How to use WOW air Promo Codes

**How to use WOW air Promo Codes**



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dear guests welcome aboard this Wow err tutorial on how our promo codes work we estimate the flight time to be approximately 60-second when you have safely landed on our website it's important to remember that Wow err promo codes only work when booking round-trip flights one-way flights or Wow stop overs are not supported at this time sorry guys when you have selected your destinations and preferred travel dates make sure to insert the promo code before you press the Search flight button please be gentle to our promo codes as they are really sensitive case sensitive after you press the button and continue to the next step of the booking process you will immediately see your discount pop up on the sidebar please keep in mind that the discount only applies to airfare not taxes or other added extras there you have it guys now you can go on and enjoy even more affordable flights if you have any further questions you can read all the little details in the FAQ section of our website

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