Important Tips for Expats ❤️

**Important Tips for Expats ❤️**



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Important Tips for Expats Filipina. Filipina Dating Website: ❤️

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A Fool and His Money Are Soon Parted.

When Someone Shows You Who They Are, Believe Them the Very FIRST Time.

Choose Your Friends Wisely.

Don’t Lend Serious Money to Total Strangers.

You”ll NEVER Find True Love in a Bar.

Sorry, But YOUR Bargirl is NOT Different.

Be With a Woman Who Loves YOU and Not Your Money.

Wise Up. Everyone is NOT Your Friend.

You Have the Power to Choose. Use It Wisely!

Alcohol Will Destroy Your Life If You Let It.

Only Idiots Do Drugs in South East Asia.

Never Send Money to Anyone You Have Only Spoken To Online.

Never Send Money to Anyone Who Demands You Send Them ‘X’ Amount Every Month
So They’ll Be Your Girlfriend.There

is a Word for That Kind of Woman and it Begins With ‘P’ Never Buy Anything in Someone Else’s Name Unless You Are 100% Prepared to Lose It.
[Goodbye Condo, Goodbye Car, Goodbye House, Goodbye Land!]

A Thai Guy Will NEVER Pay Sin Sod for a Divorced Woman.

A Thai Guy Will NEVER Pay Sin Sod for a Woman With Kids.

Don’t Be An Idiot! You Aren’t Being a Good Farang – You’re Being Ripped Off.

Never Pick a Fight With An Asian Guy – You Could End Up Dead As A Result.

It’s NOT a Right to Live Anywhere in South East Asia. It’s a Privilege.

Show Some Humility, Respect and Gratitude! Never Use a Fake Visa. You’ll Get Caught and Banned for Life.

Only a Gutless Coward Abuses Women.

Be a Man. Not a Mouse! Have a Vision for Your Life. Because Vision Adds Value to Everything.

Avoid Negative People. They’ll Drain Your Energy Like a Vampire.

Learn All You Can About Your New Country.

If You Aren’t Happy in One Country in South East Asia, Move to Another.

Never Hand Over Control of Your Life to Someone Else.

Save Money. Invest Wisely. Have a Budget.

Before You Buy Anything, Stop and Ask: Do I NEED This? Or Do I Simply WANT It?

Look After Your Health. It’s the ONLY Body You Have.

Don’t Lay Blame.

Don’t Justify.

DO “Take Responsibility!”

Don’t Ever Quit On Your Dreams.

But Do Quit Making Excuses.

Nobody Else Can Make You Happy.

If You’ve Lost a Relationship, Through No Fault of Your Own… Always Remember: There Are Plenty More Fish in the Sea.

No Matter Who You Are, Or What You’ve Done, Or What You’re Facing Now…

It’s NEVER Too Late To Make a Brand New Start!

Prayer Works! Try it Today!

Eat the Chicken and Spit the Bones Out.

Don’t Get Caught Up On Stuff That Doesn’t Matter!

Don’t Be a YouTube Troll, Spewing Hate On All and Sundry. Only Someone With A Herd of Kangaroo’s Loose in the Top Paddock Acts That Way. Eat Healthy and Exercise Often.

Life is an Adventure. Live Every Single Moment ‘In the Moment’

Life is What Happens When You’re Making Plans.

Get a Kindle and Read 3 Books a Week.

It Will Change Your Entire World! Get a Subscription to Netflix and Watch LOTS of Documentaries.

Travel Light.

Have Money in the Bank Or Get Health Insurance.

Never Start a Relationship With An ANGRY Woman/Man.

Never be in a Relationship With An Insanely Jealous Woman/Man Material Things Won’t Make You Happy. We Should LOVE People and USE Things. And NEVER The Other Way Around. Helping the Poor is NOT ‘Interfering With Their Karma’ It’s Showing Compassion – Something Decent People Do.

Never Stop Working On YOU. Because There’s Always Room for Improvement.

Thanks for Watching! Have a Great Day!

6 thoughts on “**Important Tips for Expats ❤️**

  1. Ken Lizzio

    All good stuff. Not sure I agree with all of it, like how do you find time to read 3 books a week?? I get the point though. Maybe when our daughter goes to Uni' I'll have some free time…555.
    You can debate Sin Sod until the cows come home. I don't see it as been ripped off. It's a way of letting your wife's parents know that you can and will look after their daughter/ grandchildren….a commitment in other words. Hate to say this but many males from SE Asian countries don't have a great reputation for paying support after a relationship breaks up, so not sure the Sin Sod argument is a good one ( that seems to be a cultural trait that many foreigners seem to pick up all too easily as well) Formulae seems to be "no sin sod and then when we're done I just walk away " – hardly taking responsibility.
    Sure there are other items out there. If I think of them I'll post them.
    Some good tips though generally.👍

  2. klaas wertmann

    Everybody should learn the lessons of live in his own time. No Budha,guru,pope or lama can inject his wisdom into an other,all they can do is talk to the outside of your head.


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