How to use Gift Vouchers

**How to use Gift Vouchers**



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Learn how to use the new Gift Voucher functionality. Including how to track the value and expiry date of Gift Vouchers.
hi I'm gonna talk to you about gift vouchers and simple sell on the first thing you need to know about gift vouchers is how to create a gift voucher now you do that in the admin section click on the admin tab make sure on the products tab and look for the gift voucher brand click to get out your brand to bring up a list of the gift vouchers in the system they work just the same way as other products do you can have as many as you like and set the babies edit and create them in the same way as any other product let's create a new cube felcher click the new link up on the top right here and just check the branches give voucher and give it a name I'm going to call it the $500 gift voucher now you can use the minimum quantity and the quantity in the same way as you would any other product to keep track of how many selling I'm going to say we've got 10 now the retail price of mine I'm going to set to $400 and the value to get voucher to 500 now what this means is that the client or customer will buy a gift voucher for $400 but can redeem a value of $500 you can set this to be the same or different whatever suits you now I'm going to set my gaveta to expire in two weeks you can set to give back to spire in number of days weeks months or years or Never it's up to you now in my case two weeks after the date of purchase the gift voucher will expire and will no longer be able to be used ok you can also set a number of loyalty points in when you purchase cube fetcher I'm going to plug 0 and if I had a barcode scanner attached I could simply click in there and go big pop a number in and that way I can find the product keep that quickly and easily like I do any other product ok click Save to continue now the next thing you need to know is how to sell someone a cube that you to do that let's go to the cash register we'll add a client I think good free and amber or purchase a confession now a gift voucher is added in the same ways you would any other product you can click add product or scan I'm gonna click add price over here I picked the Kip fair to brand and then pick my gift voucher from the list of list of products shown you'll notice the retail price is 400 and it's safe and now the kickfire just added to the sale receive payment and click finish sale and you'll notice a new little pop-up has appeared here called the gift voucher IDs this is very very important our system tracks give vouchers using a unique ID that is supplied by the system you'll see here we've got amber Smith voucher ID – 7 1 9 9 basically what that means is the gift voucher that you're giving to Amber can go away and come back and you can answer that number and you'll you'll know how much value is still left on the voucher and when it's set to expire it's very important at this point that you write that number onto the gift voucher before the client takes it out of the so on so I'm going to write that on my gift voucher now – seven one nine nine and give that to the client let's say you're selling a fetcher now the next thing you know you need to know is how to redeem a gift voucher let's say someone comes in I'll add a client Elfi now elfies gonna have a visit today he's having service done see a facial and he's about to pay and he brings out he's gift voucher now click receive payment like I do on any other time and look in this drop-down list of payment types you'll find down the bottom gift voucher pick your voucher and a little window pops up asking you for the gift voucher ID so I look at the piece of paper give out you that Elvis brought in and I enter in the number that's been written on there it finds and it goes off and has a look and tells me that it was purchased by Amber smith there's a remaining value of $500 on it and it expires on the 18th it's all good so I hit continue pops the $55 in $55 sale and I hit finish and that's it I paid by gift voucher now it's important to note at this stage because we're tracking it with a number the value of that gift that voucher has been reduced by fifty five dollars and still remains in the system so you can give it back to Elfie and off he goes now I'll show you a quick way to find out the value of your voucher imagine a client comes in with one and says can you please tell me the remaining amount what you all you have to do search for a client I'll search for Elfie and you'll notice a little fine gift voucher option at the top near the product section click that and you can type in your give out your ID get fired and it'll find the details now I can look down the bottom again see it's got a remaining value of four hundred and forty five dollars and it expires on the 18th or the ninth it's easy to find now let's say I wanted to track down a gift voucher that was perfect was purchased by Amber I can have a look in Amber's client card and looked in her product section click view and I've been fine to get that tri-d there too how's that that's keep vouchers on simple someone look forward to talking to you soon

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