dollars exciting how fancy of a system you want is up to you one easy way to narrow it down decide between a five dash two day a 5 11 day or a seven day the five-match to model is great for families that keep a five-day workweek and a two-day weekend but if you need a little more flexibility because you have different schedules on Saturday and Sunday the 511 model is a great choice finally if your schedules really really erratic then the seven day will let you program a different schedule for every single day of the week no matter which one you pick if you choose a Wi-Fi enabled model you'll have the ability to program your thermostat from any location including from your phone your laptop or your mobile device purchasing a programmable thermostat is the first step but in order to really maximize the savings you can achieve the key is to create a program that really works with your schedule most programmable thermostats come with pre-programmed settings based on the hours that a typical family might keep but not everyone is the same maybe you prefer to go to bed at 2am and wake up at 11am you can teach your thermostat to keep the same hours you do just by adjusting the pre-programmed times once you've decided on your schedule you can adjust your setbacks and your setups if you're not familiar with those terms a setback is the number of degrees that your thermostat drops the temperature at certain times good day to save energy and a setup is just the opposite for example in the winter you can make it so that your thermostat automatically knows to cut the heat after you leave for work you can create a program and adjust it based on your comfort level until you get it right now that you've got the basics let's talk about one of the cool features that the latest Wi-Fi enabled thermostats offer the ability to control your thermostat from work on the run or even while on vacation let's say you're stuck at work and you know you won't be home for a few hours with a Wi-Fi enabled thermostat you can make sure you don't waste money by controlling your houses temperature with your smart phone or a computer with a Wi-Fi thermostat you never have to worry about whether you left your heat on before you left for work or worse yet if you left your air conditioner running before you left vacation most Wi-Fi enabled thermostats have their own desktop programs or apps that allow you to control your home's temperature using your iPad phone or computer having access to your thermostat via your computer is great but what if you're at the supermarket we're sitting on the beach many Wi-Fi enabled thermostats have their own apps that allow you to receive high low temperature alerts and control your heating and cooling right from your phone an added bonus you can control your heat or AC right from bed on those luxurious mornings you actually get to sleep in now that we've dropped some programmable thermostat knowledge on you we hope you'll be a courage to go out and get one and start saving money and energy today the planet and your wallet cool thank you

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