How to Use Coupons to Get Free Stuff at CVS - Guide to Couponing - GuidetoCouponing

**How to Use Coupons to Get Free Stuff at CVS – Guide to Couponing – GuidetoCouponing**



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I just got back from CVS and I wanted to share with you guys what I bought and kind of the couponing strategy behind everything so all of these items that you're looking at were on sale it is a Saturday right now and on Saturdays at CVS the ad changes from the week prior to the next week and you can access the prior week on CVS calm and then for the week ahead they I think they published that on CVS calm on Thursday the week before I mean the Thursday before the sunday of the new ad so I think all of this was on the new ad and I was just I like to plan my trips when I'm in that neighborhood or when I know I'm gonna be going by a CVS so I wanted to go through and to kind of tell you what I do with all this the Pampers were ten dollars each and then when you buy when you buy $30 worth you get $10 back so I had to $2 coupons in a one dollar and fifty cent coupon and so I got those for my niece my brother's little girl I get diapers for her and then there are five twelve packs of coke and right now at CVS if you buy $15 worth you get five dollars back so those are three dollars each gain was eleven dollars and ninety-four cents and shave gel was 349 plus two dollars back when you buy it buy one the all May was one was $4.99 one was $5.99 and if you bought ten dollars worth you got four dollars back I think and then crest ProHealth was two and get five back the complete isolation was $8.99 L'Oreal was $2.99 and then this little pile here I'm gonna send in for a rebate so I wanted to go through and show you guys kind of how I do this and hopefully you can see this well enough so the crest white strips were 2149 I had a seven dollar coupon now when I put cash this is the Excel spreadsheet that I make that I take to CVS and when I put cash I mean that is what I am going to cash out from that those CVS white strips so I will sell this on eBay after I cut out the UPC to send in for the rebate and the Pantene and the Crest Whitestrips count for a fifteen dollar rebate that's all right now you have to buy fifty dollars worth and you get fifteen back so that is why there's that fifteen dollars there so there's one two so far and I you know I might get less than fifteen bucks for that on eBay but it's around there and and that's okay so then we go to the Pampers and as you can see I'm not gonna get any money back because those are you know donated to my brother and his wife but I think that what I wanted to touch base was the swag bucks that's what the SB stands for there I use a coupon that I printed through swag bucks it's really important it's coupons coms system but through swag bucks if you have an account through swag bucks you go to the discover tab that just recently changed and then it drops down to coupons and that's what you want to choose and then you print them from there and every time you print and redeem a coupon that you print it off from swag bucks you get ten swag bucks so that was that's what that column is for is all the swag bucks that I got the gain 1194 I told you about that had a dollar coupon and I just sold the same size gain on Craigslist for $10 then the coke I have a regular buyer of coke so I take off the codes and if you don't know that coke has codes every coke product has codes and on the 12-pack they are located right here where you tear it off and put make it into a fridge pack so what I do is I take a piece of clear tape and tape it over here so that it doesn't you know fall out or anything and I take the codes and enter the codes and then the regular buyer that I have of Coke Zero just wants to coke doesn't care about the code so that works out great and speaking of codes there's also a code for pampers and my sister-in-law coupons but not terribly much so I cut out the Pampers codes because I'm the one that bought them first of all but second of all because I'm going to make the most use out of these so usually you can feel it on top of the package and then I just you know cut with a razor blade to get it out but these I couldn't so I had to cut them open to see where they were located but they're I don't know which one that was from and so you can see they're just on the back of the plastic wrap and then on the boxes these codes are on the the plastic portion of that the diapers are wrapped in and that's what the code looks like and then you go to gifts to grow calm and you enter those codes and you know these add up and eventually you can get free toys puzzles more coupons for pampers you know whatever you want there's a whole rewards catalog on there okay getting near the end here l'oreal was $9.99 i had a free coupon for L'Oreal hair color and then l'oreal also has a rewards program called gold rewards and there is a code inside of this box that I will use to enter to get another L'Oreal hair color for free you need 5 codes and you can only enter two a month so it takes you know two and a half months to get your free box and you can only do that two times a year so I will take that code from that one and then the all may I had a coupon for swag bucks for that one so I got ten dollars five bucks now you'll see that I have highlighted in pink items that are going to qualify for the CVS beauty club and the beauty club it added up to fifty five ninety seven so that means that I got the beauty club works that for every fifty dollars you spend on you know Beauty CVS beauty club qualified products you get five dollars back and so this will print the next time I go to CVS it will not print right after the purchase like the $10 for the $30 worth of pampers and the you know the edge like it's a totally different thing so it doesn't print right away so you can see that today I got thirty four extra care bucks back plus the five that I'll get my next trip and I think it's like two business days that it takes for that to accumulate in their system so I got a total of thirty nine extra care bucks for all of this I ended up spending twenty seven dollars of my own money because I didn't have fifty two dollars and six cents of extra care bucks so I did it ended up spending twenty seven dollars out-of-pocket but you'll see that I will earn so in cash I will earn $50 and then I've got the 39 for the extra care bucks and then that 80 swagbucks counts for 89 cents and that's based on the fact that 450 swag bucks gets you a $5 Amazon card and I count that as cash so in total I profited 57 dollars and 89 cents and spent 27 that's a pretty good trip if you have any questions about what I've covered in this video please don't hesitate to ask if you're new to couponing you might be interested in my book couponing for the beginner a guide to the guide to couponing for the uninitiated I cover this kind of approach in chapter 12 and it goes through you know how you save times 3 how you to save times 4 times 5 etc there is an electronic version and then there's this paperback version and the paperback version I think is about 954 right now on Amazon and the e-book is $4.99 right now Amazon right now being March 2013 lastly I'll have links to my Swagbucks referral link and then a link to the book so if you haven't signed up for Swagbucks please feel free to click on my referral link that will help me and hopefully if I get to it I can explain in a other video how that all works and it doesn't hurt you at all just you know click through my referral link thanks so much for watching if you like this video please give it a thumbs up it helps our channel improve and please consider subscribing and telling us what you're looking for what questions you have what can I answer we'll see you next time

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  1. Jamie Ohrt

    I hope you know that its illegal to re-sell the items that you purchased, I don't care what you do with your stuff…. but I thought you might want to know. 

  2. Ashley Johnson

    I see where you get things and how much they cost. I understand that you compare the stores to you coupons, but where do you get the coupons?

  3. Aisha M

    Sorry about that. I meant the process of entering the codes (like the Coke codes, Pampers, ect.) to certain websites in order to get points, rewards, free stuff, and/or coupons.

  4. Floppycats

    thank god. just kidding. i know you're not a stalker. thanks on the book – it'll be fun to do another release.

  5. Floppycats

    ha ha – didn't know you subscribed to this channel. really, you're an excel pro? like do you get equations and more? i want to take a class! glad you are blown away – it's so fun. love to do this. writing another book now.


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